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A “Confession Song”


When the world is caught in conflict and everything seems so bleak, sometimes you just want to be reminded of the sweet and dear things that still exist.

Since yesterday, I’ve been waiting for Got7‘s Confession Song to be released. I saw a person share the teaser on a group page on Facebook, and when I heard the sound of it, I instantly liked it.

The video looks like it was filmed by high school students (although it wasn’t) and gives it a more natural feel. Nothing over-the-top, just something special and memorable with a bit of a Christmas theme thrown in, particularly for the high school kids that Got7 had the chance of meeting.

While watching the MV, I couldn’t help but feel a little jelly. =P I wish I was in high school again, but I wasn’t pretty to receive any confessions back then. =P Besides, my mum didn’t allow me to date in high school. It’s because of the notion that guys at that age are often not serious. However, I know of some high school relationships that worked out and led to marriage.

In fact, one of my friends that I made at the end of last year started dating someone from her high school this year. They didn’t really know each other so well when they were in school, but flash forward to their mid-20’s, they decided to get in touch and get to know each other better and it’s working. =)

As for the video in general, how often do you see K-Pop stars celebrating the happiness over the personal lives of their fans? Usually it’s the other way round. =P With that said, I’ve found myself smiling and feeling content casually watching other K-Pop boy groups and girl groups, but wonder why I don’t feel the same when I see Kris? With Kris, I can’t help but feel angry and upset… The image of him being a con-artist rather than an artist remains. I don’t see happiness, but darkness when I look at him. I guess I just chose the wrong person to be a fan of, which has somewhat ruined the joy and experience of K-Pop for me. Part of it is my fault too. I blogged about him when I shouldn’t have.

Putting that aside, I’m liking TWICE as well. All of them are unique, talented and all very pretty. They used to be SIXTEEN. When I heard that I thought of them as the female counterpart of SEVENTEEN. =P I think they would look good together. Hahaha! P.S. I knew SEVENTEEN was going to be popular. xD


For How Long?


As expected, the hate on Muslims has re-emerged after the Paris attacks. So now not only do we have the Paris attacks, but we also have attacks on innocent Muslims throughout the world. This is what I spoke of in my last post in case one doesn’t follow the news – exploiting tragedies to create more tragedies.

Apparently, I had two unfollows after my last post. Go figure. Even praying for humanity and speaking out on what’s really happening doesn’t seem to reach everyone’s minds and hearts. I suppose the Internet has taught me that not everyone may have the best intentions as a follower, and I should have known that better regarding what happened previously.

What’s comforting; however, is that I always have Facebook where there’s a community of friends and people I know speaking out on the same thing, which is one of the reasons I’ve been spending more time on there now. We have every right to stand up for our faith especially when there are false accusations being thrown at it. The following video was shared by a friend that summarizes the points that I had wanted to make in my last post.

The hate against Muslims and Islam has been going on for years now. Since 9/11, I have seen countless of hate and racist remarks online, including some comments calling out for the genocide of all Muslims. It’s nothing new to me, which is why I have chosen to ignore those comments for the most part, and simply choose to see people like that as having lived in a cave for most of their lives and never really having the opportunity to explore the world and learn more about others. Their sole source of information is, unfortunately, their controlled mainstream media, but seriously… how long is this going to go on for? Don’t these people see that they’re playing right into the narrative that ISIS, and the people funding them from behind-the-scenes, which are none other than some of our “powerful” world leaders, are wishing to create?

ISIS were created for a sole purpose, and that purpose is to divide people. There’s absolutely nothing Islamic about them. Their tactic of trying to pose as Muslims by saying, “Allah Akbar,” and by keeping their beards long so that they can fool the public into believing that they represent all Muslims and Islam, and thus create a rift in our society in which people fight with one another, seems to conveniently fit with the agenda of greedy leaders finding a reason to go to war and to use and kill innocents while they fill their own pockets with money. If you don’t know what I mean, then watch the following video.

The fact that some of the people in the public can’t see this means that it must be hard for them to comprehend that the leaders that are meant to protect the people of their country can stab them in the back at any time. Just remember that, even though we’re all descendants of Adam and Eve, not everyone will treat you like you’re of the same blood and flesh.

Furthermore, seeing the way Muslims are being treated with hate by certain people, including political leaders, makes me think of the time when the Japanese in the U.S. were sent to internment camps mainly out of fear during WWII. God knows what their real intentions are. Look at the empty FEMA camps that the U.S. government have set up. It’s as if they’re waiting for the right time to use them.

Overall, I’m very disappointed with what has been happening. This is a time when the West should be moving forward to being open towards people of all faiths, but they only appear to be moving backwards with their level of thinking, and don’t seem to stick to the principles that that they preach.



151114 Pray the World

(Credit: karunaezara)

God bless the person that wrote this. It’s sad to see that it’s 2015 and that things haven’t changed (including biased reporting in media). My prayers go out to all of humanity. The victims of this week’s tragedies all over the world deserve to be in our prayers and not just one or the other. Obviously, the media is only going to use the story that fits their agenda the most – exploiting tragedies to create more tragedies just like they did with 9/11. This has to change and so do people’s level of awareness of what’s happening all around the world and not just one place that the media chooses to report on. We’re living in the Internet era and it’s not meant to be hard to get real stories from real people. We have citizen journalism now and even pages like HONY opening up the eyes of people, combating the misconceptions they have towards people of another race or religion, and reminding us that we’re all human.

What’s really strange is that yesterday I noticed the global mainstream media posting articles on ISIS. I thought, “What’s up with all the news on ISIS lately?” One of the prominent ones was on Jihadi John (this name is utterly cringe-worthy and clown-like) and how he had been found and killed by a drone strike. Then, a couple of hours later, the Paris attacks occurred. Considering that mainstream media is owned by the same type of people that spread propaganda and perpetrate war, I have no doubts that the Paris attacks were orchestrated by them using ISIS, but who will get the blame? Muslims, as always.

What people don’t seem to understand that ISIS aren’t Muslims. Their strategy is to pose as Muslims while doing the dirty work of the people pulling the strings. ISIS have, in fact, killed more Muslims than non-Muslims and have also attacked several mosques, which are places of worship for Muslims… Surely, Allah isn’t going to be pleased with them! Now here’s the interesting bit, the Qur’an has mentioned that people will use religion and twist it to commit evil, but you know what happens to them? They will end up going straight to hell. So whatever warped up ideology ISIS follow to “enter heaven”, it’s NOT Islam. They are far removed from the religion, but why doesn’t mainstream media report on any of this? Why do they turn a blind eye? Why can’t Muslims, for once, be given a voice about it in global press!? I already know the answer, but I pose this question for those that are quick to blame Muslims and Islam for what is happening.

As one of my friends on Facebook posted today: “Praying for all of the Muslims in the western world who are going to be abused and vilified in the media as a result of these attacks. Praying for all the Muslims in the western world who constantly feel obligated to prove their humanity and are forced to apologize for crimes that they did not commit. Praying for all those who have had to leave their homes behind in fear of terrorism, and are now being forced to answer for it abroad.”

Couldn’t have said it any better. Another post that I saw a friend share was this and the OP nailed it when she said, “I have a feeling our selective use of #WeAreWith hashtags has something to do with the problem of terrorism and hate itself”:

151114 Pray for the World 2

I hope that people wake up and also realize that the attacks that have happened in Paris happen every day in countries like Palestine, Syria, and elsewhere. Every. Single. Day. The people that are dying there are humans too just like you and I. Not until mainstream media openly gives an answer to us on why they don’t report on the people there and their struggles, ESPECIALLY in Palestine (I’m looking at you Zionist-owned media), or allow Facebook to utilize an option for changing our profile picture with the colors of the Palestinian flag, or any other Middle Eastern country in turmoil, and show the world what is happening, will I let go of the notion that there’s a sinister motive by the people in power. Nevertheless, I thank the people around the world that actually understand and have stood up for Muslims and know the difference between Muslims and ISIS and don’t paint us all the same. When I see such people, I realize that there’s still a sense of humanity in this world.

However, it’s a disturbing world we live in where not only innocent people are killed like in places likes Paris and elsewhere, but a whole other group of innocent people are put down for something they didn’t commit. For the criminals that are doing this as part of their agenda, they probably see this as “killing two birds with one stone”. When the division occurs, nobody benefits except them, and potentially for those in power, their military-industrial complex that they wish to establish. The sale of weapons during war to reap profit is nothing unheard of.

When I think of the people behind-the-scenes, the hypocritical world leaders, the Zionists, and the terrorists (which can also include the before-mentioned three)… the song In this World (Murder) by Good Charlotte from their album, The Chronicles of Life and Death, comes to mind. Some of the lyrics are:

No matter how hard they try and
No matter how loud they cry
They can’t
Buy their way into heaven
No matter how hard they try and
No matter how high they climb up the ladder
They won’t reach up into heaven

The song also mentions the murder of innocent people occurring because of greed for money. That’s what all of these terrorist attacks and wars are about at the end of the day. Sometimes I can’t help but think that we’re living in the real life Hunger Games. As dramatic as that sounds, the world of the Hunger Games draws a close parallel to our own world. You can even read a bit about it here. It’s only a matter of time when people all over the world will also be under mass surveillance because of these attacks and our rights are taken away one by one. Being put into a state of fear gives the people above more power to control… power to control what we do, power to control what we say, power to control what we think, power to control what we believe, power to control our whole life. Tell me, where’s the freedom?


November 11th


Quote on War by Harry Patch

Word. So many young adults died during both World Wars… and the ones that benefited from the wars are the ones that never fought in them and made money out of them. Next time when people decide to join the army and go to war against other nations in which many of the innocent are killed, I hope they know better and realize what’s going on.

Several years ago, I ended up on a forum with an ongoing debate about the Afghanistan and Iraq war. I was obviously against it while there were many from the West that supported it without having any knowledge about the Middle East or its people (the level of ignorance witnessed back then… don’t even get me started on it). I guess they supported it not only out of patriotism, but also because they had friends that were part of it… but flash forward, all the points I made as a 14-year-old ended up turning out to be right and now there have been ex-soldiers speaking up about how wrong those wars were too. It feels good when nobody believes you and then you end up being right, even if it takes a couple of years for people to open up their eyes. If only people learned from history as to not repeat the same mistakes!

I’m very glad to have received an American education, but back then I felt like I learned a lot more from it than the people of the country that supported the wars had.

P.S. What’s the hype about Singles’ Day? Is it because there are more singles than ever before in our world in comparison to before and it’s a celebration of them so that they are acknowledged in society or is this just another money-making day that encourages single people to consume? Looks like a day of exploiting single people for money. =P How many remember that November 11th is also Armistice Day?


f(x)’s “4 Walls”

f(x)'s 4 Walls

f(x)‘s 4 Walls

I like the recently released MV for f(x)‘s 4 Walls, not only because of its vintage-like atmosphere (sometimes I think the creative staff of SME hang around tumblr =P), but also because it reminds me of the game Life is Strange that I finished watching last week on YouTube (I was waiting for Episode 5: Polarized, the season finale of the game, for ages!). In Life is Strange, the main protagonist, Max Caulfield, has the ability to rewind time (even freeze time) and make choices that enact the “butterfly effect“, a situation of cause and effect in which small events lead to large consequences or “that a seemingly insignificant action — such as a butterfly flapping its wings — can have a dramatic effect on a system — such as weather” (source). Think of the flap of a butterfly’s wings resulting in the creation of a tornado.

Here’s another explanation of the butterfly effect:

Butterfly in f(x)'s

Butterfly in f(x)‘s 4 Walls

Translated into mass culture, the butterfly effect has become a metaphor for the existence of seemingly insignificant moments that alter history and shape destinies. Typically unrecognized at first, they create threads of cause and effect that appear obvious in retrospect, changing the course of a human life or rippling through the global economy. — (read more)

Both 4 Walls and Life is Strange seem to draw influence from the “butterfly effect” concept. It’s a concept that I had wanted to discuss a little on a pending post for the latter, because I was very intrigued by the game and the idea behind it. The butterfly is also a re-occurring symbol in both and some may claim that the butterfly represents the soul of someone that has recently passed away wanting to pay a visit, very much like the myth behind a black moth appearing in one’s home.

Butterfly in

Butterfly in Life is Strange

Life is Strange; however, takes the butterfly one step further and may also be regarded as the animal spirit of Chloe Price, Max‘s childhood friend that has a major role in the game and can’t seem to escape death no matter which reality she is in and how many times Max tries to save her (meaning that it may have been destined for Chloe to die. Note, you do have the option of saving her near the end of the game, but that comes at a huge price, and to me, doesn’t appear to be the true ending of the plot as Chloe herself wishes for Max to save Arcadia Bay over her). Whereas, the butterfly in 4 Walls is more of a hint of what the MV’s concept is about, which can be seen below.

Apart from that contrast, another similarity between 4 Walls and Life is Strange is the concept of alternate realities. From what I can deduce from the MV and the title of the song itself, 4 Walls could represent the four alternate realities that mirror one another in which each of the four members of f(x) are in and are connected to, the forest serving as the meeting point between realities.

In relation to the butterfly effect, as seen in the 4 Walls, think about the events that have taken place in our own world that seemed to have had a large cause and effect for shaping things the way they are today… something that started out similar to a China cup being dropped on the ground, breaking apart, and setting off a domino effect of problems. Take 9/11 as an example. Although it was no small event, but that one event alone in which two skyscrapers fell after two planes crashed into them while there were people inside each one, has affected many aspects of our lives as well as a number of foreign policies.

If 9/11 hadn’t of happened, we wouldn’t have seen greedy leaders use it as an excuse to go war with Afghanistan and Iraq with the ulterior purpose being to gain resources such as oil, or young people being used to fight in wars that the leaders that declare or announce them don’t risk their own lives in (instead, they sit in their seats watching everything from the comforts of their home), and neither would we have seen the wars in the Middle East in which millions of innocent people have suffered from, or the thousands of displaced Syrian refugees, racial profiling at airports, propaganda against Muslims, etc.

Anyone that has grown up in the 90s will know how much the world has changed after 9/11 and if there were two doves that represent peace flying near the buildings (as I drew in a powerful artwork in middle school that my history teacher liked very much), instead of two planes that day, things would have been very different… like Victoria at the end of 4 Walls saving the China cup from breaking, thus stopping the domino effect of problems that each member of f(x) were originally afflicted by from occurring.

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Belated “Back to the Future” Day!


When movies like Back to the Future are memorable enough to have its own day of celebration, you know that it’s a classic that has left a mark in time!

Back to the Future on October 21st 2015

(Credit: To the rightful owner)

October 21st, 2015 is the day Marty and Doc arrive in the future (now past) from 1985, as depicted in Back to the Future. It’s intriguing to see what the movie tried to portray 2015 as and how it really is while living in that moment. I’m sure fans were all waiting for this day in life (and maybe to even see if Marty or Doc would show up? =P)! I completely forgot about it, despite having a Back to the Future marathon this year.

A lot has changed between 1985 and 2015, but not to the point where you’ll see kids on hoverboards (they’re close to existing) or people wearing self-fitting funky outfits that are a fusion modern-day style and shiny space clothes. Instead, we have laptops, cell phones, and the Internet that may have never been thought of in Back to the Future, but have played a big part in our lives.

Surprisingly, what the movie did get right includes wearables like Google Glass, hands-free gaming, fingerprint scanning, large flat screen TVs, 3D movies, and Nike auto lacing shoelaces. The movie seemed to perfectly give off the idea that people’s lives in the future will be surrounded by technology, even if the type of technology shown wasn’t 100% accurate. I’m still waiting for the flying cars since the year 2000, though (my parents joke about it because that’s what I was expecting as we drew close to that year and it didn’t happen). =P

So how did I get into Back to the Future when it was a movie that was first released before I was even born? My parents had recorded the movie (all three parts) on VHS cassettes and seemed to be fans of it. I watched it and liked it, but didn’t re-watch it again until 2014. This time, on a laptop and not a VHS cassette (ahhh, how the times have changed! xD).

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Taeyeon’s “I” ft. Verbal Jint

SNSD's Taeyeon for I

SNSD‘s Taeyeon for I

When I first watched Taeyeon‘s MV for I, I thought it was filmed in Australia, but then I later realized that it was New Zealand, our next-door neighbors. =P It’s the atmosphere, environment, and the people in the MV that gave me that sense of familiarity.

More importantly, SME‘s MV’s look much better when they’re filmed outside a box. Not that I suddenly like SME, as they’re one of the most cunning and manipulative entertainment companies around, but one can’t deny that the production of their MV’s is top-notch. They’re obviously getting money from somewhere… and I’m sure it’s not just fans.

As for Taeyeon, her vocals are great, as always, so I’m not even surprised that she has an album of her own. =) There have been a lot of solo debuts like hers from SME‘s artists lately, but these solo debuts include both singing and acting. Perhaps it was all part of SME‘s plan, even for the Chinese members of EXO, but with publicity stunts thrown in, as publicity stunts are very common when someone is about to promote solo. =P So far, I like Taeyeon‘s solo debut (minus her publicity stunt with Baekhyun).

This might stray off from the main topic, and I’m not the kind of person that talks a lot about the changes that celebrities have made to their appearance, but I found Taeyeon really cute before she probably decided to enhance a few of her features. I don’t think it’s simply makeup. I’ve been a fan of SNSD since 2009, and comparing the looks of the members between now and then, I can see the differences. That hasn’t made me like them any less, but I don’t like it when they lie about it – a terrible trait of most celebrities.

A lot of celebrities don’t even need to change their physical appearance, so it’s a little confusing as to why they do. Maybe it’s because the industry that they’re in is a breeding ground for insecurity, and then that insecurity gets passed onto the public. This occurs when they feel that it’s okay to endorse products that imply to the audience on what’s beautiful and what isn’t (like your oppa did recently when endorsing Maybelline products targeted towards young ladies in China and saying at the press conference that he likes a girl with a light skin tone, when he, himself, used to be very tan. Of course, he has a preference, but I can see why people would take it the wrong way for many reasons).

This, then, also ties in with the notion that there are companies that profit off the low self-esteem of others (sadly, there are people that profit off wars as well), and will use someone with influence, and who the audience looks up to, to sell their product. In most cases, it’s usually a celebrity. However, this says a lot more about those companies, the entertainment industry, and the people running them than it does about the celebrity, too. If only the confidence in an artist’s song lyrics about being true to oneself, like I, were real…