A Brief Look at Altissia of “Final Fantasy XV”

New footage of Final Fantasy XV (FF15) from E3, which recently took place from June 14th-16th, was released and this particular one featuring a walkthrough in one of the game’s locations, called Altissia, has definitely gotten me excited about the game!

Here’s a first look at Altissia, the capital city of Accordo which you will reach in the middle of Final Fantasy XV! —Final Fantasy XV @ YouTube

Altissia has drawn influence from Venice and Rome. Maybe even other cities in Italy, such as Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast. YAS (and yes, I deliberately spelled it that way =P)! This is what I was looking forward to in terms of the game drawing influence from the real world, but still retaining its feel of a fantasy game. I wasn’t expecting one of the locations to be like Venice, which truly is a beautiful city that I find much more romantic than Paris, so this came as a bit of a surprise.

I would love to visit Venice again if I ever get the chance, and be able to see the Carnival of Venice, where locals dress up and wear masks and look like they came straight out of a fantasy game. xD Wondering if FF15 will include something similar. It’s a great opportunity to do so to make the game feel more magical. ^^

All in all, if most of the locations in FF15 are as beautiful as Altissia, then I’m already hooked!


Belated Ramadan Kareem and New Instagram Account

Ramadan Kareem 2

Ramadan Kareem! =)
(Source: Unknown)

Belated Ramadan Kareem! For those that are taking part in fasting, I hope it is going well. The hours of fasting are the shortest in Australia, while very long in countries such as Canada. It’s also winter here in comparison to the Northern Hemisphere. I guess Australians can’t really say that it’s a challenge. =P

I’ve created a new Instagram account, which I’ve set to public, and decided to post my Japan pictures there, as it is much easier to do so in comparison to here (I still have my blog post, though!). It’s also great to see other people from all walks of life in the Instagram community that show their appreciation by a simple “<3” on a photo. As you know, I like learning about the people that appreciate and being able to get a glimpse of their life as well and what they share too. ^^

More importantly, I wanted a fresh new start. With lack of time, I think photos do more of the trick in comparison to content. So follow me on my new Instagram if you want to know what I was up to and saw in Japan. =) There were around more than 5,000 pictures that I took on the trip, so I’ve been selecting a couple out of the many for uploading.

P.S. With some of the recent events that have been taking place in our world, I would like to once again state, do not trust mainstream media. My prayers go out to all the innocents that have suffered, and are currently suffering, in the hands of brutality created by those seeking division, monetary power and control. I wish I could help the innocent in some way, and was thinking what it would be like to have super powers, such as the ability to be invisible, teleport and even fly at any time so that I can see what is happening at places that are considered top secret and confidential. It would be great to expose what the people behind-the-scenes do and to bring to light what is currently shrouded in secrecy.



New Blog Theme

Just a short notice that I’ve changed the theme of my blog. Not as colorful as before, but I wanted a change as I thought I had over-used the old theme. Let me know if it’s easy to navigate my blog or if you prefer the old theme over the new one. Cheers!


Being a “Dreamer”

160506 EXO Kris Instagram Update

Kris‘ Instagram update featuring himself with a tattoo titled “Dreamer” on May 6th, 2016. P.S. I didn’t like the photo or give it a hearteu. This is a screenshot from the below-mentioned source.
(Source: Becca)

It’s no longer my keen interest to post about Kris, as I’ve tried to avoid it due to not wanting to give his company the satisfaction of me promoting him in any way like they had very much enjoyed in the past when I was a fan =P, but I thought I should mention something about his new-found tattoo with the word “Dreamer” on the back of his right forearm. You’ll have to zoom in on the above photo to see it.

Whether his new tattoo is real or not, I don’t know. According to a fan account that I randomly came across, a fan had asked him about it and he replied, “Guess.” It gives me the impression that he enjoys playing mind games and keeping fans hanging on the edge of their seats, very much like what he has been doing ever since he “filed a lawsuit” on S.M. Entertainment (SME) while knowing the truth, but concealing it from fans, staying quiet and remaining positive, and using his silence to his advantage. We all know that K-Pop stars are trained in the art of giving diplomatic answers as to avoid any trouble, but he seems to have held onto that art even after “leaving the K-Pop life”. xD

When I saw Kris‘ tattoo, I thought of the word “dreamer” that is written on my blog’s layout – from the sub-title mentioning “…a dreamer’s world” to even the little quote on the right-hand side of my blog’s template stating, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. More importantly, many of my first posts on this blog have mainly been about Kris, and it’s interesting to see how he, too, has now started to brand himself with the word “dreamer” and use it as a way to reflect who he is ever since he started fulfilling the dreams that he has told and shown his fans about.

Another thought that came to my mind was that, five days prior to Kris‘ Instagram update, where fans had the opportunity to see his “Dreamer” tattoo for the first time, is that I had visited a bookstore not too far from my place and found a notebook with the title “Dreamer” on it. I took a photo of it on my smartphone because the word “Dreamer” is what I use to describe myself, in addition to the fact that I was trying capture all the quirks and interesting things that I saw in the suburb that I was in (if there’s on thing you need to know about me is that I like taking photos and my Asian friends tell me that I’m “so like an Asian” when I do…=P It’s not to an extreme level, but I’ve met people that despise the concept of taking photos and might feel bothered xD).

20160501_151856 (2)-2

A picture of a notebook with the word “Dreamer” taken by me on May 1st, 2016

I also recall having seen a building with the words “Dreamer” on it too, but couldn’t find a picture anywhere of it on my smartphone, so I’m guessing that it must be a pic. that I took on my DSLR. I’ve always called myself a dreamer, though. It’s one of the first words I jot down when describing myself, especially on my social media accounts. The word itself is dreamy and the reason I call myself a dreamer is because I have many dreams, not just dreams that fall into aspirations, but also dreams that occur when I’m asleep.

Some of the dreams that I’ve had when asleep are those that I wish were real, including the places in them, such as a beautiful enchanted forest that looked like it came right out of a fairy tale, a shiny golden castle on top of white fluffy clouds in the sky and with tall golden buildings by its sides, a large golden gate at its entrance and a glistening fountain in front of it (it looked like heaven and being there and seeing the magnificent sight felt like being in a complete state of euphoria surrounded by large amounts of indescribable positive energy to make one feel as if they’ve never felt sadness or any other worldly problems. I wanted to observe what more there was to see past the gate, but before I was able to, I was slowly descending back down to Earth), and a sparkly blue ocean next to a field of flowers that looks like a scene right out of the visually-appealing video game Chrono Cross (a game that also has a couple of soundtracks with the word “dream(s)” or “dreamer” in their title =P).

Other dreams are those that include the touch of a hand or a warm hug, the affectionate and protected feeling of being with someone, and the feeling of seeing a child that appeared to be my own and that doesn’t exist in real life, and feeling an unexplained unconditional love  and warmth towards them. These feelings are weird to experience because they feel real even though I have had no such experiences in my waking life. Does anyone have an explanation for why we feel these feelings in a dream if we’ve never felt them real life!? O_O. There have been a few dreams with messages in them too, and those messages are only taken seriously when the events in them end up happening in real life. Nevertheless, whenever I’m about to fall asleep, I look forward to dreaming positive dreams that make me feel happy when I’m awake, and that is why I like to call myself a dreamer.

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“Beauty and the Beast” Live-Action Teaser Trailer

A very pretty and well-done teaser trailer of the live-action version of one of my favorite Disney movies – Beauty and the Beast – was released a few days ago and this is what it looks like:

Looking forward to it, but trying to make sure that I’m not too excited so I can avoid any disappointments. =P The set looks amazing and the phrase, “Be Our Guest”, falls perfectly into place at the end of the teaser trailer.

There was news since last year about the live-action version of the Disney classic and that Emma Watson would be starring as Belle. Not sure how I feel about Emma as Belle, as Emma seems to have a more tough exterior in regards to her facial expressions compared to her character, Belle, who has a more delicate, innocent, and rose-like appearance. I think the main difference between the two is the expression of the eyes. We’ll see how this goes when the time comes, IA.


“Fly” and “Tomorrow” for an Incomplete Life


Misaeng aka Incomplete Life.jpg

Misaeng (Incomplete Life) – a must-see K-Drama!

I recently finished watching Misaeng aka Incomplete Life and it is perhaps one of the best slice-of-life Korean dramas that I’ve ever seen! I can’t even begin to explain how well-executed everything about this drama was. The best part is that it was realistic and pulled off incredibly well without any romance in it – a drama that I can connect to (since there isn’t anything romantic in my life either… =P)!

Furthermore, I never thought I would find a drama focused on office life so interesting until I decided to read all the positive comments about Misaeng and finally watch it. It’s a very clever drama that turns the mundane office life into something very thought-provoking and tells us how we’re all incomplete people on a journey to feel complete, be it in our work life or personal life, and not to mention, in our yearning for achieving our dreams. It’s a very inspiring drama and I think regardless of what stage of life one is in, which includes either school or work, everyone can learn a lesson from it. Won’t give away too many details right now, as my main purpose in the post is to reminisce about the drama with some of its lovely soundtracks. The first one is called Fly – a song title that needs no explanation.

The following track is called Tomorrow (in English) and I like the mellow yet hopeful sound of it. It’s probably one of my favorite tracks from the drama.

The lyrics are particularly meaningful, mainly because I also feel like they could slightly relate to my message in this post of mine from two years ago called Urban City Work Life when I had started my first job here in Sydney as a salesperson:

Tomorrow – Han Hee Jung
(English Translated Lyrics)

When everyone is going back
Are they walking with happy steps?
Did they really fulfill their dreams?

Like doing piled up homework
All the promises were written
I already see the bright sun that woke up

Another day has gone
Tomorrow comes again
The world moves busily
Crying at the words of my father who has only looked ahead

The more I count, the more I hurt
My mother’s increasing wrinkles
Even if it’s a little late, she says it’s okay, with a kiss

Another day has gone
Tomorrow comes again
The world moves busily
Crying at the words of my father who has only looked ahead

I cry for a long time again
Making promises
The traces of myself from yesterday
They leave to find my dreams above in the blue sky
I make a promise to the stubborn tomorrow
Every day

(Source: pop!gasa)

There’s word that there will be a Japanese version of Misaeng and that casting has already begun. It’s strange, because when I watched the drama, I pictured Japan and all the salary men/women that I saw when I was there, and that I noticed working into the late hours, such as 10 P.M. or even past midnight when it would be time to sleep for me. Who knew that I would later come across news of a Japanese version in the making? It’s no surprise, though, as this drama focuses on the corporate life of a Korean trading company, and I’ve read that Korean trading companies are modeled after Japanese trading companies.

I’m actually looking forward to the Japanese version, and perhaps, seeing more of the environment that a girl that I bumped into in Kyoto, and that told me that she works for a trading company, is like. We met when one of my friends and I were having trouble figuring out which platform for the Keihan Line at Tofukuji Station we had to be at, as there were two directions and there were no signs listing the place we needed to get off at. I then saw a local girl that passed by, and who looked like she was around our age, and approached her by saying, “Sumimasen,” and then explaining to her where we needed to get to and which platform we should be at. I was hoping that she would be able to understand with my limited Japanese, but surprisingly, she answered back in fluent English. xD She then decided to help my friend and I out throughout our entire journey, as she had to get to the same place as us. She even sat with us on the train, made sure that we got to our exit at the next station, and helped us out with our tickets when we got stuck at the ticket gates! We were touched by her thoughtfulness and helping hand, and felt like we were already friends.

As we traveled together on that short train journey, the girl told me that she worked for a trading a company. At that time, I didn’t think much of it until I watched Misaeng and then read more about trading companies in South Korea and Japan. I learned that a person has to have graduated from one of the best universities and have excellent grades and high qualifications in order to get a job at a trading company, which Misaeng focuses on as well. So that girl’s comment about me when hearing about my past profession and telling me that I must be smart (it was embarrassing to hear that as I don’t think I am, due to sometimes having “lost” moments where I need a few seconds to process something =P)… it really was her that was smart, and that it should have been me telling her that (if only I knew how hard it was to get into a trading company there, I would have!).

Misaeng actually hits home for me (as well as many other people that have worked in the professional field), especially in relation to my previous workplace and how it really demotivated me and also led me to then chasing after my dream of finally being able to do something that I’ve always wanted to do since I was a child, and that included traveling to Japan during the cherry blossom season and doing what I wanted to do from my heart, which is why I also consider it special. Trying to turn setbacks into opportunities – Misaeng also teaches that everything happens for a reason, some things that we may not be fully understand or have the answers to at first but can see it all come together later on, thus falling into the concept of destiny, which is something that I also believe in.


McDonald’s Anime Commercial

McDonald’s has an anime commercial, which sends across the message that it’s looking for part-time workers while illustrating the reasons for joining on board. It’s cute! ^^

This commercial has got me questioning… Why can’t we have commercials like these in Australia? I feel like Australia doesn’t have enough “cute” and needs a dose of it. =P Sure, our commercials have humor in them, but one can’t go wrong with a touch of “cute” that can put a smile on just about any viewer’s face. xD

More Anime Commercials (bonus):

Love the art in some of these! *_*