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Occupy Chicago 2011


Just passing by…

Occupy Chicago, October 2011 – just a superhero casually walking down the street. xD I was there when it happened. I wish there was a way to stop the people in power that create injustice within society.

Revolutions in the past actually worked to bring change…but that’s not the case anymore. Maybe the spread of love is what’s needed now.


Re-Watching “Sailor Moon”

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Since the new version of Sailor Moon is going to be aired in a few months time, iA, I decided to re-watch some of the Sailor Moon episodes. Even though I watched the anime when I was 4, I haven’t gotten bored of watching it again. I’ve seen the missing episodes that were in the Japanese version too ’cause the dubbed version didn’t include them. >_<

I know the opening theme song of Sailor Moon by heart. xD Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight. Never running from a real fight… I recently noticed that in one of the scenes in the opening theme song in which Serena is running towards Tuxedo Mask, the background is that of Vincent Van Gogh‘s painting, The Starry Night.

Furthermore, after watching the first four episodes of the dubbed version, which is before Amy aka Sailor Mercury is introduced, I realized that Luna has a sense of humor and Tuxedo Mask‘s lines are so cheesy that they make me cringe and laugh. Hahaha! I also love the “Sailor Moon Says” segment. I always found that part inspiring…a lesson for all viewers regardless of what age they are.

Let’s watch Sailor Moon together! =P

Episode 1: A Moon Star Is Born

Underachieving schoolgirl Serena learns from a talking cat named Luna that she is destined to become the heroic Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. She saves Molly‘s mother from the Dark Kingdom‘s forces and meets the snobby Darien and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask.

Melvin: “Look! I didn’t study and I only got a 95.” LMAO!

Serena: “I wish I could be like Sailor V. She’s so beautiful and smart. Something exciting is always happening in her life not like mine.” I hear fans say this quite often when admiring their favorite star! What you see on the outside isn’t always what it’s like on the inside. Sailor V has a sad past. She’s my favorite character from the Sailor Moon series! ^^

Episode 2: Talk Radio

Ms. Haruna and Molly submit love-letters to a late-night radio show. When they fall into a coma-like sleep, Serena must investigate the radio station undercover.

Jadeite speaking on the Love Line for the purpose of collecting energy from the humans reminds me of K-Pop stars/K-Pop companies saying cheesy things so they can have our money. LOOOL. EVIL!

Sailor Moon:Tuxedo Mask, thank you! He’s so handsome…and mysterious.” Bleh…can’t believe I once said something like that about SOMEONE. Now I know how silly I looked saying that in one of my early blogs posts. *smacks head*

Episode 3: Slim City

Serena gains a couple of pounds and starts to obsess about her weight. Jadeite starts a health club to drain energy out of people. Serena and her friends sign up after seeing how much weight Ms. Haruna has lost. Serena discovers tanks in the basement which are sucking the life energy out of her friends.

Sailor Moon‘s daydreams are too cheesy. I can’t. They make me cringe. =P I know someone like Darien in real…very annoying. -_-

Sailor Moon Says: “Please remember, real beauty really does comes from inside.” ^^

Episode 4: So You Want To Be A Superstar

By making a youma possess a human celebrity, Jadeite draws a huge crowd of would-be superstars. Serena tries to juggle her duties as Sailor Moon with her desire to be popular and famous.

Luna: “Besides, being in show business is serious work. It’s all too strange. Too suspicious. And look at what’s happening between you and your friends.” O_O Wow…Luna really knows.

Sailor Moon Says: “It’s fun imagining being a movie star or a rock-and-roll idol. All that attention, money, and fame, but it’s no good trying to be somebody you’re not. What makes a real star isn’t about fame or money, but being the best person you can be and feeling good about yourself. Be a star in your own life, that’s what really counts.” It’s like she spoke the words right out of my mouth. xD


Universe > Galaxy


There was a Japanese arts and crafts setup at a mall in the city that I went to today. I had planned on visiting it since a week ago. The event was held on the third floor of the mall, and I noticed that on this floor visitors were given the opportunity to be creative and write on the space provided with a chalk.

One part of the wall asked, “Who am I fighting?”

What the wall initially looked like:

DSC_4791 (2)-2

Looks like someone trying to learn martial arts like Kris. =P One of the visitors wrote that they they were fighting their KFC chicken addiction and another wrote Sauron from The Lord of the Rings. xD Most people wrote that they were fighting themselves, which I understand. One even went deep enough to say, “The depths of my soul.”

What I wrote:

DSC_4794 (3)-2

“Universe > Galaxy”…as in to prove that Universe is greater than Galaxy. =P We all know that the universe is larger than all of the galaxies that exist. One can’t deny it. Also notice “xoxo” as part of the Tic-Tac-Toe game on the wall. xD

Anyhow, the reason I wrote “Universe” is because “Universe” has often been listed as my location for my online profile, including my Gravatar profile, which is linked to my WordPress blog (see here). I’ve had it since I started this blog. The same goes for my Twitter account, which I had since 2010. Sometimes I use “Antarctica” as my location because I like to be random. =P I’ve even used the word “universe” as part of my e-mail address that I had as a teen. Kekeke!

What the wall looks like now:

DSC_4795 (2)-2

Another part of the wall asked us to name our favorite word. Don’t mind if some bad word pop up. Some people’s minds need to be cleaned out. -_- On the left is what the wall looked like before I had written anything, and on the right is what I added in:

Someone had written “SWAG”, so I decided to add “GALAXY” above it ’cause that’s what came to mind when I read the word. =P It’s not my favorite word. I later decided that I should write something that relates to me, so I wrote, “MOONLIGHT” in the space next to “GALAXY”. I then saw the close proximity of the words. I read out, “MOONLIGHT GALAXY.” I thought, “‘Moonlight Galaxy’…that actually sounds like a good username! Why didn’t I think of this before?” My creative mind was working while I was in a creative space. =P

I then searched on Google “Moonlight Galaxy” to see whether it was a popular name, and I noticed that it wasn’t, but the first result that I got on Google was the name of the last episode of my favorite childhood anime, Sailor Moon! The last episode is Episode 200 and it’s called Usagi’s Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy. I thought, “Wahhh…’The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy’. What a pretty title. If only it was pretty in real since I call myself Moonlight and Kris calls himself Galaxy.” Bwahahaha!

In the last episode, Usagi’s Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy, Sailor Moon in her Princess Serenity form has angel wings and battles Sailor Galaxia, who is the last villain of the series. Sailor Galaxia has a good side to her, which eventually appears in the end when she is back to her normal self. I imagine it as Moonlight vs. Galaxy. Maybe I should have written that down on the wall that asked, “Who am I fighting?” =P

This reminds me…One time a friend of mine from uni., whose quite big and tall, said jokingly, “Let’s fight” and then he did one of those fighting poses that video game characters do when starting a battle like in Tekken or Street Fighter and then there was tiny me just standing there saying, “Fine.” Then I did my own fighting pose. We both ended up laughing. xD On a random note, he once felt like a father when my friend and I took a group photo with him. While smiling at the camera, he said, “These are my daughters.” He was younger than us. LMAO! I thought, “Are you okay?” =P Anyhow, I will learn martial arts so I can do a flying kick on Kris.

Going back to the topic, one girl and guy at the mall wrote on a wall that they wanted to be a rockstar/jedi when they were 5 years old. They wrote it in front of me. Since I wrote “Galaxy” in another section of the wall, and read, “Jedi,” this question came to me, “Has Kris watched the Star Wars trilogy?” The opening crawl in it begins with the words, “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….” ^^’

Besides this, there were very few people around when I was writing on the wall, so I knew that I wasn’t going to bump into any EXO fan, but the thought of it did cross my mind because of the large number of Asians within the area. It turns out that when I had left the mall and walked further into the city, I spotted a girl in front of me with a red “WOLF 88” jacket. This was the first time I spotted an EXO fan like this around here. I was surprised ’cause I was just thinking about bumping into an EXO fan and it happened! Weird…

Moving on, Kris has finally joined Instagram under the username galaxy_fanfan. Remember when I talked about Kris‘ username being GalaxyBoi101 in the post, Pre-Debut Photos of EXO’s GalaxyBoi101? All I have to say is…judging real hard, and judging myself too. I asked myself, “Is this the person that I chose to be a fan of in all of Hollywood, Bollywood, Dollywood, Lollywood and all the entertainment industries in the world with the word ‘wood’ and without the word ‘wood’?” *side eyes* Just kidding! I do think Kris has lost his mind in the galaxy. We need to bring his mind back down to Earth. xD Sometimes I feel that he just wants to be funny like me. =P

I typed this, but I decided not to send it… xD Well, it has been two years since I’ve been a fan…it should be totally acceptable to say this like close buddies. =P LOL at “close buddies”. Even better, “Kris is my best friend in the whole wide universe.” xD Who am I kidding? Kekeke!

I still haven’t seen Kris yet like other fans (it’s okay, ’cause I know that there is always a reason for everything, and maybe it’s better for me). I would have if EXO came to Australia right after they debuted, like they were initially supposed to, and things were a lil’ more calm, but now EXO is so popular, including Kris, and I’ve somewhat moved on from K-Pop. Clearly, I haven’t been too happy about many things in regards to K-Pop lately.

If these stars chose to have a life that is not normal/unordinary, then fine…but please don’t drag fans into it. Let fans live their life…let them find someone to love and be happy with and let them live a normal/ordinary life that doesn’t include them dedicating their time, money, and life to a K-Pop star that can’t return the same amount of love that they give. This perfectly sums up how I feel at the moment. Furthermore, one would be lying to themselves if he/she doesn’t realize that K-Pop companies take advantage of fans. Sometimes I wonder whether the person we support even realizes it. Then again, we have a choice. A choice to let it happen or not.

P.S. I saw a duck plushie that was like the one Kris had posed with on Valentine’s Day. It was in a Korean store in Chinatown that I had visited today. =P


Venetian Masks

Venetian Masks (Credit: As watermarked)

Beautiful Venetian Masks
(Credit: As watermarked)

I miss Venice! I think it’s one of the most romantic places in the world. I felt like I was in a fairytale when I was there. My to-do list includes visiting Venice during the Carnival of Venice so I can see the beautiful costumes and masks that people wear, iA. ^^ Some may find the masks creepy, but I find them so mysterious and alluring.

I had a few videos of the Carnival of Venice saved as favorites on my old YouTube channel. The following video is one that I found recently, though.

This one is an old video, which focuses on both the masks and costumes. I like the music in it.

In Venice, I noticed many decoration pieces of the celestial sun and moon. There was even one in the hotel room my mum and I stayed at. My mum bought a souvenir that included the celestial sun and moon for our home as well. I wonder what the Italians associate the sun and moon faces with.

Furthermore, in junior high, my art class had to make a Venetian mask. I can’t remember mine very well, but I remember it was a lot of fun decorating it. Interestingly, the first Assassin’s Creed game that I saw, which was Assassin’s Creed II, starts off in Venice. There’s a scene in which everyone’s wearing the Venetian mask. Since the game also has a connection to history, I instantly liked it.


Feeding the Homeless


This was very touching.

I know what the individuals in the video are speaking about. I’ve spoken to the homeless here. Society can be harsh sometimes. Just place a CEO as a janitor for a day and he’ll tell you how differently he’s treated by the people around him. We need to treat each other as humans regardless of what our “status” is. You never know…one day you may have everything and the next day you may have nothing (God forbid).


“Hello, hello remember me?”


Many of Evanescence‘s songs are amazing, and even though What You Want is not as popular as their previous songs, I still like it. Perhaps it’s ’cause I can relate to the lyrics, “Hello, hello remember me? I’m everything you can’t control…Tear down the walls and free your soul.” The song is about freedom from something or someone that has been controlling.

I’ve seen a few interviews of Amy Lee and I always found what she had to say very interesting…she’s one of the few REAL celebs. that wasn’t afraid to voice out her opinion and be herself. This interview is an example. In the interview she talks about how fame doesn’t mean anything to her and that it can leave at any moment. I can tell that she has a lot of wisdom – that’s the kind of people I like.

As for the band’s name, “Evanescence“, it means “the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight.” I read that Amy discovered the word in her literature class.  She knew that her band will appear and then one day disappear like every other band…and that’s the truth. Like everything in this world, nothing lasts forever. That’s exactly what happened to Evanescence. They were huge when they first made their entrance into the music industry, but then over time, they slowly faded away. Clever name for a group.


AKMU’s “200%”

AKMU aka Akdong Musician

AKMU aka Akdong Musician

Today, I heard about the duo, AKMU aka Akdong Musician, and the excitement for their debut, that I decided to watch their newly released MV, 200%. I have to say…this duo is refreshing after having lost interest in K-Pop.

The ending of the MV is a lil’ sad. I know how this girl feels; been there back in my junior high days! =P Makes it more realistic and relatable I guess. Plus, the scenery of the MV reminds me of my recent walk from Bondi to Coogee that I did on my own! xD I even saw a lock with a heart engraved on it while walking. Kekeke!

P.S. The song contains the word “moonlight” in Korean as part of its lyrics. =P