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A Walkthrough of the “Final Fantasy XV” Demo


The demo for Final Fantasy XV (FF15) has finally been released (it was out since last week, but I only got around to posting this now =P)! Since I don’t have a PS4 to play the demo at the moment, I decided to watch videos of it on YouTube. The demo looks nice! The reaction towards the summon (see 2:04:50-2:05:50 in the following video) is…oh, em, gee. Watching it and comparing it to past display of summons makes me realize that Final Fantasy has sure come a long way.

On the other hand, my brother has a powerful computer that’s great for PC gaming, and I was able to watch a part of the following video on the FF15 demo when I told my brother to check it out. The first comment that he made was that the graphics look a bit jagged and not as smooth as they’re meant to be. He was right. Though the detailed hair of the characters look amazing, when the viewer gets a close-up of it, the graphics for it aren’t very smooth. My brother then showed me examples of games with smooth graphics that have been out for a while now, and one of them was Tomb Raider for the PC.

My brother knows a lot more about the PC and stated that the PS4 isn’t as powerful, so the look of FF15 probably can’t compare to what it could possibly look like if Square-Enix decided to specifically make the game for the PC. As for his other comments on the demo, he stated that the game play looks really good, which I feel is something that most of us can agree on. Check it out below. It’s like watching a movie. =P

My thoughts from watching the demo:

  • The music is amazing. I can’t wait ’til I get to hear the entire soundtrack, IA. One thing about the Final Fantasy series… If the story isn’t great, then you can always bet that the music will still be great. xD
  • It’s going to take me a while to get used to Prompto‘s voice (Square-Enix also changed his hairstyle). Did anyone else feel that Ignis‘ voice sounds like Balthier‘s from Final Fantasy XII (FF12)? So far, Noctis‘ voice is the one that sounds the most appealing to me.
  • The Behemoth looks scary and brings back memories of playing Dino Crisis 2. Maybe it’s because of the sounds and actions of the Behemoth.
  • I love the details of the store at the Wiz Chocobo Post and the gas/service station. Being able to enter places in a town or a city have always been something that I liked in video games. I wonder if there will be a restaurant in the game that one can enter and eat at, and that if the characters aren’t outside a town or a city, can they actually rest at an inn or a hotel, like in the previous Final Fantasy games, rather than having to camp out?
  • It’s obvious that Cindy’s outfit serves the purpose of attracting male players. That’s a clear sign of of female objectification. -_- As if we didn’t already have enough of that in the media… *sigh* I wish Square-Enix would have at least designed her top to have a bit of more fabric just below her collar bone, and be more original rather than getting inspiration from Megan Fox‘s character in Transformers. =P
  • I like how at the end of the demo, viewers are given a “A Hint of Things to Come”. It looks very interesting and a bit dramatic. It’s definitely a cliffhanger. From the looks of it, I also have this feeling that Noctis‘ father, King Regis, will be killed.

We have to remember that is only a demo, that it doesn’t include the main story of FF15, and that Square-Enix is collecting feedback from fans in order to go back to the actual game and improve it. The company has been very transparent about it with fans, which I appreciate. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the open world, the summons, the characters that have yet to be introduced, the music, and more importantly, the story line, IA. ^^


A Weekend in Adelaide


Sunset at a beach in Moana, Adelaide

My family and I traveled to Adelaide on the weekend to visit my aunt and her family and just came back yesterday. It was my first time traveling to Adelaide (or you can even say Southern Australia) and traveling domestically within Australia by plane, so I was really looking forward to it.

I found Sydney‘s airport terminal for domestic travel better than the terminal for international travel. The most prominent point that it made it better was that there were way more food chains and it was more hip-and-happening!

Not to mention, traveling domestically here is fast and smooth – all you have to do is check-in online, print out your ticket, go to the airport, pass through the metal detectors, and you’re already near your gate! No long ques or immigration process, which I have encountered throughout most of my life while traveling. I think the major plus point in traveling this time is that we only had carry-on luggage, which meant that we didn’t have to wait for our luggage to arrive at the luggage belt at the airport.

Adelaide is quite different from Sydney. It’s population density is much less and the central business district isn’t as large, but it sort of reminded me of the small cities in the U.S. in which buildings tend to be far apart or separated/spaced out by lots of land. Most of the sights to see and explore, such as the hills, valleys, and beaches were in the southern side of Adelaide.

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A Sneak-Peak of the “Final Fantasy XV” Demo


So much new footage this month… Where do I even start!? All I know is that there’s more to come in the next few days with the release of Final Fantasy XV’s demo called Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on March 17th.

At the moment, there have been a lot of reviews for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae from those that have gotten a chance to play it before its official release. Duscae is one of the locations in the game, and from what we’ve been told and shown, it’s HUGE. Hence, what we’re seeing right now isn’t everything that there is to see in the game, which makes me think that I’m going to be spending quite some time exploring Final Fantasy XV‘s open world when the actual game is released, IA.

Anyhow, the video below is a new one, which has given me a better understanding of the game’s combat system, in addition to a glimpse of a few iconic locations such as the Wiz Chocobo Post. I also saw a couple of images of the game’s food and it looks realistic. I just hope I don’t get hungry while playing it. =P A few fans are wondering if the food in the game will be made available at the Square-Enix Artnia Cafe that’s in Tokyo (to see my post on the cafe, click here). That would be a neat idea!

As for the characters, Noctis looks great… I like his outfit a lot! Kind of reminds me of that, ahem, idiot when he first appeared in a pre-debut video and was given the nickname “cowboy/denim-ge” by viewers because nobody knew his name. Noctis even says at 3:33-3:35 in the video, “Wasn’t my style…” What the… Noctis, whatever it is, don’t be like that SOMEONE! Well, at least Noctis isn’t real and isn’t on my bad side. =P

From what I’ve read, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae has a story of its own, in which the characters’ car breaks down while on their way to meet a woman named Luna, and they must make their way around with a few side-missions. So, the real story of Final Fantasy XV is still a secret (to read more about the demo, click here).

For Square-Enix, releasing a demo is a good way of getting feedback from players and then going back to the actual game and improving it. Hence, whatever faults that players are able to see in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae can be fixed, IA. On a side note, this video contains all the clips that we’ve seen of Final Fantasy XV dating ’til February 19th of this year.

I hope we get the chance to see the characters with different outfits because too much black makes things look bland and doesn’t seem very “Final Fantasy-ish”. Then again, this is a “Final Fantasy based on reality.”

On another note, I wish Square-Enix would make a sequel for Chrono Cross. The scenery in the game was beautiful. Imagine how it would look with better graphics and an open world. If Square-Enix changes their mind and plans on making a sequel for the game, then I think that the creators of the game should come and visit Australia to draw some inspiration from the beaches. The beaches in Australia are stunning and look way better than they do in photos. Maybe we’ll have to wait a few more years for such a game, IA. =P


Gallery: What inequality looks like

Gallery: What inequality looks like


Powerful images and words

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Inequality is a complicated term. It can be applied to so many factors, for one thing. There’s income inequality, asset inequality, gender inequality, social, class, political … you name it, someone, somewhere likely feels (and is) hard done by. And, for all the focus that Thomas Piketty has gained for his analysis of a new, ever-diverging global class of the superrich, inequality is still personal. As such, we asked an international group of artists, designers, photographers and activists to provide one image that encapsulates what inequality means to them — and to explain their selection. See them all below.

Photograph: Ryan Lobo.

Ryan Lobo, photographer, India

“Here is a photograph I made of a little boy who lives in a slum outside one of India’s most successful IT companies, the Infosys building in Bangalore.

India has very unequal patterns of development, and though the economy has benefited, most of India’s 1.28 billion people remain deeply disadvantaged.


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Lantern Festival


DSC_0096-2There was a Lantern Festival at Darling Harbour around two weeks ago, which I went to see with my mum. I didn’t get the opportunity to see the lanterns lit up at night time, but still enjoyed having a look at them in the daytime. Most of the lanterns were right next to the Chinese Garden of Friendship and gave a vibrant and colorful look to the area. ^^

The amusing thing was that even though Valentine’s Day was over, the objects for Valentine’s Day at Darling Harbour were still in their place and weren’t removed. I think the objects will be there ’til the end of this month. A side note: The objects aren’t the ones in the pics. =P

Apart from the lanterns, there were many stalls in the area. One part was primarily for food and the other part centered around businesses trying to sell their products or service. Most of the businesses were Chinese businesses. One particular stall was set up by a real estate company that dealt with property and seemed to be very busy. Due to the economic boom in China, there has been a strong interest among the locals there in investing in property both within China and overseas, so I wasn’t really surprised.

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How You See The World & How You Grow

(Credit: Grammatically

(Credit: GrammarlyQuotes)

Learning about different cultures is one of my hobbies! Furthermore, I have lived in a society of the wealthy and have friends that are part of it, and I have also lived in a society where status isn’t a big deal and have friends from humble backgrounds. There’s so much that I can share from the experience alone. Growing up in different countries that are quite different from one another on so many aspects has helped me to gain a better understanding of the world as well.


The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors



The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors were one of the major highlights of the Lunar New Year Festival here. Located at Dawes Point with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, the rows of Terracotta Warrior lanterns lit up in various colors at night creating a spectacle of awe for many. There were also fireworks in the area, which marked the start of the Lunar New Year Festival, and on one of the occasions, the Sydney Opera House in background even turned red.

I’ve seen the real Terracotta Warriors when I went to China on a school trip back in 2006. Didn’t expect that I would be seeing lanterns of them a few years later, so this was a pleasant surprise. =P I saw the lanterns twice. Once at night and once in the afternoon. The area was less crowded in the afternoon, so I was able to take better pics. then.