Introduction of EXO’s New Member: Ace Wu (My New Bias)


Ace Wu (Prince Wu) and his father, Kris Wu (King Wu), posing on their birthday – November 6th, 2012

On November 6th, 2012, Ace Wu, an alpaca plushie, was introduced as the 13th member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group, EXO, and as the 7th member of the group’s Chinese sub-unit, EXO-M. Ace was also announced as the son of Kris Wu, the leader of EXO-M, and surprisingly shares the same birthday as his father.

Ace was first seen by the public on November 4th, 2012, in Beijing and later at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in China, being held closely in Kris‘ arms. Similar to how Kris‘ name was not known in the famous fan taken camera of him crossing a street with Tao in a denim jacket and was later nicknamed “cowboy/Niu Ze Ge”, Ace‘s name was also not known when the public first spotted him (click here to see). However, Ace immediately grabbed attention from the audience for his cute features and unique sense of fashion and was given the nickname “Wu Tou Tou” by Chinese fans and other various nicknames by International fans. On an interesting note, Ace was initially supposed to be the stage name for Kris, but destiny had other plans.

Pre-debut Ace with a SMILE
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

The word, Ace, actually reminds me of playing cards, where Ace is often considered as having the highest value. Additionally, the word has the following meanings: brilliant, star, champion, expert. In Australian slang, Ace is for excellent or splendid. Some fans speculate that Ace has been named after Portgaz D. Ace, a character from the anime series, One Piece (I wonder if Kris watches Anime o.O).

Kris affectionately holding onto his son, Ace, at Shanghai Pudong International Airport
(Credit: OnlyKRIS)

Anyhow, here one can see Ace spotted in Kris‘ arms for the first time at the airport and that Kris had no trouble in carrying Ace and his gifts at the same time.

Kris with Ace at the airport. Will Kris be shopping for Ace‘s new clothes in the future?
(Credit: As mentioned in the pic.)

Ace is also regarded as the visual of EXO and is often seen in his signature blue scarf given to him by his father, wears a pirate hat and pink top, and also sports different glasses from time to time.

Ace sporting his father’s signature blue scarf and glasses
(Credit: belongtoyou)

It should also be noted that several fans have produced wonderful fan art of Kris and Ace since they were first spotted together. Here is one lovely example:

Cute Fan Art of Kris and his son, Ace
(Credit: kappa)

Lovely, right?

Ace is my ultimate bias from now on. Sorry, Dui Zhang. It was nice knowing you.

EXO-M with Ace
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

I will follow Ace on this wonderful journey. Hoping to see his teaser soon and see him debut. Best of luck, Ace! You will be a great leader. We all are looking out for you! ^_^

Following in his father’s footsteps, Ace Wu is also dreaming of having his name there…one day
(Yes, I made this using the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Generator online… =P)


I’m just wondering, what happened to Kris‘ pet Bichon Frise, which I had even discussed about around two months ago in the post, EXO Kris’ “Mysterious” Pet and Other Cute Traits?

On a random note, I read Kris‘ “love” letter to his fans. Clearly, it looks like he has been reading messages from fans on Tumblr and other places. He carefully tailored his message for his audience. “My Goddesses…my angels” What is this? xD Very clever, but Kris…your fans are also very super clever! =P Thanks for the kind message, though! It’s the longest letter we have seen from you so far.

Overall, Kris has become very hyper these days…Hahahahaha! Hope he had a FANTABULOUS birthday xD


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  2. LOL!
    Imagine the Kris with his signature pissed off look, carrying this plushie.
    Someone who acts cool and all grown up acting like a kid now.
    OMG! This person is awesome! And yay ^^
    There’s still posts on Kris. Hahaha!

    • No, Josialyn…it’s a post on Ace Wu not Kris Wu. =P Kris is just…a part of it. xD

      I have one more post. Thought I should end it with his message to everyone. The year of flying with Kris doesn’t feel complete without his final words and wishes…^^

      Kris can be rather childish…but he’s also random and funny. =P I think I would fall off my chair from laughing if I ever saw Kris with his signature Angry Bird look while carrying the smiley plushie…hahahaha!

  3. Hi, unie. Long time no see~~~ I’m in the final exam of the first term and it is like a hell. And, while relaxing, I googled “EXO ACE” randomly and here what I got, your WP😀 So let me blah blah about ACE for a while to release stress, ok?? ^^

    I still remember the first time when I saw photo of Kris holding ACE at Shanghai airport. Oh god, I couldn’t believe it. I wonder which fan gave alpaca for him and why? Then I watched the fancam in airport. Uhm, she is beautiful. Kris seemed happy to receive this gift. Back to June (or July??), Kris held an orange/brown dragon But it’s just a gift from fan. And now, I can see how Kris take care of ACE. He gave his son a sapphire scraft and a frame of glasses so ACE looks like a real alpaca with emotion and soul. After that, what happened in their flight…. “Kris was on airplane yesterday, a stewardess let him put his baby alpaca daughter on the luggage rack, but Kris doesn’t want and kept hugging his daughter.. After that, Kris decided went to the toilet, so he let his baby alpaca daughter sit on his seat and helped her to wear seat belt before he left…” I never know Kris could be like this, like a child and like a father!!!! What’s on his mind??? Not only the situation on plane, but also the photos taken in Incheon Airport is very.. weird.

    But it’s not a joke at all. Kris introduced his alpaca as his “son” and named it “ACE” (Holy Krisus, my cellphone is a galaxy ace one =))))) ). Even if he imitated ACE’s voice “Daddy, daddy…” I think it’s the resulf of Kris living without his father (need love from a father and he becomes a good father for ACE).

    The next morning after 6th Nov, I got up early and cheked FB first. I was like “From the past 7 months, who did I like??” Yes, King Kris and his son. A love letter to fans with a maspterpiece (here is my twitter DP). Kris is very positive with his art (I consider it as a disaster one). Only Kris can do it. This story hasnt finished yet when SM posted in their official weibo the 7th member of EXO-M, ACE. Even SM’s on Kris’ side.

    So let see what ACE can do in the future?? going on stage to receive awards with his father and uncles?? =)))))))) By the way, I’m jealous with Kris. His son is “very very very super super” cute/adorable (it’s the feeling of a teen girl,kkk). Kris, be careful cuz someday I want to kidnap your son :))) And ACE, you suddenly come and make us surprised with a Kris Wu that we’ve never known before❤

    • Hello there! Nice to see you again! ^^ Hope your exam went well! Best of luck on the upcoming ones! Fighting!!!❤

      About Kris and the alpaca plushie…I found it weird too, especially the glasses and scarf thing. The reason is that two months ago, I had a post on Kris and his pet Bichon Frise, and I had posted a picture of a Maltese puppy wearing a scarf and a pair of glasses (and this is a photo that I found around a year ago). You may see the post here: Don't you think it's really similar?

      I've heard that SM Entertainment's marketing team and staff gather information from fans on the Internet. As in, what they are saying, or discussing, about a group, or its member, so that they can incorporate that in the way they market them. I've even seen a discussion about this type of tactic on TED Talks on how companies gather ideas from customers/consumers/fans on the Internet and use them. Some smart fans have also noticed that SM Entertainment's staff have been gathering ideas from message boards. There was a thread on EXO in which fans had been talking about Chanyeol resembling a character on a drink, and just a few days later, Chanyeol was spotted at an airport with the same drink that the fans had been talking about! Moreover, remember how everyone on the Internet had been calling Kris, “Angry Bird”? He actually mentioned it later on in a magazine interview that Angry Bird is the cartoon character that he resembles most. This just proves that they definitely know what fans are discussing!

      Another strange thing is how the alpaca plushie’s hat kind of matches Kris' top that day. Talk about coincidence. What if SM Entertainment told the fan to give the alpaca plushie to Kris and planned everything out!? Furthermore, why would they suddenly take a picture of Kris and the alpaca plushie wearing a scarf and a pair of glasses on the plane before knowing that this incident would become popular, and then later put it up on Weibo once fans had gone crazy about it? Also, as soon as the alpaca plushie became popular, it's as if Kris and the rest of the staff knew that fans were talking about it on the Internet, and probably decided that it should be brought to the birthday party and be introduced as the 7th member of EXO-M to make fans even more excited. Why didn't Kris do that with the dragon plushie that he received a long time ago? I'm not the only one that thinks that SM Entertainment might have planned this alpaca plushie incident out.

      Anyhow, let's just wait until Kris actually becomes a father and see how he acts like =P Then we will see the reality, because a real child is different from an alpaca plushie…kekeke!

      I would like to see Kris' reaction if you kidnapped Ace xD

  4. I was like * …. …. …i guess that’s Kris… Aaawwww :3 * while reading his ‘love letter’ xD
    I’d like to see the original letter instead of the one translated in eng though :O but i can’t seem to find it -.-” not that i’m super pro to understand every chinese word he’d written. :ashamed:

    I just looooveee his airport fashion ~_~ with his hair tied! *fangirl screams*
    If the name Ace relates to One piece i understand the pirate hat then o.o Maybe EXO watches one piece too xD Since i know SHINee and SuJu do😀

    and ALPACA. thanks to Kris i now know the existance of llama’s cousin xD really educative._. looks more like a sheep than a llama though O.o” oh well~

    It’s the first time i see idols so open about accepting gifts and showing them off, thought it was really strange :O

    Fan arts are awesome ~~~

    • Moodswings, the original letter should be on Weibo and there were many fans that even copy-pasted it on Tumblr.

      Kris…trying to look cool as always. ^_~ I know Chanyeol is a fan of One Piece because in a pre-debut pic. of his, his cellphone had a One Piece sticker on it.

      With all the gifts that the members of EXO receive, I don’t think there would be space in their dorms. =P

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