The Usual (Work) and the Not-So-Usual (Meteor Showers)


(Credit: To the rightful owner)

It’s nice to take a break from blogging, but it’s not like I really have an option as I am swamped with work these days! I did not even get the opportunity watch China Love Big Song/Concert with EXO-M >_< I might complete both parts tomorrow iA. Since Fantastic Thursday, which stars EXO, is short, I might watch it after completing this post. I saw the preview for the show and it included EXO dancing while cooking food. The image of it is imprinted my head. Whenever I think about it, I laugh so hard xD

Other than that, I’m really looking forward to Super Junior‘s MV for “SPY” I didn’t like the song at first, but after hearing it for the third time, it has grown on me. Many Super Junior songs tend to be like that =P I’m not really supposed to be listening to music while fasting, but since fasting hours are over I guess I can listen to a bit. I’ve always been a music addict, but thank God I’ve learned how to limit my time spent on listening to music. Many would be surprised by the kind of music that I listened to before I got into K-Pop. Heavy-metal, hard rock, classical, Celtic, techno, house, indie, etc. Now, I just listen to whatever sounds good. However, heavy-metal and hard rock were no.1 for me! xD I can list several bands, but maybe next time =P A lot of it is actually depressing music that I wouldn’t advise anyone to listen to. I stopped listening to such music after going abroad for studies as it seemed to make my mood low. A lot of rock songs tend to talk about feelings at a very deep level at times >.<

Interesting news, there is going to be a meteor shower starting from August 11th. I saw the notice on FB and then I decided to search for news on it.

(Credit: To the rightful owner)

Here is the news: Perseid Meteor Showers Heading Your Way and Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks in August

Since I have a clear view of the sky from my balcony, I should probably check it out iA ^^


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