SM Entertainment’s New Drama “To the Beautiful You”


Sorry for flooding your inbox, but news is out that SM Entertainment’s new drama To the Beautiful You, which is the Korean version of the romantic-comedy drama, Hana Kimi, is currently in the works!

I have been hearing news about the plan for a Korean version of Hana Kimi many months ago and now the news is official.

Guess who will be starring in it? All of EXO-K (I knew that SeHun would definitely be in this, as word was already out that he has been trained for acting) and EXO-M members, LuHan, Lay, and as expected, Kris! Additionally, f(x)‘s Sulli will be playing the lead actress and the SHINee members will be playing major roles too. I believe Minho will be the lead actor. There is also news that L (I like his airport fashion, by the way – signature checkered shirt and hat =P) from INFINITE will be starring in the drama too. Maybe we might even see a few of SME’s trainees? That would be quite interesting.

Here is a photo of the cast that has been circulating around lately. Can you spot the members of EXO and Sulli in the top pic. and the pic. in the bottom left-hand corner? I can! ^^

The Cast of To the Beautiful You

I had a feeling Kris would be in this drama for sure. See the comments under this post: EXO’s “Into Your World” English Translation (Teaser 22 and 23 Lyrics). Smart fan you have Kris. Smart fan =P

News is that the setting of the drama is an international high school. “Aside from EXO-K, EXO-M also appear as international students in the drama.” (Source: @SMent_EXO) International students…does this mean that I get to hear a student in the drama saying, “AYYOOO WASSUP!?” =P

Guess who will be directing the drama? Jun Ki Sang (I had to look this up), the same person that directed the hit Korean dramas Delightful Girl Choonhyang, My Girl, and my first ever K-Drama or East-Asian drama, Boys Over Flowers. Since these three dramas are on my top list of favorite dramas, ESPECIALLY Boys Over Flowers, I have high expectations for this drama. Boys Over Flowers is THE reason that I got into K-Dramas, K-Pop (as well as become a fan of EXO 2 and 1/2 years later =P), J-Dramas, and T-Dramas.

I really liked the Japanese version of Hana Kimi. I liked it a lot that I even watched the Taiwanese version. Even so, I still liked the Japanese version more – it was HILARIOUS! A bit embarrassing at times, but nevertheless it was random, funny, and had a cute storyline.

Hana Kimi (The cast in the Japanese Version)

For those of you that have not watched the Japanese version, here is a synopsis:

Based on a popular comic, this hilarious comedy follows the chaos, troubles and friendship at a boys’ boarding school after a girl-disguising-a-boy joins. Ashiya Mizuki has just come back to Japan from California where she was raised. She fell in love with Sano Izumi, a hopeful high jump hero, who has quit after an accident. As she wants him to go back to the sport once again, she enters the same high school as a boy! —Fuji Creative

This is how the manga, which the drama is based off, looks like:

Hana Kimi Manga
(From left to right: Nakatsu, Mizuki, and Sano on the right)

The main characters in Hana Kimi:

Nanba Senpai, Mizuki, Sano, and Nakatsu ^^

Nakatsu, played by Ikuta Toma, Nanba Senpai, played by Mizushima Hiro, and Sekime, played by Okada Masaki, were my FAVORITE characters. I’ve even watched one or two other dramas starring Hiro and Okada Masaki. Maki Horikita did a great job acting as Mizuki. She is an amazing actress, as always, as I’ve seen many of her dramas ^^ Furthermore, Ikuta Toma did an exceptionally awesome job playing the role of Nakatsu. Honestly speaking, he really brought the character to life and made Nakatsu so memorable and lovable. Whoever is playing Nakatsu has quite a task for pulling off the character!

The main cast and their respective manga characters:

Le Cast Linked to their Manga Characters

Overall, I loved everything about the Japanese version: the cast, the storyline, and THE MUSIC (anyone into J-Pop/J-Rock remember Orange Range?).

Also, I can never forget this silly and memorable scene in Hana Kimi (will SM Entertainment be doing this!? xD):


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THIS WAS THE BEST SCENE! Can’t believe I posted this on my lovely blog, but it’s too funny. The scene was so unexpected ’cause the characters were all preparing for a soccer match and then they got their pom poms and started doing a cheer leading dance with a bit of martial arts in it. Tao would have been PERFECT for this. LuHan would have no problem playing soccer in the drama. By the way, I love how the character, Mizuki, is the only girl in the performance =P

Interestingly, I saw some behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the Japanese version, and some of the cast is pretty goofy in real…especially the person that plays that ridiculously crazy and funny character, Oscar. Oh, God…don’t get me started on how much I laughed while watching his scenes.

I am wondering which characters EXO will play and who will play the role of Kayashima, who can see ghosts? The ending of the Japanese drama is quite lovely and touching =)

For more info. on the Japanese version of the drama (just to get an idea of what it will be about):

The full English subbed version of Hana Kimi is also available on Youtube.

For updates, including cast information and pics., on To the Beautiful You:

I have quite an expectation for the Korean version. Ahhh, I feel like I’m pressurizing the cast, but it’s true! The Japanese version was just…amazing and memorable! I am particularly looking forward to seeing the EXO members act xD GOOD LUCK! I’m sure that it will be awesome iA ^^

The first episode of To the Beautiful You is scheduled to air on the 8th of August on SBS Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 (KST). Excited?


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  1. According to some Kris is playing as Sulli’s older brother, which is perfect actually because the original character in the Japanese manga says the family originated from America and the brother’s Korean isn’t as fluent. Ha. Not to mention their similar towering height.

    Lu Han is going to play a president of some sort – for the international students.
    That’s what I’ve been hearing so far.

    • Hey babe!

      I found your comment in the comment settings! ^^ Apparently, I had to edit the last part of your comment (it’s the first time I have ever done this). I hope you don’t mind. There is a rumor going around that Kris reads what fans say about him online and that he may be a bit sensitive to particular topics of discussion. It’s better if we respect his privacy. Besides, I just want to be a normal fan or “friend” (as he calls many of his fans now =P) that enjoys writing posts on him for entertainment purposes xD I thought I should also let you know that I’m not really crazy about him like other fan girls. Even so, he is still my bias =P

      I heard about Kris playing as Sulli’s brother, but you seem to be super fast at finding info. about this! I also heard that there might be a twist in the storyline as there is a rumor that Kris will be in the sports dorm along with LuHan. Kris will be there to keep an eye on Sulli. It makes sense in a way for him to be in the sports dorm as Kris is really good at playing basketball. Similarly, LuHan is good at playing soccer.

      Any other news about the cast?

    • Hello Wilhelmina! ^^

      Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoy reading my posts about Kris xD

      After hearing more about who will cast in the drama (B1A4’s CNU and INFINITE’s L, who happen to be my biases from their respective groups), I’m really looking forward to the drama! Not to mention Kwanghee of ZE:A is CRAZY HILARIOUS, though he is not my bias.

      The Japanese version had a certain charm to it and I hope the Korean version does too ^^

      • i think i made a wrong reply below. Sorry.

        wonderful cast. Although firstly i just wanna
        watch it because of exo♥. Now is because of
        these wonderful cast. wondering who is
        gonna play that sissy character?*no offence.
        Just curious* And who will be in the art
        dorm?, really curious how funny it would be in that part when all the people in art dorm
        dressess like girl in a certain school event. How
        would it end? Like the japanese version or
        taiwanese one? Or even new?
        A lot of question just pop out from my mind.
        This is exciting. Really anticipate.♥

    • No worries! I know what you mean^^’ You should visit the Facebook fan pages for the drama as they make updates on who the cast will be. Here is one of them:

      I heard that Chanyeol and SuHo will be in the arts dorm and so will Kwanghee of ZE:A (I can definitely see him acting as Oscar xD). I don’t think Chanyeol would have a problem dressing up as a girl as he has already done that in his pre-debut years =P It would be kind of frightening though xD

      • Haha yes this is so awesome! But he’ll only appear for a short while I guess? EXO members are just the minor cast right?

        Actually I was thinking that Kris would be perfect playing Sano Izumi’s rival because of his stuck up face. Haha!

        But it would also be so hilarious to see him play something that is almost the opposite of him – Shuichi Nakatsu🙂

    • I’m not really sure. If there is going to be a twist in the storyline and they make Kris’ character stay in the sports dorm to look over Sulli, then he may appear in the drama a bit longer. The members of EXO will simply be filling the roles of students and so will the trainees of SM Entertainment.

      I was thinking the same about Kris being Sano Izumi’s rival, Kagurazaka Makoto. The actor that plays Makoto, Yu Shirota, is half Japanese half Spanish, and Kris looks half Chinese half Canadian or Western to some fans. They can act the cold role too.

      I cannot imagine Kris playing Nakatsu though. Hahahahaha! He would have to be super cheesy to pull off that role xD

  2. I don’t think we will be seeing much of Kris, Luhan or Lay…they went back to China today. It looks as if they might be in the still shots used in the drama though😛
    BTW, my first ever k-drama, and still my favorite today, was Boys over Flowers. that’s how I got into k-pop a few years back too LOL

    • You might be right. I guess the members of EXO-M will simply be supporting characters, However, I heard that they will be part of the school dorms (if you have seen the Japanese version, there are three dorms – the sports dorm, the martial arts dorm, and the arts dorm).

      There is a rumor stating that LuHan and Kris will be part of the sports dorm. It would make sense as LuHan loves soccer and Kris is really good at basketball. At the same time, there is a rumor indicating that Kris will be Sulli’s brother and the twist in the drama is that her brother also enrolls in the school to protect Sulli. Furthermore, Sulli is going to be in the sports dorm ’cause the original character, Mizuki, that she will be playing was in it.

      I think many people got into East Asian entertainment through Boys Over Flowers. I got many of my friends, who were quite skeptical about watching the drama in the beginning due to the fact that it was Korean, into it and it has been a domino effect ever since. I have influenced probably more than 20 people into watching the drama and they have been going around telling their friends, who have been passing word onto their friends’ friends and so on. People told me that I did a great job at marketing the drama =P However, a lot of mothers have been asking them, “Who is the girl that got you addicted into all this East Asian stuff!?” xD Good times!

      • So many rumors going around hahaha…I would love to see any member of EXO in the drama even if it’s for a small role😀
        Wow, you got so many people into watching the drama LOL I only got my 3 sisters into watching it😛 but the good thing is, now that they are into k-drama and k-pop we have a lot of fun chatting about stuff related to it😀

    • Most of my friends that got into East Asian entertainment through me are in another country now so it’s hard to discuss all of this with them. At least you have sisters to discuss your interests with ^_~

  3. I didn’t realize that all the Exo member were gonna be in it. That makes the drama so oversaturated with idols! I thought they were just going to have cameos as extras or something.

    BOF was my first K-drama and I loved it. I’ve only watched a few dramas since, but only because I haven’t had much time to go through my super long list. When I first heard about SM doing a take on Hana Kimi with Minho and Sulli as the leads I didn’t think I was going to watch it since I’m not a huge fan of either but since the director of BOF is directing this drama I think I’ll give it a shot. I haven’t seen the Japanese version or read the manga so I might go through those before.

    • All of EXO-K and LuHan, Kris, and Lay from EXO-M will be starring in the drama. I wish XiuMin, Chen, and Tao were in it as well. I agree with you…way too many K-Pop stars in the drama. However, since the other K-Pop group members are my favorites from their respective groups, I’m not complaining xD

      I have a pretty long list of dramas that I need to watch as well, but I just haven’t got the time. Ever since EXO started their teaser promotions, I stopped watching dramas and started focusing more on their debut. Anyhow, I’m not really a huge fan of Sulli and Minho either. Like you, I was thinking if I should even watch the drama…but now I’m anticipating it^^’

      Definitely watch the Japanese version! You’ll laugh at the silliness. It’s quite entertaining! You can watch the all the episodes of the drama on this site: As you can see, the drama is ranked no. 3 out of all the dramas that are available ^^

      Happy watching!

  4. Because I really loved the Japanese version of the drama, I secretly doubt that this drama will be as freakin epic as the japanese/taiwanese version. And it will be full of idols (= bad quality).
    Nah, but maybe it’s just me.
    PS: But I really anticipate EXO’s cameos! And L’s acting, he was pretty decent in Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.

    • I have the same doubt too >_< There are a few experienced actors and actresses that will be filling up the main roles so it might turn out good. I heard that Minho has been practicing his role really hard these days, even during his spare time.

      L is a good actor and I think it would be amusing to see him play the role of Kayshima ^^

  5. I am watching the drama right now, keeping a eye out for Kris and Luhan, and Lay. Nothing so far except EXO-K did appear to perform Mama. I wish there would be a lot of scenes with them in it because it looks like that not happening right now.

    • I watched the first episode yesterday. Surprisingly, I was keeping an eye on the storyline and Sulli and Minho’s acting. I was noting the differences and similarities between the Korean version and Japanese and Taiwanese version. Additionally, I was keen on spotting the trainees of S.M. of Entertainment =P Guess there are quite a few, some that were even mistaken to be Sehun, Kris, and D.O.

      I think the members of EXO will appear just a few episodes into the drama. I think the director is trying to build up the main characters first before we see the others. I have a feeling Kris is going to stand out ’cause of his sharp features, so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot him xD

      Even if EXO doesn’t have many appearances, I just feel like watching the drama as the Japanese version was really good and I liked it a lot!

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