EXO’s Kris Wu – The “Mysterious” Member


Kris sold his soul for fortune and fame. The eyes that I see are no longer the same. If eyes are the window to the soul, then the darkness in his eyes is a reflection of the darkness of his soul. —Me

Applies to every entertainment industry:

Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents. —Marilyn Monroe

Unfortunately, the person that I was a fan of is a sell-out. I don’t know who to be angry with… angry at SME for being greedy and not confessing or owing up to their mistakes, or angry at Kris for being one of the most insensitive guys that I have ever encountered in my life. Kris has lost his soul to the entertainment industry…an industry built on illusions…where fame comes from publicity and from being useful to the agendas of the higher-ups rather than from talent and being REAL.

I highly advise fans to watch the documentary Starsuckers, note how false information about celebrities are passed on as facts in the media in order to sell the image of the celebrity to the public, and judge for themselves. The trailer for it can be seen below:

I’ve changed a lot over the past year in regards to the whole fan culture, but I hope this experience of mine enables others to see the light as well and be able to move on from the hypnotizing effects of the media.

Furthermore, a career built on lies and looks never lasts as long as a career built on pure talent or a career that actually took time for the individual to nurture his/her talent and rise with dignity and respect rather than one scandal after another and through cheap publicity stunts. The tactic of gaining support through sympathy is getting real old as well (referring to someone’s heart problems that miraculously disappeared). If you understand how media play works, then you’ll recognize the insincerity behind everything that we’ve witnessed in regards to what has been taking place with EXO.


IMPORTANT: Celebs. are humans. Please don’t invest a lot of time and money on them. The man-made star/fan role has been deliberately set up for monetary purposes, which also leads to idol worship. Remember, these stars are marketed to appeal to you, even if their real personality doesn’t correlate with the image that they are promoted with. Please read this. I’ve stopped blogging about Kris as well, as I’ve noticed that a few things from my blog have been taken out as part of a “co-creation” marketing strategy to promote him.

The best way to offer support is by praying and treating the celeb. as an equal (and if he/she doesn’t treat you as an equal, then it’s better to move on). Apart from that, don’t forget the Meaning of Life. Our time in this world is limited. Live your life, my friends. Go out and explore the world, and meet people that will love you for who you are and will treat you right.

Here it is! A post on EXO‘s mysterious member, Kris (크리스)!

Kris‘ Chinese name is Wu Fan/Wu Yi Fan (吴凡/吴亦凡), whereas his English name is Kris Wu. He knows four languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean. He was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Kris is currently 21 years old (born on November 6, 1990). He is the leader, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist of EXO-M, the Chinese sub-unit of the 12 member South Korean-Chinese boy group, EXO (the other sub-unit being, EXO-K, for Korea), and has been trained by SM Entertainment since 2007 (he was cast into the company through the SM Global Audition in 2007 held in Vancouver) for acting, rapping, singing, and dancing. There is a high chance that he will be acting in the near future. On an interesting note, Kris was supposed to be in EXO-K, but due to SM Entertainment having a large market share in China, he joined EXO-M.

With a height of 187cm, Kris is currently known by the public as the tallest person working under SM Entertainment (Changmin of DBSK/TVXQ previously held onto this title until Kris became known). Additionally, it has been stated that he is better looking in real in comparison to the way he appears in pictures and videos. Other interesting “facts”: Kris used to be the captain of his basketball team in China when he was 15 and he likes to read books that are inspiring and are about self-improvement. Furthermore, he is known to be sociable and is looked up to as an elder brother.

Although Kris was initially seen towards the end of EXO‘s Teaser 8 on the 10th of January, 2012, and later in the music video for EXO‘s first prologue song, “What Is Love” (Chinese and Korean version), on the 30th of January, 2012, he was officially revealed in EXO‘s Teaser 17 on the 16th of February, 2012. Here the viewer can see that Kris has the power to bring on an eclipse…and fly.

Kris was already rumored to be in EXO when a fan cam. capture of him and Tao crossing a street in Seoul, South Korea had been uploaded on YouTube prior to the announcement of EXO‘s first teaser. His appearance and aura is what captured many viewers’ attention. No doubt, his prominent features are his face, hair, and height (mashAllah – “As Allah wills”; a term, we Muslims, use in place of “God Bless”. It is used when we appreciate or praise someone). His eyebrows seem to get attention too and are often compared to those of Siwon from Super Junior (I think they are cool).

Kris is also well-known for his rap in the beginning of EXO-M‘s version of “Two Moons” It has been stated that he was the one that sang the popular and somewhat amusing line, “Roll like a buffalo…” xD The number one topic about Kris, however, is that we haven’t seen a picture of him where he smiles AT ALL. I don’t know if it’s just him or if this is part of SM Entertainment’s marketing strategy for promoting Kris ’cause I am pretty sure he has AT LEAST ONE picture of him smiling and we just haven’t seen it yet. OR maybe someone stole his candy when he was young and hence, he hasn’t smiled ever since =P

Pre-debut video (fan cam. capture) of Kris and Tao: Pay close attention to Kris‘ denim jacket. I spotted him wearing the same one in one of SM Entertainment’s official pictures for EXO. Here, he is wearing a black undershirt with his denim jacket, whereas in the official EXO picture, he is wearing a white undershirt. Since he has often been seen wearing the denim jacket during his pre-debut days, many people that did not know his name decided to give him the nickname, “cowboy/jean boy.” It is interesting to note that in most of his pre-debut pictures, he is seen wearing black. After EXO was revealed, he is seen wearing white clothes! The transition from black to white is noticeable.

Kris and Kai (Notice Kris‘ denim jacket here and in the previous pre-debut video of him and Tao)

Surprisingly, Kris made an appearance in SNSD’s Tour Concert VCR in Taiwan some time late last year. At that time, nobody knew who he was but SM Entertainment was secretly revealing the members of EXO since then, it seems. I thought Kris‘ face resembled Cloud’s from the popular video game, Final Fantasy 7, and that his hair was kind of like Angeal’s, who is from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. Update: For the fan cam. capture of his appearance in SNSD’s Tour Concert VCR in Taiwan, click here (Personally, I find it creepy because of the eerie music. Nevertheless, I agree with some fans that he does look like a Chinese fairytale prince ^^).

Kris in SNSD’s Tour Concert VCR in Taiwan (2011)

Kris was also seen in a short news coverage about SM Entertainment on Japan TV (I can do the dance move that the choreographer is teaching in the video =P) called “Close-Up Gendai – Behind the Scene ‘K-Pop Girls Boom’.” Here you can see many trainees, including some of the EXO members! Kris appears at 0:07-0:15 in SM Entertainment’s well-recognized dance practice room and is wearing a gray top, black pants, and a round necklace (look at the right-hand side of the screen where the white block appears). He can also be seen at 0:22-0:35. Kris is the one practicing his rap skills to the song, “Fireworks” by Drake (also notice that he is wearing black clothes and a round necklace, which I will mention again later on).

Interestingly, Kris had a Facebook account (or is it RenRen?) and he deleted/deactivated it after fans had found out about it. Nobody knows whether he did this out of his own will or whether SM Entertainment had told him to. Of course, it would have been an issue if he continued using Facebook (RenRen?) and ended up getting several friend requests. I suggest that Kris uses Twitter like all of the other celebrities. That would be a nice option or he can continue being mysterious xD However, it seems as though he is back on the social-networking site. His latest status update seems to be from RenRen.

Kris‘ Status Update on RenRen

Kris‘ previous update on the social-networking site included a picture of him at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles in late December, 2011 with the caption, “Hollywood i will have my name there one day,” and, “wait for me” (Be careful what you wish for, Kris…earthly desires never last. Also, why wait for that one day when one can achieve this by using the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Generator in only a few seconds?). In the following picture, the star that Kris is standing on seems to have Andy Garcia’s name on it. The star is located in 7000 Hollywood Boulevard near the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel:

Kris‘ Update on Facebook: Picture of Kris at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, late December, 2011

I have noticed many other things about Kris. It’s not just his lack of smiles but most of his photos include a necklace that he seems to wear quite frequently and his black clothes. I’m assuming that black must be his favorite color. I was once like that too. In my teenage years, I used to love wearing black clothes, bandanas, black/silver necklaces, that many of my friends would notice and point that out as well. Black and silver were my favorite colors. Then there was a time when I used to like wearing a lot of white clothes. I, however, have changed since then and love colorful things now! xD Now imagine Kris wearing pink pants like Lay and Kai…that would be quite a sight!

Here are Kris‘ pre-debut pics. that have been revealed so far (NOTE: These photos are all from a Facebook Fan Page):

He looks so cute here. Black clothes, round necklace, no smile.

This looks like SM Entertainment’s dance practice room. Black clothes, round necklace, no smile.

I find this picture creepy since he looks angry. Black clothes, round necklace (?), no smile.

I think this is when he dyed his hair for EXO. It looks a bit grayish. Black clothes, no smile.

Kris with his new hair color. I find this funny ’cause I do this with my iPhone at times too (a lot of the EXO members like taking pics. of themselves in front of a mirror) =P Black clothes, no smile.

You may also check out this pre-debut video on YouTube and see Kris in the left-hand side wearing black clothes, his round necklace, and no smile.

Kris updated his RenRen with his childhood photo about a day ago. His caption for the picture is, “Dreaming…I’ll give my best” Don’t worry, Kris…we know you will! ^_^

Kris as a child. Someone must have taken away his candy – NO SMILE.

The grown up and groomed version of Kris that we know today:

Kris is definitely looking forward to the future!

That wraps up my post for now. I have uni. tomorrow and it’s late >_< Good luck, Kris! Wish you all the best for your future and I hope that you don’t pay a lot of attention to fame. Just continue being yourself and being inspired by the positive things around you. We all are looking forward to seeing a charming smile on your face, inshAllah ^_^

I have closed down most of my posts and have only left a few open, which can be viewed under the EXO Tag


(Credit: To the rightful owner)

Lovely Kris ^^
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

Pascal gives a warning

Evil Kris >:(

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Kris' signature(Credit: As watermarked)

My blog has been signed by Kris xD
(Credit: As watermarked)





Surprise! xD
Kris hugging a panda mascot with a big smile ^^ – July, 2012
(Credit: To the rightful owner)


'Buing Buing'...Kris style xD - June 2013 (Credit: To the rightful owner)

‘Buing Buing’…Kris style xD – June, 2013
(Credit: To the rightful owner)



“Say ‘kimchiii'” xD
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

—Moonlight (another mysterious person =P)

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    • I wish I did! =P The print screen shots of their RenRen and Weibo accounts are from other fans that decided to circulate them around the Internet. It has already been requested that the URL for their accounts should not be given out otherwise their accounts would be deleted. I’m sure that they will join Twitter one day, iA ^^

      • U can easily find their acc. You just need a RenRen Acc (like I do), otherwise their profile wont show up. And search his name or copy the link somewhere. The link is all over the inet

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  2. Thanks for the post.. Kris is definitely one of my favorite member.. other than Lay and D.O..
    Keep us inform with your updates on the mysterious Kris..

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment! Sure, I will keep you updated on Mysterious Kris. He seems to be quite a bias amongst many fan girls of EXO…just as I had predicted ;) Lay happens to be a favorite amongst my friends and I too ^^

    • Thanks for the like, comment, and follow! ;) Although I really like it when people smile (a smile always makes one look attractive), there is something about Kris’ aura and his no-smiley face that creates a lot of mystery. However, when I think about it, I know a lot of guys that are like this when it comes to taking photos or videos xD I always have to tell them to smile ’cause sometimes the photo ends up displaying me as the smiley person and everyone else with a straight face…hahaha!

      I heard a friend’s friend mention that a person that doesn’t smile in his photos is a sign of a true leader. That friend’s friend was talking about a campaign poster for the position of being on the executive board of a student organization (I was on the executive board for a student organization once, but I still smiled and worked very hard xD In fact, many people have wanted me to be the leader for different student organizations and projects too…so it’s funny to think that a true leader is one that shouldn’t smile in his/her photos). Since Kris is the leader of EXO-M, he must be aware of the way he should represent his position to the public. I do believe that Kris smiles and laughs just like any other person normally would behind cameras ^^ After all, a leader is one that directs, motivates, and supports his/her fellow members.

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  6. OMG your Muslim! I was just scrolling through and Mashallah caught my eye and the I read forward, and yaaay you’re a Muslim! I am too :)
    I looove Kris hottest Chinese guy i’ve ever seen, and that he came to Canada for a while, since I’m from Canada too <333

    • Assalamu-alaikum, Maryam!

      I am surprised to see so many Muslim sisters here, who are fans of Kris! ^^ It makes me very happy to meet you all. I think that celebrities also need to be described using the words, “MashAllah,” or, “God Bless,” due to a large number of people that look at them with admiration. As you may know, Kris seems to be getting a lot of attention these days!

      Kris happens to be one of the really good-looking Chinese guys that I have ever seen too. But you know what? I believe that there are tons of good-looking Chinese guys out there. I’ve seen two guys that actually resemble Kris. Their personality is, of course, different. Furthermore, I saw someone about two weeks back at some event and he looked EXACTLY like Chen! I was surprised as Chen is Korean and his look-alike is Chinese. Very handsome person. Of course, his personality is no where near Chen’s shy and innocent persona xD

      Moreover, China has a population of 1.3 billion people so I am sure that there must be many good-looking people. However, one should focus on personality and character. Trust me, the personality and character of a person is what lasts forever and determines whether you will get along with that individual or not.

      So where in Canada are you from? I have never been to Canada, but I have some friends that are studying over there. One of my good friends is in Vancouver ^^

      Also, thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving a wonderful comment. ^^ xx

    • Assalamualaikum :) i wasn’t supposed to be a k-pop fan until I met Kris..o this monitor LOL XD How i wish I could have a communication with him ^^ even if its only on the internet (or just even in my DREAMS) XD

      • Wa’alaikum-assalam, Norhayna. ^^

        I think every fan wants to communicate with his/her bias. =P Since our time on Earth is short, we should strengthen our communication with God. Leave the rest to destiny, and your heart will be at peace. <3

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  11. Hi! I really like your blog! Your posts are very interesting ^^. Btw i was just wondering what your nationality is? Because you use so many terms like “Pakistan” “tandoori chicken” lmao!

    • Hello Maliha!

      Thanks for the compliment! ^^ I come from the Moon. Hahaha…just kidding. It’s interesting how many have been asking where I am from. I’m Australian-Pakistani (Australian by citizenship) ^^ I am guessing that you’re from Pakistan too. Woot! *high five*

      Gotta love tandoori chicken and the rest of our yummy Desi food! Kris should try some too…kekeke! xD

      Nice meeting you here, Maliha. <3

  12. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love it! I really enjoy reading about the things you have to say (both exo and non-exo related) and you are really good! I hope to see more blogs from you soon! :D

    • Thanks for the lovely comment and follow, icewolf18 ^^ I’ve noticed that many of my followers are Kris/EXO fans, which I had never of expected when I first typed this post, but it’s great to know that several of you also enjoy reading my personal posts on other areas of interests ^^

      Once again, thank you! <3

  13. OMG! Your muslim! I am muslim tooooo~

    I loooovvvveee kris cuz he a mysterious and handsome guy i’ve ever seen!

    I’m so happy if He came to Canada , Because iam a Chinnese ( Guangzhou ) and Canadian ( Cranberra )

    Thanks to share this info, And please add my FB : Yumi Fei


    • Assalamu-alaikum, Yumi! ^^

      No problem! Remember, Kris is much more than mysterious and handsome. He is a good leader with several other qualities too ^^’ I didn’t know there was a city called “Cranberra” in Canada. I only know a Canberra in Australia. Interesting.

      Babe, I would love to add you on FB but it’s pretty private and I don’t use it that often. Hope you understand ^^

      Thanks for dropping by! <3

  14. It turns out that changing my sister Ottawa (Canada) to Canberra (Canada) >, < Sorry to confuse you.

    once when I lived in china

      my little sister friend in China once said that cranberra in canada.

    my sister said to her friend "I'm moving to canada" "really? my cousin lived there too you know … exactly CRANBERRRA capital of canada" "Oh…"

    and at home my sister said, "Sister,my friends cousin lives in Cranberra" "So what?" "Is not it the capital of canada" "Ah, come on! Where there cranberra in canada! Cranberra the capital of australia?" "I'm not lying! Ask it to my friends!" "Ah, you are too trusting of what people"

    and I continue to fight about it .. hufff

    eh, and I'm chinese china canada because my mom china and dad canada.dan I'll move to my father's hometown, with my mom and my sister and of course my dad

    Sorry sorry sorry! AH!!! Min Ji!!!! <<— my little sister

  15. Assalamu’alaikum…
    I’m a Moslem, too….
    I’m from Indonesia.
    I’m soo happy to know one of my Moslem’s sister.
    I start to like EXO recently
    N the leaders (Suho & Kris) are my favorites :-)

    • Wa-alaikum-assalam andheecha! ^^

      I’m really happy to meet you all too <3 So many Indonesian fans…wow!

      I like everyone in EXO, but my ultimate favorite is Kris. SuHo seemed like the opposite of Kris in the early days of EXO's debut, but I find Kris just as warm and considerate as SuHo now ^^ However, I must confess that I'm not really obsessed like other fan girls =P I just find Kris interesting and I enjoy writing posts about him and EXO/EXO-M xD

    • For some reason, I imagine Kris’ reaction to be like this: http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/22113212.jpg (I wouldn’t be surprised if those same thoughts ran through his mind while reading some of my posts =P).

      I should have reblogged this pic. under the post on Tumblr ’cause look at Kris be takin’ all those 1500+ NOTES, yo! xD

      On an interesting note, the before-mentioned picture is very similar to the one of Kris that was revealed by SM Entertainment during EXO’s showcase days. The picture had the name Eris on it instead of Kris: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=295931327143293&set=a.264605033609256.58832.264602156942877&type=3&permPage=1 I see no difference, except for the smile!

      Jokes aside…thanks for sharing the letter, Vi! ^^

      I felt that the person that posted the letter on Tumblr created a very misleading title for it since it almost sounds like it’s belittling people that do not read the post…”A Read If You Really Think You’re An EXO Fan” o.O Many of us have been a fan of EXO from the beginning and I’m guessing that I’m the first person from the International/English-speaking fan base to even make a comprehensive post dedicated to Kris and his fans on the Internet! ^^’

      Anyhow, I read the letter two days ago on Tumblr and I read it THREE times because I was quite surprised to see how many of the things that the writer mentioned are similar to what I’ve been writing in my posts and in the comments section of my blog for the past several months – her letter almost sounds like a summary of it all. It may seem like a mere coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences. If the writer is a Chinese fan living outside of China, as people don’t have access to WordPress unless they use a VPN there, then I’m pretty sure she has stumbled across my blog like many other Kris fans (according to my blog’s stats. page, my posts on Kris/EXO are the most popular out of all my other posts). There’s no doubt about it, but that’s IF she is living outside of China. Furthermore, people have admitted that they’ve learned a lot about Kris through my blog and like him a lot more after reading some of my posts. Kind of strange, don’t you think? o.O More importantly, some of the things that I’ve stated about Kris in a lot of my posts are based on intuition and from reading a person’s body language…they are not FACTS because I’m fully aware that I don’t know Kris personally.

      However, I can tell that some of the writer’s thoughts are her own, unlike other individuals that have copied things that I’ve said about Kris word-to-word from my blog, claimed those thoughts as their own, and used them on other social media platforms to gain “likes” or “notes.” Sometimes I wish there was a big copyright sign next to what I’ve written, but then I just sit back, chill, and tell myself that, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery…” Besides, I should probably expect this as the Internet is the most influential tool to share ideas these days.

      Nevertheless, some of the writer’s thoughts are her own in the sense that she became a fan of Kris after watching EXO-M on “Happy Camp,” whereas, I’ve been a fan of him from the beginning – before Kris was even revealed in the “What Is Love” MV. This was due to his “mysterious” and “cool” aura. The weird thing is that when EXO’s sixth teaser was revealed on January 5th, I jokingly stated that one of the unrevealed members of EXO can probably fly, which turned out to be true and that member is none other than Kris. xD Plus, the dragon has always been my favorite mythological creature. ^_~

      Going back to the discussion of the letter, the writer’s words are well-written and quite moving. I’m sure that it must have sounded even better in Chinese. =) That’s my limitation in writing…I don’t know Mandarin nor Cantonese, but I can write Kris’ name, Wu Fan, in Chinese letters (it’s the first and only thing that I’ve learned how to write in Chinese… =P His name is the easiest to write compared to the other members of EXO-M. Also, whatever Chinese phrases/words I’ve been picking up recently, it’s thanks to EXO-M. This includes introducing myself, “dui zhang,” “gege,” etc.) Another difference that I noted is that I don’t believe in star signs. As I’ve mentioned before in one of my posts, experiences in life, the morals and values that have been taught since childhood, and the willingness of a person to change for the better, can shape a person to be the way he/she is today; therefore, star signs shouldn’t be used to predict how someone’s like. Additionally, I find Kris’ eyes attractive rather than threatening. I do admit that I found his no smiley face to be a bit intimidating in the beginning…but I always found his eyes lovely and what I consider, his best feature! ^^ Moreover, I found nothing wrong with the adorable little boy, GuoGuo, asking Kris about his black bag on the show, “Extremely Extraordinary.” Clearly, GuoGuo was TOLD to ask Kris that question and fans were obviously curious about it because it’s strange to see a celeb. carry a torn bag when he/she can afford to buy one that is in a proper condition. Not to mention, whenever GuoGuo kept saying, “Kris gege…Kris gege,” it was just too cute…I really wanted to teleport through the computer screen and give the child a hug. ^^’

      Overall, the writer sounds like a very sweet person and seems young too as she has quite a bit to learn about the entertainment industry and how artists are actually marketed or promoted (even though I’ve learned quite a bit about the entertainment industry from a business/marketing/PR/advertising perspective, there are still many things that the public doesn’t know about what goes on behind the scenes). =P Apparently, a lot of artists in SM Entertainment have some sort of deep past, not just Kris, and all of them have been working very hard to achieve their dream, which I’ll briefly mention again later on in this comment.

      Having said that, I have my own opinions about the letter and I know that there are a few others that do too.

      First of all, Kris has said nothing about his past so why speculate and reveal things without his consent (this is about the original letter)? Rather than speaking about his past and reminding him of it, it’s better to let Kris know that the past is the past and that it’s best to focus on the present…the present is the gift! As I’ve mentioned in one of my posts that’s not even related to EXO or Kris, “You can never be happy if you’re trapped in the past and fearful of the future. Living in the present is the only way to be happy.” In fact, this message should be for everyone!

      Second of all, Kris isn’t as sad and lonely as the writer indicates. Tell me someone in this world that hasn’t felt sad or lonely for even once in their life? I’m sure EVERYONE has. We’re humans. Even Yi Xing wrote, “LONLY,” on RenRen during his trainee years so it wasn’t only Kris that went through the feeling of being “lonely” or homesick. Both Yi Xing and Kris had to move from the country they were initially residing in and train for four years. Plus, Kris has stated in interviews that his trainee years turned out alright later on…it was just the feeling of adjusting to a whole new culture and being away from family at the beginning of his trainee years that made him feel lonely. At the moment he has his 11 brothers with him and he has stated that he’s very happy to be with them. ^^ It should also be noted that many students feel homesick and lonely when studying abroad and I can surely say that I’ve also experienced this, but in a different context. There really is no difference in the feeling, though. I know some people in my uni. that have gone through depression from being away from home and having to live in the dorms. When you’re away from your family, then the feeling of homesickness is natural.

      Currently, I find Kris really funny, goofy, upbeat, brotherly, sociable, and down-to-earth. It takes some people, and this includes Kris, time to adjust to the limelight and now that Kris is more comfortable with it, he seems okay and more like himself. =) I mean, just two months ago, Kris was smiling and posing in a cool manner in front of the coordi. noonas’ cameras and enjoying his chicken while talking to them. To me, he seems to be living in the present. I don’t see the need to cry over him, ladies! =P We should be smiling along! xD More importantly, Kris’ own friend from Vancouver (someone that PERSONALLY knows him) has stated that Kris is a really chill and laid-back kind of guy. Emphasis on the word “CHILL.” If one is going to be inspired by Kris, then he/she might as well learn how to be chill like Kris too. =P Also, another one of Kris’ friends mentioned that he has a great personality and it’s one of the most memorable things about him. To me, Kris seems like a people-person, but in a more subtle way compared to Chanyeol. Notice how he has been giving people hugs and putting his arm around his members’ shoulders lately. xD He appears to have been like this before debuting, but now he’s cool with doing this in public too.

      Third of all, the lines from the writer about turning her back against the whole world for Kris…I don’t know whether I should find those lines amusing or not. xD She doesn’t even personally know Kris. For me, saying those things to demonstrate appreciation for somebody that I don’t know is just going overboard. Besides, I’ve seen several fans write these kinds of things to their favorite celebrities ALL the time and I can expect more fans to write long letters dedicated to Kris when they get to learn more about him in the future. This has always been the case with public figures so it’s nothing new. For instance, there was that famous fan of Britney Spears’ who made a video of themselves crying over her. It turned out be quite comedic instead of something that should have garnered sympathy for Britney. What alarms me is how people have forgotten to stick up for God, their family, and friends and have chosen to stick up for their favorite celeb, who they don’t even know or have any relations with, instead. This is the problem with this era where celebrities are constantly promoted through mass media where we only get to see the best side of them. Don’t get me wrong, I treat everyone equally and for me, Kris or any other member of EXO is not just a celeb. but a human being like the rest of us. However, I’m aware that there are chances that they may be different from what I see of them through interviews, variety shows, etc.

      Additionally, I’ve mentioned in one of my blog posts that, “celebrities make mistakes and will do things that disappoint you, so putting them on a lofty pedestal is just setting yourself up for disappointment.” I believe that wrong is wrong no matter who does it or says it, even if it’s someone that I admire. Instead of blindly following someone and accepting everything he/she does, it’s better to offer guidance and constructive feedback that will help that individual to do better or become a better person.

      Also, my posts on Kris are mainly for entertainment purposes, sharing my thoughts, and offering words of support…not for saying, “HEY, KRIS! I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER” because there are probably 100,000 girls, or more, telling themselves that at the moment. =P If he reads my posts, that’s cool and I’m happy with it, but I don’t expect him to reply back showing his gratitude because then he would have to do that for the rest of his fans as well.

      Fourth of all, all the members of EXO exhibit perseverance and have gone through tough times in training. SuHo has trained for SEVEN years. Imagine how it must have been like for him to see others debut earlier than him and train for just a few years. SEVEN years is A LOT and I’m sure that most people would have given up sooner than that. Stating that Kris is the only one that went through tough times is like putting all the other members of EXO and ALL the trainees under SM Entertainment, that are still in the training process or have actually left and will not ever get the opportunity to debut, to the side. ALL of them have shed sweat and tears to achieve their dream. ALL of them. What makes me sad are the trainees that never got the chance to debut. Imagine all those years of effort that they had to put into learning how to dance and sing. I’m sure that each one has a story of their own. Just because they’re not famous, or we don’t know them, doesn’t mean that they haven’t experienced hardships either. In fact, there’s a documentary about South Korea’s entertainment industry and one of the guys, who was interviewed, was a trainee that never got the chance to debut and ended up having to leave the company he was working at. The cameramen blurred the trainee’s face for privacy reasons, but I couldn’t help but feel really sad for the dude as he talked about his difficulties.

      I really like Kris, there’s no doubt about it…but I try not to let my emotions get the best of me. =P I know, it’s really hard because most fans of K-Pop stars are girls…and you know, we girls tend to be a bit more sentimental and sympathetic. =P What I know of Kris or any EXO member or celeb. in the end is what the media shows me from my computer screen and I can be quite skeptical about things related to the media as it can be a powerful tool to emotionally manipulate the audience. Using an emotional appeal is much more effective than using a rational or logical appeal when it comes to promoting or advertising. The members of EXO can almost be linked to as “products” of SM Entertainment. They bring in profit for the company and need to be promoted and advertised in a way that will grab the audience’s attention. Keeping that in mind, it is up to us to choose what we should believe and what not to believe about a celeb.

      Furthermore, none of us know Kris personally…and we may never know all the thoughts going through his mind or what he’s feeling. Like I’ve mentioned before, everyone in this world is facing problems and all of us will be tested to see how strong our faith is no matter who we are. Rather than just supporting one person that we don’t know personally, we should all be supporting one another. Also, rather than telling Kris that he can rely on fans for support (fans can always turn their back…e.g. splitting up of TVXQ and the recent T-ARA incident), it’s best to let him know that he can always rely on God. Fans can come and go (many of us are going to get super busy with our life as we get older and may not even have time to show our love and support for our favorite star), but God will always be here. I’ve mentioned this all in my post: https://asparkofmoonlight.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/exos-kris-smiles-and-thoughts/

      Lastly, everyone has a story to tell…be it Lady Gaga, your next-door-neighbor, the person on the streets…EVERYONE.

      Kris is a good guy, I know. My gut feeling tells me so and I have faith that he will continue being the awesome person that he is. There’s obviously a reason for me to be a fan of him to begin with! ^^ Not to mention, his smiling and shining self…*thumbs up* Stating what I’ve mentioned before, rather than telling him that he has a fan/fans that he can depend on, I want him to know that what’s MOST important is that there is God that he can ALWAYS depend on. We, fans, can support him in this world…but not in the afterlife. In the afterlife, only God will be watching over us.

      To wrap it up, I may state that I’m a dreamer…but I can be a realist too…and speaking of being a realist, I have to go back to completing my readings xD

      Love, peace, and lots of prayers for all! <3 ^^


  16. Woow,,,cool!!!!!my fav member,krisssssy<3, he luks so awesome when not smiling<3 he probably did it for me since I love a guy who seems cold on the outside,,lol!!!!i love u too krisssy<3 ^_^

    • Hello Heli!

      I actually like Kris more when he is smiling xD I like smiley people. I’m so happy that EXO won the ‘Most Popular Group of the Year Award’ and ‘Best Outfit Award’ at the Mengniu Annual Billboard Music Festival today! I’m really happy for them. Finally, their hard work is paying off and I’m sure this means a lot to Kris ^^ I could tell from the tears he had today. Not to mention, he called all of us fans “angels” ^^’ Keep flying, Dui Zhang! EXO hwaiting!!!

    • I think this is the fourth time Tao has cried. I’ve been keeping track. I’ve lost track of the number of times Kris has been giving flying kisses to his fans, though. Hahaha…but I know he started this habit since all 12 members of EXO were on “Happy Camp” =P

      Anyhow, I expected Kris to cry. I had a feeling he would ’cause I remember him talking about some of the difficult times in his trainee years in an interview…and to finally reach this point in life after four years, who wouldn’t cry? I didn’t expect Lay to cry so much…maybe a tear or two, but he was very touched by the video that was played right after EXO-M had won the award and I’m sure he is happy that all those years of hard work and adjusting in Korea has paid off as well. On the other hand, LuHan’s eyes were watery, but he managed to hold his tears back.

  17. wow!! amazed by ur blog! all the entries esp abt Kris…been reading it~ fun! what a nice fan!^^ good job! one of the finest writing abt exo ofc Kris..,do write more! Fighthing!

  18. That’s an amazinggg post there! Well done!

    ‘He likes to read books that are inspiring and are about self-improvement’. Why does that sound sooooo familiar? Hahaha! Perhaps he can collaborate with Seohyun in the future and publish a book on this lololol.

  19. hey.. new reader from india…this is by far the best blog i’ve ever seen… n in f ur blogs u mentioned about ur bro?… when hes abt to sleep n suddenly he hears u laughin, clappin n “oh my god!”… happens to me too… my bro thinks im a nut.. . n i was laughin so much when kris did the aegyo in the kcon event… its a failed attempt..but what the heck?!!.. lookin forward for new updates..:) u really made my day…:)

    • Oooh Chennai. Cool! I haven’t been to India. I really want to visit it ’cause there is SO MUCH to see over there and each part of India is like a separate country. ^^

      Mid-2009 was a pretty exciting year for K-Pop, as a lot of hit songs were released. Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”, SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”, and SNSD’s “Gee”. Then there were songs from 2008 such as TVXQ’s “Wrong Number” and “Mirotic”, and Big Bang’s “Haru Haru” catching attention. The list is endless. K-Pop music back then had a Korean feel to it, but now everything is sort of becoming Westernized. I actually got into K-Pop through K-Dramas. I randomly came across the drama, “Boys Over Flowers”, on YouTube, thinking it was a J-Pop band (I’ve been listening to J-Pop and a few J-Rock songs since my early teen years), and was surprised to see that it was a Korean drama. I was really bored that day and the drama looked interesting, so I decided to watch it. I was hooked onto the drama on the very first episode. Then I discovered the group SS501 because I became a fan of Kim Hyun-Joong and fell in love with the character, Jihoo, which he played (it’s funny how anyone that I become a fan of, which is before they are super famous, ends up getting incredibly famous after a while =P). The drama had some nice songs from SS501 too. I got a lot of my friends into East Asian Entertainment. xD It’s amusing ’cause some of them didn’t even want to try giving a shot at watching a K-Drama; they thought it would be too weird because of the foreign language and unfamiliar faces, but once they did…they were hooked! xD Their perception about East Asia entirely changed.

      I enjoy learning about other cultures. Hence, when I started watching K-Dramas…I was ecstatic about being given a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with Korea’s culture, something that I had never really given a thought to, even though many of my friends in high school were Korean. I also started learning how to read and write in Korean, but I haven’t been practicing for a while so I need to re-fresh my memory. Furthermore, I started trying out different Korean dishes and doing research on all the areas to see, eat at, and shop at in Seoul. I’ve done this for Japan as well. =P Yes, I have a fascination with the Far East, but I also love Europe for its history and vibrant culture. European history has always been my favorite ^^

      The end of 2009, in terms of K-Pop, was a bit of a shock for fans of DBSK and fans of Super Junior. I discovered both groups just before problems started occurring around them. I guess DBSK’s split was a result of conflict of interests. Then there was Hangeng’s case on terminating his contract with SME, Kangin’s incident, and Kibum going on a hiatus from Super Junior. What has happened has happened, but it’s alarming how people still investigate these cases even ’til today.

      Going back to the topic on dramas, I remember watching Star Plus dramas with my mum back in my high school days when I would take a break from studying…hahaha. xD I can’t believe that some dramas even reach ’til episode 1000 (don’t even get me started on the sound effects during dramatic scenes – lightning strikes and the screen “shattering” as the camera zooms in each person’s face =P). Who has time to sit and watch all 1000 episodes of just ONE drama? Then again they are considered soap operas like “The Days of Our Lives”, which has been aired for so many years.

      Hahahaha…everyone asks me if I am an Aquarian. xD Yes, I am. =P I don’t believe in astrology, though. If one is a big fan of astrology then I’m sure one knows that the Age of Aquarius is drawing near as the year 2012 is about to end. =P Apparently, there’s supposed to be a great big shift in the world where everyone will be united and become one and what not. It’s some kind of New Age philosophy, which I think is just utterly bizarre. The hippies in the 70s used to talk a lot about the Age of Aquarius and there have been several references to it in songs as well.

      From what I have read on the Age of Aquarius, people will have silicon chips implanted in their brain and everything in the world will be controlled and monitored by computers. The implantation of chips is actually happening. If this is what the Age of Aquarius will bring…then NO THANK YOU. Imagine all the highly advanced technology that will keep track of every single human being. Outrageous! Where will freedom be? It sounds like George Orwell’s novel “1984”, if you ask me.

      Thanks for the lovely compliment, Ramya! ^^

    • Helloooo Ramya! ^^

      Thank you. You are too generous with your words, babe. Where in India are you from?

      Sometimes when my friends’ brothers and my brother are together, they would tease all of us girls for liking K-Pop. Hahaha. Also, my mum often asks me, “You still haven’t gotten over the K-Pop phase, have you?” xD I got into K-Pop around mid-2009, but did listen to and liked a K-Pop song in early 2008. I love the music, choreography, and the funny moments. Furthermore, I like some K-Pop celebs., but ‘like’ is what it is and nothing more ’cause we don’t know them personally. ^^’

      Kris and his gangsta aegyo. What can I say? He didn’t want to do aegyo, but he couldn’t resist the crowd’s request. =P You see, if he had only listened to my video request that I had sent in for EXO’s showcase asking him to make a heart and give a big smile for the fans, everything would have been fine, but no…SM Entertainment didn’t want him to do that, or perhaps he himself refused. Hahahaha…well look at what Kris has to do now. He gets asked to do ‘buing buing’! Serves him right. =P

      • I’m from chennai.. i got into k-pop around mid-november 2011… one of my close friends introduced me to two bands: DBSK ( when they were together) and SHINee… i’ll admit SHINee boys were awesome and will continue to support them. DBSK… I cry whenever i see there concerts. Worst part i came to know about the breakup somewhere around January. I was shocked!. and a bit embrassed cuz they broke up in 2009. The thing that attracted me towards the whole K-pop culture was the music, the videos and their fashion sense( most f the time i hit myself for their bad taste…until i met EXO..) I’ve seen a few K-dramas n they really make my day.. not what u see in tamil soap operas..( jeez i wonder what the viewers see in it!) Its cute,fluffy romcom..but somehow the last few episodes..well… i feel they kinda rushed into scriptin and wanted to get over it.
        As for parents, yea..they make fun of me….but not how my brother does… the lil’ devil…

        i love reading your blogs( i mentioned it already..hehe…) and i find you as an interesting person.

        P.S: are u an aquarian by any chance?

  20. Assalamu’alaikum
    Reader from Karachi, Pakistan! i really like your blog! :D ahahah i was pretty excited when i got to know that you’re pakistani too ’cause I haven’t come across people in Pakistan who like kpop so i feel really lonely sometimes fangirling alone :P Kris is also my favourite along with chen. Anyways i really enjoy reading your posts! Take care :)

    • Wa’alaikum-assalam, Ayesha! ^^

      Karachiite? Woot! *high five* I’m from Karachi and Islamabad, but I have never lived there. I’ve lived abroad for most of my life, but I do visit lovely Karachi at least once a year. I miss Pakistan right now! Can’t wait to visit again, iA! ^^

      You would be surprised by the number of K-Pop fans in Pakistan. The number is growing. Also, I heard that there are meetings held by K-Pop fans in Karachi. You should probably look up K-Pop pages on Facebook by Pakistani fans. You will not feel alone =) “Fangirling”…may we just call it “friendship” ’cause Kris regards his fans as friends? Hahahaha! =P

      Chen is a troll. He is not as shy and innocent as I thought he was xD I love his troll-like behavior, though! He is naturally funny ^^’

      Thanks for the comment, babe! Really appreciate it! You take care as well! <3

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  22. Assalamualaikum Unnie… :)

    Finally, i found complete article about Kris….hehehe..he is too mysterious and it’s hard to find out who really he is ..i mean his personality , what’s on his mind…and so on…
    I though you were Indonesian…^^
    When i read your blog, i think we have some similarities, apparently you’re an Aquarian XD

    Can you give me Kris’ Renren account link?
    Thanks before… :)

    • Wa’alaikum-assalam mata! ^^

      Thanks for dropping by my blog <3 It was fun making this for all of you ^^ As for Kris…one can't be mysterious forever =P It's hard to find out who someone really is, be aware of how his/her personality is like, or what's on his/her mind when one doesn't know that individual very well. Hence, the only people that will ever know Kris are the ones that personally know him. Don't stress yourself out on wanting to know more…there are a lot of other important things in this world too ^^

      It seems like many Indonesians love blogging. That's awesome! I guess you don't see a Pakistani-Australian blogging about K-Pop every now and then, do you? xD Even though I'm an Aquarian…I don't believe in star signs. I'll tell you a story that my brother shared…there was a show in which people were told about their star signs' personality traits and the people agreed to it and said, "WOW…this is so true!" but in the end of the show it was revealed that those personality traits belonged to a different star sign! This means that if they were an Aquarian, they were told about the personality traits of a Sagittarius without realizing it. Hahahaha! xD Anyhow, whatever you read about star signs are simply generalizations that many people can agree with.

      Since Kris has left his RenRen account open for fans/friends, I'll give you the link. It's http://www.renren.com/269857470 Kris has become rather poetic these days…kekeke! ^^'

      No problemo! <3

      • Yes unnie, many Indonesians love blogging =3 how do u know about it? hihi
        so Aquarius and Sagittarius have the same personalities? XD
        Thank for the link <3 love u unnie

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  25. Assalamu’alaikum….

    I love K-Pop, and the dramas too.. I do love some of that idols because of the talent/brain/charm that they have. But just like it… no more… I don’t love them zealotrousely.. and sometimes I don’t get the point, why are there so many fans wars? They are too exaggerate in admiring, no.. even adoring their idols… anyhow.. celebrities are human being too…
    sometimes the fans become annoying and scary, even sometimes the idols feel uncomfortable with it.. we need to give them space.

    I really do agree on your opinion:

    “celebrities make mistakes and will do things that disappoint you, so putting them on a lofty pedestal is just setting yourself up for disappointment.” I believe that wrong is wrong no matter who does it or says it, even if it’s someone that I admire. Instead of blindly following someone and accepting everything he/she does, it’s better to offer guidance and constructive feedback that will help that individual to do better or become a better person.”

    last but not least, I like his personality, I think he is a good leader, he treats and takes care of the rest of the members well. He looks smart too. That’s what I’ve gotten from all I’ve watched and read about him so far… :)

    Warm regards from Indonesia…
    Wassalam… ^^

    • Wa’alaikum-assalam Icha! ^^

      It’s nice to know that there are people that share the same point of view as me. Fan wars…I’m too old for that kind of stuff =P We’ve got real wars going on in the world that people need to pay attention to.

      If you think deeply about it, the “annoying and scary” acts by fans is the result of an entertainment company’s method of over-marketing their celebs. However, I feel that such fans should be responsible for their own actions as well. There needs to be someone that can guide them as to not fall into the extreme.

      Kris is an interesting leader. One moment he can be serious and act very mature, and the next moment he can act like a child that has no clue of what’s going on xD His sad facial expressions and then his sudden child-like gummy smile and shy expressions make me laugh. That dragon… xD

      Thanks for dropping by! Take care and warm regards! <3

  26. assalamualaikum :)

    Kansahamnida unnie ,,, thank you for your sharing article about Kris . this is so complete .
    thank you, i love krisssss ,
    yeah i think too . he is myserious
    if he looks angry ,he would look very handsome and charming ,,, kyaaaa <3
    I always dreamed of kris
    He is a good Leader :)

    • Wa’alaikum-assalam ^^

      No problem, dear. I’ll tell you a secret…Kris is NOT mysterious xD That’s just the way he has been promoted/marketed. Every K-Pop group member has a particular image that he/she is promoted with (i.e., the funny member, the dorky member, the quiet/mysterious member, the sporty member, the neat and tidy member, etc.). Chen and Xiumin seem more mysterious to me in comparison to Kris.

      Moreover, people that look angry don’t exactly seem handsome and charming to me, but each to his/her own opinion =P

      I have been missing out on news on EXO at the moment, but all I know right now is that Kris has finally worn pink pants (they were glossy/shiny too) and played the African drums while doing so. No comment.

      Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog, babe! ^^ Take care and God bless! xx

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  30. assalamu’alaikum

    i really appreciate ur writting
    btw, where i can watch those buing-buing on june 2013??? i really need to watch it

  31. Assalamualikum,
    I’m really addicted with your post. I’m in love with him after reading this post. I just knew him as ‘warming-namja’ hahaha. So greatful i’m found my muslim kpop friend here ^^. By the way this post are meaningful to me xD. Keep it up and are you excotic?
    Thank you!
    /keep reading this post again and again/ /let out the beast/

    • Wa’alaikum-assalam! ^^

      Thanks, dear. Just don’t get too addicted! =P I simply like to call myself an EXO fan, but I am a fan of other groups as well.

      Let Out The Beast? Waeee!? Why not let out the angels and all the beautiful and positive things in the world? xD

      Nice meeting you here! <3

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    • Lulu has a very likeable personality and is also well-rounded in terms of talent, so I know what you mean. ^^

      My bias keeps changing in EXO-K. >_< First it was Chanyeol followed by Baekhyun, then it was Sehun-ah, then D.O., and now it's Suho. If it keeps changing like this, then I should probably say that I don't have any bias in EXO-K. =P As for EXO-M and all of EXO, my bias is still Kris. ^^

  33. I’m really love your post. i’m used to read this but i thought this first time that i leave comment here. kris is my favourite one, i can tell you this my very very favourite ^^ i’m searching, watching, listening everything all the time> it’s like me so crazy ???? wow but now i heard that kris is have someone in his mind.. oh i don’t know who, but want that just a rumour. Oh thank you for your effort that collect many information about him if you have more news or a rumour hope that you will share to us again… (^-^)

    • Thank you. ^^ Oh, rumors…*sigh* Where did you hear that from? Dear, don’t believe everything that you read off the internet when it comes to K-Pop! How would one know that there is someone on his mind unless he/she can read his mind, or he actually states it himself? =P

      I’m not into rumors, but if he does, good for him. =P Maybe we should show interest in someone else as well? xD

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  35. I’m xoxo glad to find this post again!
    Last time u said that post will be ur ladt post on EXO KRIS/Mr. Fan, i was really sad,
    but now glad to see this post again, n all those related posts u.mentioned above. I thought u already disconnected from EXO N KRIS.:-):-)
    why did u decide to write EXO posts again?

    I’m near my exam, so i’ll not comment too long, but really glad to see this. :-P:-P:-P:-P:-):-):-):-)

    • Hello ello krissykrissylove!

      Good question. My parents were wondering about the same thing as well.
      =P They like your question. Kekeke!

      I haven’t entirely disconnected from EXO/Kris. xD I have just limited my time on the group. I have too many thoughts on my mind. Sometimes I need to express myself. All of you fans are like my sisters, who I can share my thoughts with. ^^

      I wish I could also make a long comment, but I don’t have good Internet connection at the moment. Best of luck in your studies, dear!


    • Hello TrammieELF! ^^

      I don’t know if Kris will see your message, since this is a personal blog of mine, and I don’t think he would have any interest in it now that I don’t talk about him nor EXO as much, but if destiny allows it, he’ll see your message, iA. ^^

      Live your life, my dear~

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  38. Hai, Asalamualaikum. i found one video that shows something wrong between Kris and his fans. I wonder what is the issue ? if im not mistaken… the fans invade Kris privacy… is that true ? Did you know the details about this issue ? Ohhh, i wish that Kris are Muslim :( one day, maybe ? Aminnn :)

  39. Asalamu-alaikum
    I liked you blog a lot and i like you’re writing about EXO especially my be-loved Kris & I’m happy that you’re a Muslim :) I wanna know where are you from ! I’m Esraa from Egypt ^_^
    Thank you for the post ^_^

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  41. ~kris oppa is so cute and so handsome :)) specially when he smile,like this :D :D :D how I wish that he will always wear his smile, but he still handsome even if he dont smile a lot.I also wish that they will have a tour here in the philippines. take care.. kris oppa :) and GOD BLESS YOU <3 and to all exo member :* <3

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