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There have been a few things I have wanted to blog about over the weekend, but wasn’t able to due to some of the things that have been happening in my personal life.

My maternal grandma passed away the day-before-yesterday. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. May Allah grant her a place in Jannat-ul-Firdous (the highest place in Heaven). Ameen. I’m going to miss my grandma so much. An image of her sweet smile and happy face keeps replaying in my mind. She was one of the reasons I would want to visit Pakistan. Not being able to hear her stories about the past and words of wisdom, or eating her yummy food (especially her daal aka lentils, which I used to call “Naani ki daal”), anymore makes me sad. I wish I got to spend more time with her, but I guess Allah had written her time.

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OMG’s “Cupid” and KARA’s “Cupid”


Note: This is a post from May 27th, 2015 that I didn’t publish. I’m trying to get my old posts out every now and then, so I can clear them from my drafts. With that said, the new generation girl group that caught my attention before TWICE has been OMG aka Oh My Girl. I didn’t get around to mentioning them, but I anticipate their songs, since they’re catchy, while their MV’s are unique.

It’s also sad to hear about KARA disbanding, but it was going to happen sooner or later. I feel that K-Pop companies are allowing old groups to break apart so that the focus is on the new groups.


Just noticed… When I saw KARA‘s Cupid MV today, I thought… “Why does this sound familiar?” and then I realized that one of the new girl groups has a song called Cupid as well. xD OMG‘s Cupid is probably the only debut song from a girl group that I like so far this year. I know that it’s cheesy, but the concept suits them very well and is perfect for their age. They’re all really cute. The song is catchy too. I usually skip over most K-Pop songs by new groups (and a lot of old groups), but this one retained my attention somehow. Furthermore, one of the members in the group looks like the Korean actress Han Ga-in.

KARA, on the other hand, has a more mature concept for their song, Cupid. Their video, which was released a month after OMG‘s, is alright minus the emphasis on the booty (but they’re most iconic song MR, which was really popular, emphasized on that and didn’t look vulgar like most booty shaking in today’s K-Pop. Guess it’s all about the body language and the way one is dressed). =P Their makeup and jewelry is always on point. I actually like KARA‘s songs. Their previous song, Mamma Mia, is more catchy to me than Cupid, though.

There isn’t a lot of originality in the title of songs when it comes to K-Pop. =P It’s like Red Velvet‘s Ice Cream Cake and f(x)‘s Ice Cream, and both of those groups are under the same entertainment company (a stupid sly one, may I add). f(x) as a whole; however, is an original group. Probably one of SME‘s most unique groups, which they don’t promote as much in comparison to their other groups. I do like f(x)‘s old songs, like LA chA TA, in comparison to their new ones. You don’t have to listen to them more than once to find them catchy. Once is enough to keep you hooked!


Changing Blog Theme to “Plane”

WordPress Theme - Plane

WordPress Theme – Plane
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I have now changed my blog’s theme to Plane. The initial theme that I was using, which was Matala, is now a retired theme. Sad to hear about it, as I was planning to change back to that theme. So in order to somewhat retain the look of Matala, I decided to search for a Matala-themed banner and use it as a banner in Plane. =P This will have to do.

P.S. The people living in the apartments in my area aren’t allowed to have dogs, but on rare occasions, I can here barking coming from an apartment nearby. Someone is definitely keeping a dog in their apartment, and is trying to be low-key about it! xD It would be nice to have a pet. I like cats, but I find dogs really loyal, caring and playful. Sometimes, it’s hard to disagree with those that say that their pets are nicer than their fellow humans. =P


“The Matrix”, Martin Place, and Pokemon GO


Whenever I look at the following scene from the The Matrix of Morpheus explaining to Neo what the Matrix is, I feel amused because I often pass by the area this scene was filmed at here in Sydney, which is Martin Place and its surrounds.

I’ve been to Martin Place during rush hours, which is right before work in the morning, and in the afternoons when the majority of people get off work. Since there are many offices near there, you’ll see many people in corporate attire, and it can often get very busy during rush hours and sort of look like the way the scene in The Matrix does, but with less people.

Furthermore, there are a couple of designer stores in the area, such as Burberry and Giorgio Armani, and some of the buildings there have a very European feel to it. It’s particularly nice during spring time when the flowers bloom and has less of a cold atmosphere, as depicted in the movie, but whenever I walk around Martin Place now, I can’t help but think of The Matrix. xD

I must admit, I was really surprised when I found out that The Matrix was shot in Sydney. I thought New York City would be the kind of place to film a movie about how everyone is “wired” into the “system”, since life there is very fast-paced, and from a couple of stories that I’ve heard about, New Yorkers rush to work and ignore tourists that ask for directions because they don’t have the time to stop and help – a complete contrast to Tokyo, which is massive and where everyone works even longer hours, but are often ready to help tourists and even accompany them to their destination if they’re lost.

Moreover, the first time I watched The Matrix was in my philosophy class back in high school. The movie was already out when I went to middle school and my dad had the DVD for it back it home, but I never got around to watching it until I had to. The movie reminds me a lot of Plato‘s Allegory of the Cave, and I feel like the ending song of the movie, which is Rage Against the Machine‘s Wake Up fits well too.

On an amusing note, I’ve tried catching Pokemon, such as this Clefairy, using the Pokemon GO app., when there were less people at Martin Place. Even so, there was one guy that noticed, came up to me and said, “Pokemon GO!,” and then walked away. It was random, but funny at the same time, because it was a sign that Pokemon GO was the new craze that everyone knew about. The next time I tried catching Pokemon in the city, a person in his car drove by and yelled out, “Pokemon GO!” to me. I was a bit startled at first, because I expect Sydney-siders in the city to be rather calm and keep to themselves and not be yelling out of their cars at a stranger, but because of this app., and the recent craze for it in Australia (we, Aussies, and New Zealanders got the app. before anyone else in the world), it seemed like people were a little too excited. =P

Pokemon GO - Clefairy

Trying to capture Clefairy – Martin Place has never looked cuter. xD

Pokemon GO is a very interesting phenomenon, though. It’s an app. that includes augmented reality that seems to have really kicked-off among smartphone users, which will most likely pave way for future apps. that integrate augmented reality. On the other hand, virtual reality is already in the works and is going to play a large part in our future.

The only concern I have is, like in The Matrix, the lines between reality and the virtual world might begin to blur, making people plugged into a world that doesn’t really exist and that can never materialize – perhaps even making one think… what is real and what is not real?

There has also been news about the Pokemon GO app. collecting all of our personal information, particularly on our where-abouts, and selling it to “third parties”. I think most apps. on our phones have access to our personal information that we give up voluntarily, so my reaction when I heard of such news wasn’t that of surprise. It’s true that our information can be used for marketing and advertising purposes, but if you’re the kind of person that isn’t easily swayed by advertisements targeted towards you, then it doesn’t have much effect. The only time you should be worried is if your personal information is used for ulterior purposes that can result in harm. Technology has its price.

Fun fact: A scene from Superman Returns was also filmed at Martin Place, and I hear that Jackie Chan is in Sydney at the moment to film a movie – a Chinese science-fiction thriller called Bleeding Steel. Not exactly thrilled, since Jackie Chan seems to be involved in what I call a stunt with you-know-who, who now has to share profit with two agencies (one being Jackie Chan‘s Sparkle Roll Media), which normally would have been the case without a lawsuit when promoting overseas. Furthermore, you-know-who is still signed under the head agency he had always been part of. =P I hope the Chinese public wakes up soon and realizes that they can’t trust their own entertainment industry, let alone any entertainment industry around the world.


Belated Everything

...Can Hear You When You're Quiet


Belated Eid Mubarak! Sorry that I’ve been inactive on my blog and even on my Instagram for almost a month. These past few weeks have been incredibly busy due to many social activities with both relatives and different groups of friends. I had even caught a cold as a result of being out every day and night and only managed to get some rest last Sunday in order to recover and have some me-time. The cold had eventually gone away, but I had been coughing a lot and trying to drink as many warm things in order to get rid of it.

So a quick update on what has mainly been happening in my personal life (not the whole story, but the main point =P)… My parents came to visit, and my dad left not too long ago. My relatives and their friends from Pakistan had also come for a holiday and stayed over at my place for two days. I got to see my baby cousin for the first time! She’s adorable, MA! One of the most patient babies that I know. She doesn’t cry a lot and seems to be quiet and smiley most of the times. ^^ Holding her in my arms isn’t a problem at all as she is rather calm. I like holding her whenever I see her, because I know that she’s going to grow up fast just like the rest of my cousins that I got to hold as a baby and who are now in their teens or past their teens! xD

A lot has been happening around the world as well, but I won’t my share my thoughts on it right now, as it feels more appropriate to have a positive post after having not been active here for a while. I’ve also been trying to change back the theme of my blog, as the old one appears to be more viewer-friendly, but I can’t find the theme listed in the themes section of WordPress anymore. =/

Moreover, a couple of people that I personally know have now started blogging for the first time, whereas I’ve found myself sort of drifting away from it. I’ve been blogging since I was 12 and stopped during the four years I did my undergrad. before continuing again, so it’s more like an on-and-off thing for me. The people I know mainly focus on topics such as food and fashion, while I focus on topics that seem to be all over the place, but in this blog, I think K-Pop has been the prominent focus. =P Maybe one day I might find a particular focus, IA.


A Brief Look at Altissia of “Final Fantasy XV”


New footage of Final Fantasy XV (FF15) from E3, which recently took place from June 14th-16th, was released and this particular one featuring a walkthrough in one of the game’s locations, called Altissia, has definitely gotten me excited about the game!

Here’s a first look at Altissia, the capital city of Accordo which you will reach in the middle of Final Fantasy XV! —Final Fantasy XV @ YouTube

Altissia has drawn influence from Venice and Rome. Maybe even other cities in Italy, such as Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast. YAS (and yes, I deliberately spelled it that way =P)! This is what I was looking forward to in terms of the game drawing influence from the real world, but still retaining its feel of a fantasy game. I wasn’t expecting one of the locations to be like Venice, which truly is a beautiful city that I find much more romantic than Paris, so this came as a bit of a surprise.

I would love to visit Venice again if I ever get the chance, and be able to see the Carnival of Venice, where locals dress up and wear masks and look like they came straight out of a fantasy game. xD Wondering if FF15 will include something similar. It’s a great opportunity to do so to make the game feel more magical. ^^

All in all, if most of the locations in FF15 are as beautiful as Altissia, then I’m already hooked!


Belated Ramadan Kareem and New Instagram Account

Ramadan Kareem 2

Ramadan Kareem! =)
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Belated Ramadan Kareem! For those that are taking part in fasting, I hope it is going well. The hours of fasting are the shortest in Australia, while very long in countries such as Canada. It’s also winter here in comparison to the Northern Hemisphere. I guess Australians can’t really say that it’s a challenge. =P

I’ve created a new Instagram account, which I’ve set to public, and decided to post my Japan pictures there, as it is much easier to do so in comparison to here (I still have my blog post, though!). It’s also great to see other people from all walks of life in the Instagram community that show their appreciation by a simple “<3” on a photo. As you know, I like learning about the people that appreciate and being able to get a glimpse of their life as well and what they share too. ^^

More importantly, I wanted a fresh new start. With lack of time, I think photos do more of the trick in comparison to content. So follow me on my new Instagram if you want to know what I was up to and saw in Japan. =) There were around more than 5,000 pictures that I took on the trip, so I’ve been selecting a couple out of the many for uploading.

P.S. With some of the recent events that have been taking place in our world, I would like to once again state, do not trust mainstream media. My prayers go out to all the innocents that have suffered, and are currently suffering, in the hands of brutality created by those seeking division, monetary power and control. I wish I could help the innocent in some way, and was thinking what it would be like to have super powers, such as the ability to be invisible, teleport and even fly at any time so that I can see what is happening at places that are considered top secret and confidential. It would be great to expose what the people behind-the-scenes do and to bring to light what is currently shrouded in secrecy.