“Star Wars Episode VI: The Force Awakens” Official Teaser


Finally some updates on the next Star Wars movie! Looking forward to watching this, IA. Sometimes, Hollywood movie teasers/trailers can be over-exaggerated and cliche, and the ones with action appear to follow the same formula. However, this one’s alright, despite some parts being stereotypically cheesy to appeal to the fandom. =P

I’m assuming that the story of Star Wars: The Force Awakens centers around the children of Han Solo and Princess Leia and possibly even Luke Skywalker?


An Ex-Fan’s Take on Celebrity Worship

Yahoo Answers - Why Do People Worship Celebrities

Yahoo! Answers Question on Celebrity Worship

I found this question on Yahoo! Answers while looking into celebrity obsession, because I see too many signs of celebrity obsession in the K-Pop fandom, including fans losing their own identity and living their lives through the celebrities that they choose as their favorite. Ever since I quit being a fan and now look at pop culture from an outsider’s point-of-view, I can completely understand why people are perplexed at celebrity obsession and wonder how someone could invest so much time in a person that they don’t even personally know.

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Spit Bridge to Manly Scenic Walk



Finally did the Spit Bridge to Manly scenic walk with friends! It was a 10km walk with lots of nature to see along the way. The walk is meant to be 3-4 hours long, but it took us around 5 hours to complete since we stopped in a couple of places to take photos as well as have lunch. We had enough time after the walk to go have dinner and some coffee in the city.

The Spit Bridge to Manly scenic walk has been on my list of things to do for ages (remember when I talked about it last year in my post Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk?) and it feels nice to accomplish it, alhamdulillah. I took a lot of photos during the walk, but due to time constraints, I’ve only posted the above few. The photos here don’t cover everything that there is to see along the walk. There’s so much more! I definitely recommend the walk after completing the Bondi to Coogee Beach walk. ^^


Invasion and Oppression in the Past and Present

Invasion and Oppression in the Past and Present

(Credit: As watermarked)

I found this artwork to be a powerful representation of invasion and oppression in both the past and present. It shows us how things haven’t changed even after hundreds of years.

On the left-hand side of the artwork, we can see Palestine being bombed for the purpose of invasion, and on the right-hand side we can see Native American land being burned for the same reason. The effects on both sides are the same regardless of race, and it’s usually the children that are most affected from such events as they no longer have a safe and peaceful place to live and grow up in. I feel like these children grow up early due to the conflicts that they see around them.

What happened in Syria recently is also an example, as it has caused over a million children to leave school and seek refuge in other countries. They still haven’t received access to education.


“The Legend of Zelda” Timeline


A great timeline of the The Legend of Zelda series. It can get pretty tricky putting together a timeline of the series due to the number of installments in the franchise and the contrasting storyline in each one, but GT did a good job. There’s actually three timelines and not just one: The Fallen Hero Timeline, The Child Link Timeline, and The Adult Link Timeline. xD

The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite video game series after the Final Fantasy series, even though I played the former before the latter. My first The Legend of Zelda game was Ocarina of Time (I think it was also the first role-playing game that I played). I absolutely loved everything about it – the music, the story, the gameplay, the characters, etc. The game raised the benchmark for the The Legend of Zelda series, and it would be wonderful to know if there’s another game in the making for the franchise that may be just as great as Ocarina of Time.


“Your Lie in April”

Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April

Piano prodigy Kousei Arima dominated the competition and all child musicians knew his name. But after his mother, who was also his instructor, passed away, he had a mental breakdown while performing at a recital that resulted in him no longer being able to hear the sound of his piano even though his hearing was perfectly fine. Even two years later, Kousei hasn’t touched the piano and views the world in monotone, and without any flair or color.

He was content at living out his life with his good friends Tsubaki and Watari until, one day, a girl changed everything. Kaori Miyazono is a pretty, free spirited violinist whose playing style reflects her personality. Kaori helps Kousei return to the music world and show that it should be free and mold breaking unlike the structured and rigid style Kousei was used to. —Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Wiki

Kaori (Credit: To the rightful owner)

(Credit: To the rightful owner)

I started watching the anime, Your Lie in April. It was recommended by one of my cousins, who posted about it on Facebook. I’m on Episode 9 right now, and so far, I like it. It has been a while since I’ve watched any anime, so I thought I should give Your Lie in April a go.

The animation in Your Lie in April is gorgeous! I particularly like the details of the cherry blossoms and the cheery atmosphere in certain scenes. I was surprised to see the amount of detail put into it. The music in the anime is really nice as well. As for the story, I can’t say much about it since I haven’t finished watching the anime yet, but there are some really great parts with thought-provoking dialogue in addition to cliff hangers in each episode. I feel like the story is building up at a good pace, though some parts may seem a little slow.

The great aspect about this anime is that it’s only 22 episodes long and each episode is around 20 minutes. I can finish it off easily, IA. When I watch Korean dramas, each episode is around 40-50 minutes long, and when it comes to Taiwanese dramas, each episode is almost over an hour long! Sometimes I feel like the story in Taiwanese dramas are dragged on for too long, which results in me wanting to take a break from watching one for a while.

Other than that, I didn’t realize that I was watching Your Lie in April in the month of April until Episode 2 or 3. xD Perfect timing! The anime started airing in October 2014 and finished last month, so it can still be considered a recent anime. ^^