The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors



The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors were one of the major highlights of the Lunar New Year Festival here. Located at Dawes Point with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, the rows of Terracotta Warrior lanterns lit up in various colors at night creating a spectacle of awe for many. There were also fireworks in the area, which marked the start of the Lunar New Year Festival, and on one of the occasions, the Sydney Opera House in background even turned red.

I’ve seen the real Terracotta Warriors when I went to China on a school trip back in 2006. Didn’t expect that I would be seeing lanterns of them a few years later, so this was a pleasant surprise. =P I saw the lanterns twice. Once at night and once in the afternoon. The area was less crowded in the afternoon, so I was able to take better pics. then.


Lunar Markets



Sydney has brought one whole month of festivities for the Chinese Lunar New Year, and I had the opportunity to check them out. The Lunar Markets, located at Pyrmont Bay Park, had a number of Asian food stalls that one can eat from and small forms of entertainment that one could partake in and enjoy.

I had Thai food with yummy ice tea. My friends and I also bought some fortune cookies for fun! ^^ One of the interesting moments was having to pick an envelope from a lit-up tree to see what prize was inside of it. My friends and I all got chocolate coins.

Sydney, as some of my Chinese and Korean friends say, makes them feel like they never left their home country. My mum thinks that Sydney has almost turned into Hong Kong, and I have to say… it sure does seem like it in comparison to when we all used to live here in the 90’s.

Although this is late, happy belated Lunar New Year! ^^


Pixel Heart Morph Mug



My brother got back from Seattle today and bought me this cool mug with a pixel heart that becomes red when boiling liquid is poured into it. I found the mug really cute. I liked the description on its box as well. xD


I washed the mug and then made myself chai latte to see the pixel heart become red, and it did turn red within seconds! ^^ The only drawback is that one needs to be careful when washing the mug. Only a gentle hand wash is suitable for it otherwise the pixel heart will come off.


Today mainly included catching up with my brother about his time in Seattle. The IT industry sounds really cool and since everything’s becoming more computerized, it’s only going to get bigger. Working in the IT industry as an engineer or computer science major…the perks are no joke! Although I have a passion for marketing and PR, there simply isn’t enough opportunity for it here due to the low demand. Guess I got to keep myself updated with the world of IT!


“Final Fantasy XV”: A Retrospective


This isn’t a retrospective done by GT, but still a good one nonetheless as it covers up how long we, Final Fantasy fans, have been waiting for Final Fantasy XV (FF15), and discusses some of the news that we’ve heard throughout the years. It was released last week, and if I had known about it, I would have posted this in place of the video that I shared in “Final Fantasy XV” Game Play.

Furthermore, a 40-minute game play of FF15 was released two days ago, which can be seen here. With lots of news about the game being revealed in the past couple of months, it looks like we won’t be waiting for the game for a long time now, IA!

The video ending with a scene of Noctis saying, “It’s been a long time coming. Almost there,” is brilliant. It completely fits with the reality of how long we’ve been waiting for this game. xD

Moreover, the rumor about FF15 being canceled looked like media play to me. =P Of course, Square-Enix isn’t like THAT ONE company when it comes to media play, so I wouldn’t hold them in the same aspect.

More importantly, it’s true that console gaming is dying out in Japan. I’ve been hearing about it for over a year, so FF15 is either going to be a make or break for the continuation of console gaming in the country. I have no doubt that the sales for this game are going to be huge, as it’s one of the most anticipated games in the Final Fantasy franchise, but let’s see how the reviews for it will be when it’s released, IA.


“Kingdom Hearts” Timeline


I love GT‘s coverage of video games. I’ve seen GT‘s retrospective on the Final Fantasy games and they’re well put together. It almost gives me goosebumps. The narrator for them is the same as the one for this video on the Kingdom Hearts timeline, and he does a really good job in presenting and summarizing all the crucial information about the Kingdom Hearts series.

It’s a given that to understand the present and the future of Kingdom Hearts, one needs to understand the past. This can apply to events in real life as well.

The names of the Organization XIII members are clever. Each one has a name that’s an anagram of their original form’s names with an additional letter added, “X”. The X also relates to the X-blade that Master Xehanort, a Keyblade Master responsible for the existence of Organization XIII, seeks to create.

The heart-shaped moon in the Kingdom Hearts series is also intriguing. It’s a re-occurring object of focus. As the narrator in the video states, the heart-shaped moon is “the source of great power that some say is pure darkness; others believe it’s the true light.” Looking forward to the story being wrapped-up in Kingdom Hearts III, IA!


“Kingdom Hearts III” Trailer E3 2014


How come I didn’t see this trailer before!? Kingdom Hearts III (KH3) is another game that I’m anticipating. Just like the situation with Final Fantasy XV (FF15), many fans have been waiting for KH3 for years! It would be great if KH3 was released around the same time as FF15.

The following video also includes a trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix, which I haven’t played.

I’m also hoping that the world of Wreck-It-Ralph, Tangled, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 is included in the game. It’s going to be SO awesome if Square-Enix did that, IA! Imagine the candy-filled world of Wreck-It-Ralph, the lantern-filled sky from Tangled, the ice palace from Frozen, and San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6. I’ve noticed that the world of Toy Story hasn’t been used in the Kingdom Hearts series, so it would be nice if that was included too.

My favorite worlds from Kingdom Hearts I are Destiny Islands and the world of The Little Mermaid called Atlantica. Additionally, my favorite worlds from Kingdom Hearts II are the world of Mulan called The Land of Dragons and the world of Beauty and they Beast called Beast’s Castle.

Any other worlds that you would like to see in KH3?


“Final Fantasy XV” Game Play


The following video contains all the footage of Final Fantasy XV (FF15) that has been released up until last September (there was more footage of the game play released after that). I wished the first part in the video had English subtitles. Regardless, I like how there was a bit of humor added in it, such as the frog, and in some of the latest footage, the dog and cat camera. xD

Furthermore, I’ve read that most of the main characters in the game are going to be in their mid-20’s. That’s perfect, because when I was young, I remember most of the main characters in the Final Fantasy series being around 17/18, or in their early 20’s. Now that I’m past that age, it’s nice to see the characters in the latest Final Fantasy game that are around my age!

I suppose it’s also because when I was in my early 20’s, I often wondered, “These characters in Final Fantasy get to save the world and also find a love interest at the age of 17/18, while I haven’t even done any of those things…” Now I don’t need to complain. =P Thank you, Square-Enix. I wonder if it’s because the company is aware that their main target market for their games are the teens from the 90’s or 00’s, who have now grown up.

I also read that if FF15 does incredibly well, such as beat all the other games in the franchise in terms of popularity, then Square-Enix might think of remaking FF7. Now, fans are informing one another that even if FF15 isn’t as great, just pretend it is and create hype up about it like it’s the best game in the series so that Square-Enix can remake FF7. Hahahahahaha! Smart! xD

Although, Square is a company that fans like to complain about due to lack of great video game releases in the past couple of years, I’m actually very thankful to them for creating these wonderful and memorable games. They are part of my early teen years and were my little “escape” from the useless stuff that high school brings. I never ever felt the need to fit in, but just be myself and do my own thing and center my life around my interests and hobbies. When I was myself, I also found people that were themselves too, and it’s those people that I know that I can always trust. They’re my friends even ’til this day no matter how far apart we are!

Moreover, the beauty of role-playing games, such as Final Fantasy, enabled me to create a beautiful world of my own in my mind as well… where ships can fly and there are islands in the sky. It allowed me to be more creative. The best is when the theme of one of these games can relate to our world today… with the greedy in power and the young and “powerless” wanting change in a society that’s constantly trying to bombard us into being “sheep” (and unfortunately, there are young people driven by desires such as fame that work to fulfill the greedy people’s agenda as well). It’s not until everyone frees their mind from worldly desires, will we ever truly be free.