Sunny Side Up!


Listening to the teaser and happy that the full song is finally released. This is one of my favourites after Somethin Kinda Crazy, which came from Red Velvet’s first mini-album Ice Cream Cake. Sunny Side Up is an instant like. Well, what can you expect from a duo that produced this song and that go by the name of Moonshine? 😂 They produced Peek-A-Boo too, which was another bop.

I listened to Red Velvet’s new album Reve Festival, and apart from Sunny Side Up being my favourite, I like Parade and Bing Bing too and more so than their title track (the visuals in their title track’s MV, however, are nice and quirky). Some parts of Bing Bing also sound like a Bollywood song and the teaser for Milkshake caught my attention but when listening to the other songs, it fell lower on my list even though Moonshine produced it.

Overall, definitely liking the carnival and festival vibe of Red Velvet’s new album. I generally love festivals that have a lot happening and it reminds me of the Royal Easter Show that we have in Sydney with all the rides, games, performances, food, bubbles, goodie bags, a parade and hot air balloon, etc.

Moreover, Red Velvet’s concept of having a colour for each member, which they are still holding onto, is forever going to remind me of the Care Bears concept for a K-Pop group that I dreamt of and spoke about before Red Velvet even debuted. 😝

On a side note, I’m heading to South Korea next week and will be away for less than a month, IA. Will be out from the rainy cold winter and into the hot and humid rainy summer. Give me some pleasant sunshine please! Still need to post about the FF7 Remake!



Eid Mubarak and a Global PlayList Web Movie


Belated Eid Mubarak! I hope you all enjoyed Eid with your family and friends. My long weekend has come to an end and my relatives who were staying over since Thursday have left as well. I had a long long weekend instead of a long weekend, because I took Friday off to celebrate Eid, which is a celebration at the end of Ramadan for those who have fasted for one whole month. Can’t believe how fast Ramadan passed by this year, though!

YouTube also kept recommending me videos of non-Muslim Korean vloggers who were fasting and I followed their journey to see how their experience was. I’m so amazed by their dedication and willingness to understand what fasting and Islam are about. One of the vloggers even went to the mosque in Itaewon, Seoul for Eid prayers. Seeing that made me happy because it shows how open some young Koreans have become towards understanding other cultures and faiths. *thumbs up*

The last weekend and this long long weekend have both been very busy. On Friday, my family invited relatives to have dinner at my place. On Saturday, we all went out for shopping at Bondi Junction and had dinner in Auburn. On Sunday, we went far out into the suburbs of Sydney and hung around Kellyville and then met up with our other relatives for dinner at their place.

Sydney is so huge that sometimes getting from one point to another feels like an entire day trip. Did you know that Sydney has around 658 suburbs? I had no idea until I saw a news article stating that there was a local who decided to be a tourist in his own city and visit all 658 suburbs. Now, that’s something I would like to do too. =P I live close to the city and going far out into the suburbs is quite rare for me unless it’s meeting up with friends or family friends who reside there.

Sometimes, traveling to the suburbs is a nice break from the city life, but it can get boring after a while too. When I used to live in the suburbs, it was back in the 90’s and when kids used to play outside. You could see a lot of outdoor activity. Now that hardly happens as most people are glued to technology and stay indoors. I think I prefer living close to the city where there is a lot happening and where there are many places to see or eat at. One thing’s for sure, though… you don’t get to see a lot of stars in the city like you do in the suburbs when it’s night time. That is what I miss a lot.

So, the night before, I was awake quite late and at 3 A.M., the PlayList Global YouTube channel had a notification about the following web movie. I told myself that I would only watch half of it and then continue watching the rest the next morning, but then I ended up watching the whole web movie because it kept me intrigued.

The title is very click-bait and *spoiler alert* the lead male is actually the future husband of the lead female. It appears that the future husband is dying and wants to change fate/destiny by going back in time to make sure that his wife falls in love with another guy instead of him so that she doesn’t have to go through the pain of losing him. The question that viewers are left asking is, “Does it really work?” The drama seems to have the theme or message that no matter how hard you try to change fate or destiny, what’s meant to be will always be. It focuses on soulmates who will meet regardless of what happens.

However, when the lead male tries to change the past, you can see that the photos of him and the female lead in their future home disappear. So are we to assume that him changing the past really did have an effect? It’s confusing, but I’m hoping it’s the theme of star-crossed lovers playing out, as the female lead still meets the male lead despite being told by the male lead’s future self to not seek him out.

After having watched the web movie, I wondered, “Why can’t my future husband show up like this?” xD As someone who recently passed their 20’s and has been single all their life, it would be nice to have some sort of sign (that’s if the guy even exists). I’m pretty sure that by this age, someone who is single like me, would be curious to know what their future holds. I know that there are those that turn to horoscopes and tarot card readings, but for me, those things are seen as merely entertainment and not reality. In fact, we’re generally meant to stay away from those things.

For example, on YouTube, there are people who do tarot card readings for one’s star sign and there was one that was recommended to me by random in April and May. The titles for those said something along the lines of, “Aquarius! April 1-15 Someone is thinking of you and wants you back!” and “Aquarius! May 15-31! A past lover will return.” Well, guess what? April and May have passed and all I can hear are the sound of crickets. Not to mention, I’ve been single all my life, how will a past lover return? xD What a bunch of baloney!

Even one of my friends from one of the groups I used to hang out with at my undergrad. university in the U.A.E. predicted my future wrong. She stated, “I feel that you will be the first out of our group who will get married.” Flash forward 8 years later, they’re all married and I’m the only one from the group that is still single. =P Not only that, as of last month, I’m the only one in one of my groups of friends in Australia who is still single (and one of my friends who started dating last year found someone because I told her about an app. When I offer advice, but don’t follow it myself xD). There are more stories to share, but I think I’ll just leave it at that. Let’s just say, when you wish for things that others didn’t bother about, but they end up being granted your wish and you don’t. Yes, the universe does love to play pranks like that. =p But you know what, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be at that time.

Having said, maybe my soulmate is in Seoul? xD Talk about puns, and as cheesy as it sounds, I’ve always wanted to say, “Off to Seoul to find my Seoulmate!”, but I do know that when it will come around to going to Seoul, IA, as a traveler, I’ll be more interested in sightseeing and eating the food there. =P

A note to add, PlayList Global has some great web dramas. The first one I watched was Love Playlist – Season 1 and then A-Teen – Season 1. A-Teen was the best out of the two. If you’re looking for something that consists of a slice-of-life theme, then I recommend PlayList Global‘s web dramas.


NCT’s “Superhuman”


Can’t believe that I’ve been eagerly waiting for NCT‘s Superhuman MV to be released ever since I saw the group promote the song on the Good Morning America show on April 20th, which was almost a month ago!

When I heard the song, I instantly liked it and it gave me SHINee vibes. It’s not the first time an NCT song has given off such vibes. NCT Dream‘s My First and Last, another song that I instantly liked, was like that too.

May, in general, has been a very busy month for me. I finished work at 7 P.M. on a Friday night and reached home at around 8 P.M. NCT‘s Superhuman MV dropped at around the time I came home, but I didn’t watch it until an hour later after having dinner. It’s as if SM Entertainment was waiting for everyone to finish up work in order to drop the MV. =P It was much needed, though, because the very busy days with lots of problem-solving and no moment of peace have had an affect on my mood.

One would suggest that I should already be asleep by now as it’s midnight, but I took a little nap when I got home and now I can’t go back to sleep. Also, I was eager to post NCT‘s Superhuman MV on my blog as soon as it was released. The special effects in it are really good!

NCT‘s Superhuman has three words that I like as well: Moonlight, Dream and Imagination. Plus, it features my fellow Aquarians. Hahaha! When I think about it, many entertainers happen to be Aquarians. Why haven’t I had my debut yet? xD

Moreover, I like the shiny blazers that NCT wore when they were promoting the song on their U.S. tour. I have a gray blazer that has a subtle shine to it yet is still professional, and I get a lot of compliments at work for it. Even my used-to-be Chinese-Australian colleague, whose looks can rival some of the Chinese artists in the K-Pop industry, would always say, “LOVE your blazer!” whenever I would wear it. My other colleagues would say, “Looking sharp!” I feel a bit more put-together or confident commuting to work when I wear it, especially with a black turtleneck underneath it.

Speaking of blazers, we had a girl recently join my workplace that wears nice blazers too and who has worked on Zhejiang Radio and Television Group in China. It’s the one that broadcasts the Chinese version of Running Man called Keep Running. She likes K-Pop and her favourite group is EXO, with her favourite member being Sehun. We had a brief chat about it. She asked me who my favourite member was, and I replied, “I did have a favourite member… Kris/Wu Yi Fan…” She then mentioned what he did in 2014, which was the general perception EXO fans had towards him when he left. I let her know, “I used to be a fan,” and I made the gesture of a tear falling down my face. That’s what I do now when anyone asks me who my fav. is. It’s an indication to never be too huge of a fan of anyone you personally don’t know.

Having said that, my brother once joked and said, “You make it sound as if you went through a break-up”. xD Guess you can say that I broke up with being a fan, and I’m now a silent observer…like Batman! (I don’t know why one of my colleagues who is really into Marvel and DC thinks I’m like Batman, even after my result was Superman in an online quiz that I took on which superhero I am. He did mention that I appear to be the “mysterious” type. Maybe I should have told me him, “I’m not Superman nor Batman… I am Superhuman.” =P).

Going back to main topic, I see that NCT is achieving recognition like BTS did when they first stepped into the U.S. The difference; however, is that NCT was initially designed as a group to promote all over the world whereas, BTS is a group that started off from a very small company called Big Hit Entertainment, and surprisingly, became world-wide famous without that being their initial goal. Normally, you would think that the Big 3: SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment would be one of the first companies to have a group or an artist that breaks through in the U.S., but a small company such as Big Hit Entertainment ended up achieving that first. Guess the company Big Hit Entertainment really does live up to its name! BIG HIT. xD Even so, I feel that SM Entertainment is one of those companies that really pushes boundaries when it comes to innovation, and even those that like the artists but not the management company, admit it too. The MV above speaks for itself.


Hi Moon. Full Moon.


I have been looking at the moon and stars a lot as I head back home from work these days. Perhaps, it’s because daylight savings are over and it’s dark when it’s time to leave the office. Or maybe I’m in search of something new. Hearing that one of my cousins now works for NASA makes me want to strive for something just as exciting! A visit to the moon and seeing the Earth from space wouldn’t be so bad… I can only dream! xD The evenings are also getting colder and the skies are becoming clearer as the days roll on towards winter.

Since there will be a full moon on Friday, April 19th, I’m going to share this picture here:


(Credit: To the rightful owner)

Moreover, the world has captured a real picture of a black hole for the first time in history! Amusing how I was talking about black holes in my previous post. The picture of the black hole that was published is almost exactly the same as how many, especially scientists, have imagined it to look. Not bad. It would be interesting, though, to discover a worm hole that can allow one to cross dimensions or from one point of space to another in a short amount of time. Imagine if time travel to the past was possible. I would like to go back to the 90’s… back to the days of Super Nintendo, Toys R Us, Saturday morning music charts, and when I would watch Sailor Moon on Agro’s Cartoon Connection before heading to school and The Secret World of Alex Mack in the afternoons. Oh, the list can go on.

P.S. I’m so exhausted after work that I am having a hard time trying to publish other posts on my blog that are a bit more lengthy. T_T Having multiple deadlines at work can really drain the energy out of one at the end of the day.


Timelapse of the Future: A Journey to the End of Time


Since it’s taking me forever to publish the post that I want to due to my my thoughts always going off on a tangent (I’m a person with a very busy mind), I’m going to share a video that YouTube recently recommended (and glad that it did!). It’s called Timelapse of the Future: A Journey to the End of Time.

I love how the video was put together and it made me think how awesome it would be if we had the ability to travel through space and time, but the idea of the universe being completely dark and full of black holes near its end is frightening. It’s not something that I would be keen to see. Moreover, nobody knows if the universe will come to an end or if there are other universes out there. It’s all a mystery for now, but I would love to know the answers.

Not sure how many have tried this, but when I was a kid, I used to close my eyes and “see the universe”. This worked best in the dark. Also, have you ever noticed how our eyes look like galaxies and that the pupil looks like a black hole? The pupil also takes in light like a black hole but emits none. The main difference; however, is the gravitation pull of a black hole. Philosophically speaking, I think that’s pretty neat.


“Keeping You Company through the Endless Years” | “陪你度过漫长岁月”


Keeping You Company through the Endless Years or 陪你度过漫长岁月 by Eason Chan is a song I heard for the first time in a new bubble tea/milk tea place that has opened up nearby my place today. I liked the melody and used Shazam to identify it as I don’t know Mandarin/Cantonese. It took me a while to find the lyrics in English. The title in Shazam was in Pinyin and it’s a long story of how I managed to find the title of the song in Chinese characters, which then led me to being able to find a more accurate English translation of the song – more accurate than Google translate.

Keeping You Company through the Endless Years
陪你度过漫长岁月 – Eason Chan
English Translation

[I’ve] walked past people hurriedly coming and going. Even if [I] don’t like it, [I] have to appreciate it.
I am a silent existence.
[I] won’t serve as your world, just a shoulder for you [to lean on].

[From] refusing to grow up, to growing up [and] attaining the desired appearance,
Before hands are raised in surrender, let me keep you company for another while.

[I] keep you company in living out the thoughts and impressions along the way into answers.

[I] keep you company in turning lonesomeness into courage.
[Through] time after time of loss and then restarting, I have never left [you].
Accompaniment is the most enduring confession of love.

[I] keep you company in embracing the heartache of yearning and turning it into warmth.

[I] keep you company in writing hesitance into a [developing] plot.
The future is oh so endless.
[But] no matter how endless [it is], there is still [a sense of] anticipation.
[I] keep you company, all the way until the telling of the story has finished.

Repeat #, ##, #

Let us quietly share the rare frankness of this moment.
Even just conversing silently
Gives a feeling of blissful happiness, a feel of not being lonely.

[I] keep you company in embracing the heartache of yearning and turning it into warmth.
[I] keep you company in writing hesitance into a [developing] plot.
The future is oh so endless.
[But] no matter how endless [it is], there is still [a sense of] anticipation.
[I] keep you company, all the way until the telling of this story has finished.

(Source: renn at OneHallyu)

The meaning of the song seems to imply that accompanying someone for a long time is an expression or confession of love. Doesn’t this sound like fans who stay by their favourite’s side from the very beginning or silently watch their favourite for years? Why do songs like these make me sit back and think deeply of bittersweet moments? It’s not like I’ve ever been in a relationship, but Chinese songs like these can be very emotional and make me feel like I can relate. T_T

All in all, it was a nice Sunday afternoon at the bubble tea place. Glad that I actually went out, even if it was for a little while. Everyone at the bubble tea place had come with a friend or as a couple. It was only me who had come alone, but I felt welcomed as the person behind the counter cheerfully greeted me in English when I entered and guided me through the menu. I took some time to decide what I wanted before a line behind me started to form. This pressured me into quickly deciding on what drink I wanted, which was the strawberry slush with milk foam.

I saw the Alipay option for payment right in front of me and realised, “Ahhh… this is how most of the customers here are paying.” When I took out my card to make the payment, the person behind the counter had to take out the ATM card swipe machine hidden behind the cashier machine, meaning that it wasn’t being used that often in comparison to Alipay. Once I made the payment and left the counter, the person behind it switched back to speaking in Mandarin with the customers behind me. After being served my drink, I took a seat nearby the window and enjoyed the sunlight seeping through the grey clouds as I browsed through my phone. The Chinese songs that played in the background were all very nice. Then O by DBSK/TVXQ played and I told myself, “A song that I know!” xD There is no escape from K-Pop. =P

In fact, every morning when I’m heading to work, I hear K-Pop being played at a sushi joint or a cafe joint that’s near my office. One time, the cafe joint was playing Blackpink‘s Ddu-du Ddu-du and the people standing and waiting for their coffee early morning before work were Australian middle-aged men in suits. I found the whole image amusing because that is not your usual audience nor demographics for K-Pop. The image was stuck in my head for days. But hey, the member Rose is Australian, so why not? Every time I walk by the sushi joint, I end up humming the songs and trying hard not to start singing. I have to tell myself, “Act professional. You are heading to a corporate environment. You are going to work, not karaoke.” xD The sushi joint has played S.E.S I’m Your Girl, SNSD‘s Kissing You, and IU‘s BBIBBI.

Anyhow, I noticed that there are new eateries that have opened up in a lane that was recently constructed near where I live. Almost all of them cater to the young Chinese that live in the area. It feels weird not to be in the same age group as them anymore. The atmosphere reminded me of the early days of having moved back to Sydney and making new friends from uni. There was a sense of excitement back then and I think people saw it in my eyes. I miss it. As time goes on, people come and people go… and that’s the saddest part of growing up.

Other than that, I start to feel a bit emo when it’s the end of Sunday. It’s a reminder that there are a few hours left to enjoy for myself before the work week starts again. =P Then it’s back to answering many client enquiries over the phone and replying back to e-mails and helping everyone. I don’t even have time to sit and have lunch with others in the office because I’m doing two jobs at the same time…one that I didn’t even sign up for, but have to do until we find a replacement. T_T Besides, I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals lately.

Time to go to sleep…


It’s Different


This song was released at the perfect time… the month of Aquarius. If you’re an Aquarian like me, then we are known to be quirky/eccentric, creative, always wanting to be different from the crowd, eager to change the world for the better, setting the trend, independent, unpredictable, unconventional, colourful, airy, stubborn, don’t like to always follow standards set by society, value freedom and ahead of the times with strange concepts or ideas that are not initally accepted right away but eventually become popular years from now. This is what I feel sums up this MV in both the message it’s trying to get across and the aesthetics.

Surprisingly, I liked the song upon first listen, which usually doesn’t happen when I listen to most K-Pop songs. Others might have a different opinion. The “dalla dalla” part and chorus are catchy, but my least favourite part would have to be the kiddy-ish voices when they are singing on top of the Kia cars. I feel like that part could have been better and more powerful if they sung it normally. However, the choreo is great!

I started to give a listen to this MV because of Ryujin (the girl in the centre, who starts and ends the song). It was instant like when I saw her in the initial teaser/prologue film because of her rock/punk look. She really reminded me of my younger days of when I was a tom-boy, had short hair just like hers, and wore loose shirts with long sleeves underneath them or sported more of a “rocker” look. Plus, I like the overall attitude that she emits on screen. It’s cool and not mean. Now, imagine if I had written posts about a female K-Pop star and not a male K-Pop star… would things be different?

Speaking of younger days, enjoy your youth. As I have now entered a new decade, it’s scary how fast time has flown but I still feel young and want to enjoy things that I have always enjoyed, and of course, be different.