EXO Showtime Episodes 2-5 and SMTOWN WEEK

EXO Showtime Promotional Photo

EXO Showtime Promotional Photo

The English subbed videos for EXO Showtime have a high chance of being taken down, so I’m not going to place the link to the videos on my blog.

Episode 2

This episode of EXO Showtime was all about watching some of the members of EXO shopping, taking dogs out for a walk, skateboarding (I used to skateboard ^^), playing basketball, riding bikes, eating out, watching a movie, and more eating out.

Kris is just… saying, “pretty” without even looking and Chanyeol imitating him. =P

Tao missing while shopping…it’s like what happened when EXO were in Disneyland last year. Tao kept looking at the merchandise at a stall while the rest of the members walked off.

EXO taking a leisurely bike ride in the evening (Credit: To the rightful owner)

EXO taking a leisurely bike ride in the evening
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

— The thought of intestines as food… no comment.

D.O. singing IFULEAVE by Musiq Soulchild ft. Mary J. Blige; he truly has a passion for singing.

Kris making a fuss over food once again, but finally giving in and finding it delicious. Nothing is his style, but then it becomes his style somehow. xD

— It seems like my bias likes pig intestines a lot. On a side note, the reason Muslims, Jews, and a sect of Christianity (that strictly follow Leviticus 11:7-8) do not eat pork is because pigs are seen as unclean as they do not chew their cud. Pigs also eat their own waste. Sorry about having to be direct about this, but I just wanted to inform, since people are sometimes curious about this.

D.O. watching a movie and preferring nachos over popcorn. His choice for nachos increased the sale of nachos at the cinema the next day. True story.

Lay, Luhan, Xiumin, and Chen having a funny conversation while eating out. Although they were joking, please don’t date a Korean girl just for the sake of learning Korean. =P Date a girl with the intent of marrying her.

— The before-mentioned point leads me to a question. I’ve read that a few trainees have dated before debuting, and some of them break up just before their debut. I know that it’s something personal, but I can’t help but wonder, why would they date if they were planning to break up when debuting? *raises eyebrows* If they know they are going to break up after debut, then it means that they were not serious about the relationship. I can never imagine dating someone that has no intention of keeping a relationship, so it seems strange for me to see someone put themselves in that situation. Trainee time: “Yayyy…happy together!” Debut time: “Nice knowing you. Good luck. okthxbye.”

Episode 3

Chanyeol-ie celebrating his b-day (Credit: To the rightful owner)

Chanyeol-ie celebrating his b-day ^^
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

This episode focused on Chanyeol-ie‘s birthday. All of the members went out to choose gifts for him. Major trolling going on in the process.

Sehun-ah‘s expressions are priceless

Chen and Baekhyun went out shopping together. I laughed at Baekhyun modeling…there’s something that sounds like runway music playing in the background while he’s at it. Hahahaha! xD

Tao freely asking Kris to buy him things… It reminds me of the “I want Gucci!” jokes. xD

Chanyeol entered the store at the right time when Kris was trying on clothes for himself. Chanyeol‘s comment was, “You are not looking at your own clothes, right?”

Kai and Sehun-ah trolled real hard when it came to choosing gifts for Chanyeol from a convenience store. xD

— I bet the sales person in the store was asked to play EXO‘s Growl while KT were looking around. I have no comment for Kris‘ dorkiness. *embarrassed* My innocent eyes cannot undo what I just saw.  >_< I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry, especially at the “P” word. This is so embarrassing. Someone please remind me of why I chose Kris as my bias. I will not look at SpongeBob the same way again, and neither will I look at this post in which I mentioned Kris as Patrick and Chanyeol as SpongeBob the same way again.

Tao hanging out with the giant bear on display (Credit: To the rightful owner)

Tao hanging out with a giant bear on display at a store
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

KT ended up buying whatever they were initially buying, and at a high price too. They then went into a store in which Kris hugged the giant bear on display. So cute! >.<

Lulu chose the koala hat, but Baozi states that the koala hat should be worn by Kris. Lulu asks why, and Baozi informs him that Kris is called Koala. Then there’s a caption that appears on the screen with an image of Kris‘ face stating, “Koala is my style <3″. I understand the meaning behind the koala nickname, but it’s origin is still a mystery to me. It’s sweet how Baozi remembers Kris‘ nickname (he knows his members well!).

— The wolf hat really is destiny…. and it’s cute that Lulu bought the koala hat.

— The members celebrated Chanyeol‘s birthday at the BWCW store. Chanyeol had to be in a separate room with all of his presents while watching his members, who were in another room. He had to guess which present was given by whom.

— The Oooh Wee song played in the background when Chanyeol guesses right about Lulu‘s beanie present. I talked about this song a few weeks back in a blog post on Hip-Hopping. Look at the timing, it’s when Lulu also has his koala hat on. xD

— The giraffe plushie gift is cute. It’s like my cheetah plushie. ^^

— What’s with Sehun-ah continuously saying, “Get married, get married! Get married, get married!”, especially when Chanyeol gave Kai a hug? LOL.

Chanyeol looked cute with the wolf hat, pair of glasses, and a giraffe plushie on his shoulder.

Episode 4

In this episode, EXO hang out in a TV lounge. I don’t know whether this TV lounge is part of their dorm or not. Fans have been eager to see EXO‘s dorm life for quite a while.

Lay‘s Christina voice strikes again!

EXO gave out gifts to one another, and Sehun-ah‘s gave bubble tea, which he loves with a passion, as a gift.

Lay reminiscing about the food he ate when they were trainees, which includes spicy rice cakes and fish cakes.

— Arm wrestling… I can’t believe Kris lost in many of the rounds. I thought he would be the strongest since he beat the highest score on the punching bag at the arcade in a mall in Canada. o_O Maybe all the laughing made him weak. =P

— Why does Baekhyun look exceptionally cute in this episode? xD

— I laughed so hard when Sehun-ah was imitating the crying face and how a second later he had his poker face expression.

Luhan and Lay imitating Kris when he misses his mum aka our aunty (Credit: chimaekhaja)

Luhan and Lay imitating Kris when he misses his mum aka our aunty
(Credit: chimaekhaja)

Luhan and Lay imitating how Kris cries when he misses his mum. The way they imitated him reminds me of the cut-scene in which Final Fantasy VIII (FF8)‘s Rinoa Heartilly imitates Squall Leonhart. I had placed a photo of it in the post, “Last Post on Mr. Fan/EXO” (see image). Kris: “When did my image turned into like this?” Chanyeol: “Your image was long gone” Oh my… Poor Kris.

D.O. cried while watching the anime Prince of Tennis. xD

Tao is very blunt when it comes to stating his opinions.

— The faces that Tao and Sehun-ah make at one another when hearing, “there is a ghost.” Hahahahaha! These maknaes…

Tao‘s expressions while watching the movie made me laugh.

— Crying scene at Korean movie Miracle in Cell No. 7Kris teared up first. He cries like me when I watch a sad movie or drama. I try to control my tears, but end up using tissues to wipe them away. After that, I kind of laugh at myself for having teared up. xD That’s exactly what happened when I watched Howl’s Moving Castle.

Kris tearing up… I probably shouldn’t say more.

Lay fell asleep and couldn’t care less…hahaha!

— The way Sehun-ah looks at Kris and Luhan crying… xD

— Why am I remembering this post, EXO’s “Into Your World” English Translation (Teaser 22 and 23 Lyrics), which I had written before EXO debuted? I talked about how the first time I saw guys crying like this was when I discovered East Asian entertainment.

— Watching the members cry made me feel sad and laugh all at the same time.

— About Kris‘ shirt in this episode…

I didn’t know whether I should bring this up or not, but it’s better to shed some light on something that many not be aware of. I saw the following photo circulating around.

Luhan's Shirt on EXO Showtime

Luhan wearing Supreme shirt bearing Allah’s name
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

Some fans have spotted Allah’s name on a shirt worn by both Luhan and Kris‘ shirt. Chanyeol has worn the same shirt for one of EXO‘s stage performances as well.

The shirt is from the clothing company called Supreme. Some of us are probably aware of this brand as the members of EXO often wear clothes with the name “Supreme” written on them. The brand targets youth that are part of the skateboarding, hip hop, and punk rock culture.

I’ve seen a full image of the shirt online, and noticed that the name Allah on it is listed right above the names Zues and Buddah. Wearing a shirt with the name Allah alone is fine, but if it includes the name of other deities, then it can be seen as associating partners with Allah, which goes against the notion that God is ONE.

Another concern is about the place a shirt, or accessory, bearing Allah’s name is worn. One such place to take into consideration is the washroom. Since the washroom is an unclean place, a shirt, or any accessory, bearing Allah’s name has to be has to be taken off, or covered. You may read more about it here. Also eating unhalal food, such as pork, while wearing something that bears Allah’s name can be seen as offensive.

The origin of the BOY LONDON symbol (Credit: morningcoffeemusings124.blogspot.com)

The origin of the BOY London symbol
(Credit: morningcoffeemusings124.blogspot.com)

Not blaming Luhan, Kris or anyone, as I wouldn’t expect them to know. However, I do wonder whether any of the stylists that gave them this shirt were aware of that. Generally speaking, in the entertainment industry, fashion for celebs. is often decided by the higher-ups. We should be vigilant about some of the fashion labels too.

I’ve noticed that some celebrities wear clothes with symbols that are questionable due to their historical roots. The concerning part is that many of them don’t know the underlying meaning, or historical significance, behind what those symbols represent. These symbols have become part of popular culture, but many people do not question it ’cause it’s simply seen as “cool” or “trendy”.

One example of a popular shirt that is seen as “cool” or “trendy”, and with a logo that has a historical significance that many are not aware of, and which I’ve seen a number of celebs. wear, is by the clothing brand BOY London. The symbol on their top is the very same symbol that was once used by the Nazis (see article, Fascist Fashion? to read more).

Now, the question is…if a clothing company deliberately places a symbol that is controversial, would you still wear it? (Moreover, anyone that is a fan of ASAP Rocky… I have no words for you. That guy needs help ASAP. I’m not even joking. =P)

Episode 5

In this episode, EXO spends their day snacking and hanging out at the beach.

Kris wants to go to the galaxy… He states that in outer space they would be able to see Earth.

— I’ve heard that people that see Earth from space are so moved and awe-struck by their experience that they come back as different individuals. I watched a documentary about it last month. One of the astronauts in the documentary stated that their faith in God was strengthened after the experience. I guess when one looks at Earth from space, he/she realizes how tiny everyone is…how can man ever think of himself as something superior to the things around him? The Earth, the stars, etc.? Man did not create this, it is the work of the Divine. I would like to visit space too. ^^

EXO at the beach (Credit: sehunicorns.tumblr.com)

EXO at the beach xD Yayyy!
(Credit: sehunicorns.tumblr.com)

Xiumin wants to take a trip under the sea because he wants to visit the Little Mermaid. xD

— Don’t sing Lucky! >_< =P

EXO imitated their sasaeng fans…lol

Lay was eating on his own. There was a photo of Kris and another member of EXO eating with their manager in a place that looked similar. The photo was taken months ago.

— The rainbow at the beach is pretty. ^^

— Everyone is having fun at the beach, and then there’s Kris having a photo shoot session. There was a time when Kris didn’t like having his photos taken, and now look at him! =P

Angry Bird/Dragon Kris

Angry Bird/Dragon Kris
(Credit: oshzt.tumblr.com)

Chen with the camera… and then there’s Kris‘ fan service. I wonder if fans did the same to their screen *side eyes*. Remember the days when Angry Bird Kris was too cool to do such things on camera? Hahahaha!

— I laughed so hard at Angry Bird/Dragon Kris getting angry in the sand game. The caption with flames made it even more funny. Dragon is angry. That image can’t be erased from my mind. I laughed for a couple of minutes even after that scene had passed. That’s how I’ll throw a rubber ducky at him. Hahahaha!

— Look at a pre-debut video of Kris, and look at how he is like now. =P

— The water must have been freezing for Luhan, Kai, and Suho. They could have caught a cold. >_<

— In the preview for Episode 6, the sunset and the members looking out into the distance could be a scene for a movie. xD The previews for EXO Showtime are always dramatic. =P It appears as though the photo of Kris with his late birthday message on Weibo was taken on this day (see here).


EXO and f(x) at SMTOWN WEEK

EXO and f(x) at SMTOWN WEEK

SMTOWN WEEK was held on two days, December 24th and 25th. The theme for the event was called “Christmas Wonderland”, hence the reason it fell on the before-mentioned dates. Only two groups took part in it, which were EXO and f(x), and I only saw a few gifs. of the event.

I think one of the highlights of the event was when EXO-K performed H.O.T.‘s Happiness and EXO-M performed H.O.T.‘s Candy (and this was around two days after I opened up my post, A Glimpse at H.O.T.’s Songs and SME’s Current K-Pop Boy Groups, in which I also discussed H.O.T.‘s Candy xD)

Another highlight… Kris coming out on stage with his hair tied in a pony, riding a scooter and wearing a granny coat, a pair of red gloves, and sunglasses. I thought I was watching Lady Gaga for a moment. >_< I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. =P

One of his actions is beginning to turn like Miley Cyrus‘ too. Am I the only fan that finds that one action of his disturbing? I’m saying this out of concern, ’cause it looks like the audience is now encouraging these things by saying, “So hot…,” rather than voicing out that these celebs. are being objectified when they do such actions. *sigh* A few celebs. have talked about having an alternate personality on stage, and that they have a name for this personality. They regard it as another being that almost sounds paranormal.

Another thing is that Kris wore a granny coat while singing Thrift Shop (thank God the clean version was used, otherwise I would have been ashamed =P), and just hours before the event, I mentioned in this post that I was saving money for when I become a granny. o_O

Furthermore, last month on November 25h, in the post, “Nice Guy”/”Innocent Man”, EXO at MAMA 2013, Hair Clip, Telepathy…, and Weekend Summary,  I talked about a dream in which Kris had a tattoo on the right side of his arm with the name “Alyssa”, and fans were wondering, “Who is Alyssa?” On the second day of SMTOWN WEEK (note, December 25th), Kris had a fake tattoo with the name “Laura” on the right side of his neck (see here), and I noticed some fans asking, “I wonder who is that?” with some answers being, “That might be his mum’s name, but I don’t know.” This is creepy!

Kris waving to fans (Credit: MerryKris)

Kris waving to fans
(Credit: MerryKris)

If that’s not all, I remember one guy in my uni. that was into magic tricks and hypnotism, and I was about to mention him in the comments section under the very same post where I wondered whether Kris can hypnotize people (it was a joke). Guess what? The guy that I was about to mention added me a few days later on Facebook. I don’t even know him. I’ve only seen him twice in uni., which was once in my Psychology class to discuss hypnosis, and once at an Anime Drawing Workshop held by the Animation Club after classes where he demonstrated how he can hypnotize people in the audience.

This was almost four to three-and-a-half years back, and I had never even talked to him before. I only remembered him as I was talking about Kris being into magic tricks, and wondering as a joke if Kris could hypnotize people. VERY BIZARRE, considering the fact that I was discussing about telepathy, intuition, and sixthsense in the post as well. A Chinese friend of mine told me that I’m “forward-thinking.” As in, I can sense things from before-hand. I think this has more to do with intuition.

On the other hand, I have noted Kris wearing the Star of David pendant on his chain necklace lately… What happened to the Cross pendant? I hope he doesn’t think that his star pendant represents a regular star, ’cause if he does, then he really is a Ben Ben.=P Although Kris isn’t Jewish, I’ve read that anyone that wears a Star of David pendant is automatically assumed one. Each to his own. However, wearing one while eating food that isn’t kosher, and this includes pork, might be taken the wrong way.

Kris at Beijing Capital International Airport/Incheon International Airport on December 23rd, 2013

Kris at Beijing Capital International Airport/Incheon International Airport on December 23rd, 2013
(Credit: Rita)

Moreover, I don’t understand why some entertainers that tear their shirts and act aggressive on stage wear a Cross pendant. It doesn’t seem right. Remember when I stated that having faith in God is not just about saying, “I love God”, but it is something that is done with action? This raises questions for me. Then again, God will judge accordingly.

I’ve also noted that Kris now carries a koala plushie keychain that was designed after his drawing. It was sewn by a fan (see here). The plushie keychain is adorable!. It’s like a character from a cartoon. Maybe Kris should go into animation. xD


To wrap up my post… so far, EXO Showtime is not as interesting as Super Junior‘s Full House, or any of the variety shows SNSD or SS501 have appeared on. However, there are still some note-worthy moments. ^^ I believe that EXO Showtime is targeted towards existing fans of EXO and not potential fans, which is a stark contrast from Super Junior‘s Full House.

I remember Super Junior‘s Full House being the reason that I had become a big fan of the group. ^^ I had introduced the show to a couple of my friends that had gotten into K-Pop through me, and they became instant fans of Super Junior as well!

Also, the fans that are calling EXO the best K-Pop group… it’s only a matter of a few years until another K-Pop group will emerge and everyone will be calling that one the best instead. EXO‘s success has come fast in comparison to the other K-Pop groups, but remember, these groups have a time-span…they are temporary. Tastes and preferences change one generation to the next as well. Having said that, I don’t get why there is hate between fandoms. It is one of the most childish things that I have ever seen. >_< All K-Pop groups are doing the same thing at the end of the day and work equally hard.

EXO Showtime Episode 6 Preview

EXO Showtime signature pose with the sunset xD

I’m not too sure if I’ll being making comments on the next few episodes of EXO Showtime. There are meant to be 12 episodes in total. If Ace isn’t appearing in any of them, then I must conclude that Kris has abandoned him. =P Poor Ace.

On a random note, I’m curious as to how long it takes EXO to learn the choreography of some of the special dances that they have to perform on stage. These are dances for songs that are not sung by them. Usually their schedule is packed when they’re promoting their own songs, so I’m wondering how fast they learn some of the special dances for upcoming stage performances.

P.S. It took me 2 years to finish watching The Moon that Embraces the Sun… Two years! Can you believe it!? I started watching it in January 2012, but I became busy when moving here, and didn’t continue watching it until recently. I completed watching episodes 11-20! xD The second-last episode was scary, and I felt sad that my favorite character, Seol, died. =( Overall, it was a lovely drama that was worth watching. ^^


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