No Sun and Moon in Paradise


I couldn’t go to sleep (it’s almost 5 A.M.), so I decided to continue reading the Qur’an in English. As I was reading it, I found out something that I never really thought about… the sun and moon will not exist in Paradise.


Qu’ran [Chapter 76 (Surah Al-Insan/The Man), Verse 13]

Paradise is meant to consist of things beyond our imagination, and I believe that quite strongly. I once had a dream in which I saw a beautiful place like no other, and the feeling upon seeing it was something that was completely out-of-this-world, Subhan’Allah. If a dream can show me of a place that I had never of imagined before, then I wonder what Paradise contains.

Other than that, I’ve read the Qur’an in Arabic a few times, but I want to finish reading it in English before the end of this year, iA. I only have one more part to complete, iA. ^^ Furthermore, my heart will not feel content if I were to die one day without making the effort to take out time to understand and reflect on the verses in the Qur’an. Honestly, the Day of Judgement often lingers in my mind. My friends and I sometimes have discussions about it too.

Having said that, I love discussing the Qur’an with my friends; we always end up having deep discussions because of it. ^^


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    • Hello kimmie!

      Yes, I did notice his top in EXO Showtime Episode 4. In fact, I pointed it out in a post that I haven’t published yet. It’s a post on my thoughts on the last few episodes of EXO Showtime. I’ll try to post it before the end of the year, iA. The top was worn by Luhan in the teaser for EXO Showtime and it was also worn by Chanyeol for one of EXO’s stage performances. It’s most likely the stylists that gave them this top.

      Fashion labels have been releasing controversial clothing, and it seems to be happening at a much faster rate than before. Not many people know the deep meaning, or the historical significance, behind some of the symbols used on the clothing too. People wear such clothing ’cause they are seen as “cool” or in fashion, and I’ve noticed that it’s not just K-Pop celebs., but also Hollywood celebs.

      How come all of you lovely fans think that Kris reads my blog? xD He’s so busy these days that I can’t imagine him taking out time from his busy schedule to read my blog. =P

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