Hiatus ’til New Year


Going to be on hiatus for a while…probably ’til New Year, iA.

I get over 200+ messages a day on my WhatsApp ’cause of all the group chat sessions my friends have. xD They started it just recently. It’s hard to keep in touch due to the large time difference when one is on the other side of the world, but I could give up a lil’ free time that I use on entertainment-related stuff for that.

(Credit: maarel)

(Credit: Maarel)

Besides, when it comes to K-Pop, I pay more attention to the music now, and less on the artists (except for their funny/dorky moments =P). I still haven’t forgotten that there is the presence of deception. I have conveyed a message already, and that’s all that matters. If I have conveyed it, then I should leave it from there on, as the rest is not in my hands. The rest up is up to God.

I also finished watching Rooftop Prince. I started watching it ages ago, but I finished it two days back. xD It was a lovely drama. Though, the reincarnation bit is just as cliche as one losing memory like in Nice Guy/Innocent Man. I liked the character, Park Ha aka Boo Yong. Sometimes I feel like her…staying quiet about something only to protect someone dear without that person even realizing it. The sad thing is that Park Ha/Boo Yong is betrayed by someone close to her while protecting that person and the people she loves.

I always believe that if we have been wronged by someone, justice will eventually be served…be it in this world, or the next. The person that does the wrong can’t escape no matter how hard he/she tries, unless he/she directly asks for forgiveness.

This also leads me to mentioning that a couple of days ago, I was reading a passage in the Qur’an related to those who feel that they have been wronged by someone, or have felt injustice. It was rather comforting to read through it as it is an assurance that we will receive our justice, and that there is nothing to worry about (click here to see). There are often times people that may take one’s ideas for their own gain, and it happens even in the work place, but you know what they can’t take? Your deeds.

By the way, did anyone read the article, Joe Jonas: My Life As a Jonas Brother, that was released recently? I’ve never been a fan of the Jonas Brothers and never really cared about the group, ’cause I was into rock/heavy-metal/and other music…no pop boy groups throughout most of my teen years, but I read the article nonetheless. I thought it would give insight to what he experienced while working in the entertainment industry. It sums up a lot of the things that I have mentioned in my blog.

(Credit: Margaret)

(Credit: Margaret)

It was a very honest article, and I recommend everyone to read it, especially fans of boy groups. The article contains words directly from a boy group member, and answers some questions that fans are often curious about. There’s a lot more than meets the eye. My conclusion is to just stay vigilant while listening to music. Live your life. Be happy.

As a human being, seeing them being able to follow the path of God is what should bring peace to our heart, and their hearts, more than their success. Despite the fact that some people often stumble and get lost along whatever worldly path they have come across, I still see potential in such people. Following the path of God is not just about saying, “I love God”. It’s much more than that, and it’s something that is done with action. Furthermore, there’s no such thing as “fan-celeb.” thing in the eyes of God. It’s something man-made anyways. We’re all human beings, and we’re all equal in God’s eyes.

I still remember that I have the K-Pop voice meme to upload. Will most likely upload it around New Years, iA! I hope all of you enjoy the holidays! ^^ Take care everyone! <3

P.S. I bought a hat. It’s a basic one, but it goes well with many of my outfits and gives the outfits a more polished look rather than just a casual look. I also made an old style top that I bought back in 2007 look like it’s still in fashion because of the hat. I think I found a new obsession. I bought some flower headbands too. Another obsession. Who needs to buy so many new clothes when you can just add accessories to the old ones and give it a more classic look that will make them stay in fashion? ^^


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  1. Hey

    Guess I’m gonna miss you.:( But it’s till new year right?

    i read the article. I never knew they actually suffered so much. I My sister used to like them. For some reason, i didn’t like them very much not because of the music or their image. I felt that this wasn’t them. It was too..scripted? I don’t know. All the best to Joe Jonas. Hope he gets what he wants. If Kris or any of the K-pop members ever felt this way they should definitely read this article.

    When you wrote that “I always believe that if we have been wronged by someone, justice will eventually be served…be it in this world, or the next. The person that does the wrong can’t escape no matter how hard he/she tries, unless he/she directly asks for forgiveness.”

    What if God doesn’t punish them? Will the wrong doers actually know who to apologize? Cuz i know a couple of people who hurt me and they never did apologize. they moved on as if everything is perfect in their lives and nothing went wrong.

    I would love to see your hat :) So… i guess this is it. Advanced christmas wishes ( we both know we don’t celebrate christmas but… its ok) and new year. Tell you what… y don’t we blog about out new year wishes and resolutions?… On 1st january 2014?? Its not only you or me..any one can do this and posted in their blog. it could b anything… to change the world or to clean the room ( this is my 1st resolution since i always read books and keep them on my side table. there’s 10 or 12 books in my room and ma gets really frustrated everytime she comes into the room. :P)

    • Don’t worry, babe! New Year is not too far away, iA. ^^

      A lot of things in K-Pop are scripted too, so I don’t think it’s too different than Disney. I read through some of the comments in the article and a few fans felt as if everything they knew about the members of the group was a lie. These are fans that have been a fan of the Jonas Brothers for years. It goes back to the topic of deception in the entertainment industry, and that there is a lot that happens behind-the-scenes that we don’t know of.

      Honestly, I would feel hurt about being deceived. Fans invest time and money in these people out of trust, and they look up to them as role models too. I guess we should guard our hearts more carefully. >_< This also leads back to the fact that in this world, one should ultimately rely on God…not other people like celebs., etc. They are humans. They have flaws. Their life is also a test just like ours. Our souls are all in this journey together.

      The thing is only few people can handle fame. Most people get corrupted by it, and many get addicted to it and can't live without it. Look at what fame did to Joe Jonas. He could have very well walked away if he didn't like what was going on, but he was scared to because all the fame and privileges he had achieved through Disney could have been swept away within a second. From what I can deduce out of this is that he wanted to have the freedom to pursue his music capabilities and do whatever he wanted to without being told what to do, but at the same time he couldn't live without the fame he had achieved by working for Disney. After leaving Disney…he has his freedom, but it's also about coming face-to-face with the fact that fame can't last forever.

      I agree, Kris and other stars should read this article. I was thinking about that as I was reading through it. Having said that, did you read Kris' letter to fans today talking about the "highest of highs" that he has been able to achieve this year, and also the obstacles he has been able to get through, thanks to fans? He seems to be aware that this is only the beginning stage, that life is not always perfect, and that there is still a long road ahead. He seems wise. Honestly, as a fan and having read experiences by other celebs., I sometimes get worried. However, we should leave everything up to God. As a believer, our duty is to convey a message, not monitor and control another person's actions.

      I wasn't really a fan of pop boy groups…they weren't my style. =P I was more into rock/metal bands, mainly because their music had a much deeper meaning, some which also related to societal issues. I don’t listen to this music genre as much anymore. I like upbeat songs now.

      About my statement, and your question, "What if God doesn’t punish them? Will the wrong doers actually know who to apologize? Cuz i know a couple of people who hurt me and they never did apologize. they moved on as if everything is perfect in their lives and nothing went wrong."

      In the Qur'an, it is written that if their punishment is not in this world, then it will be in the next. They will be judged for what they have done, and who they have hurt, on the Day of Judgement. It is also recommended to forgive, and move on with your life rather than hold grudges, or seek revenge against someone that did wrong. By forgiving those that did wrong, you will be held in honor by God. Besides if we can't forgive someone, then how can we expect God to forgive us for the sins we have committed?

      "The Prophet ﷺ said that: 'Whoever suffers an injury and forgives (the person responsible), God will raise his status to a higher degree and remove one of his sins' (Al-Tirmidhi). If we can sincerely forgive those who anger us, inwardly and outwardly, then that cleanses our souls from the shaytan (satan) and his negative energy. It is important to disregard vain criticisms and this is the first step toward being tolerant. Of course, this is not done without difficulty because it is hard to understand why those who have caused us grievances wanted to do so in the first place. But this is where the battle with our inner self can take a positive turn and allow us to elevate our iman (faith). This inner struggle is what the Prophet ﷺ called 'The Greater Jihad' because it involves tolerance and fighting the evil within ourselves in order to purify our hearts. This is always done for the sake of Allah and to purify our spiritual conditions." (Read more… http://www.suhaibwebb.com/ummah/forgiveness-and-tolerance-in-islam/)

      Advanced wishes to you too! Blogging about our New Year resolutions sounds like a good idea! I shall do that, iA. ^^ Since I'm living away from my parents, every time I clean my room, it turns upside down within a few days. =P With me, it's not books, but clothes. My mum keeps telling me that this sort of behavior will no be tolerated when I get married, iA. xD She says, “Jab susraal jaaogi, thabh patha chale ga,” aka “When you go to your in-laws, that’s when you will realize.” =P I’m aware that she wants me to be a great daughter-in-law in the future, and like most mums, what she says is for my own good. I'm actually a neat and tidy person (almost won the senior superlative in high school for “Most Neat”). I like organization, but it's that thing where I'm either way too organized…or I can't be bothered, and take my time. =P

    • On a random note, I’ve been intrigued by Japanese music videos lately. I like the creative and strange aspect behind them, though I do spot some of you-know-who symbols. It’s still a million times cleaner than Western music videos that are being released recently. This song is stuck in my head. There are other intriguing music videos like this. ^^’

  2. Hope you like this link.


    Thanks for the link. I find that most of my questions are answered in this article. :)

    Yup, i read his letter in Facebook (i really don’t know how to access weibo. Its frustrating that i can’t access it. There’s another weibo site that’s only used for people who now English. are you using that one? if not how are you using the Chinese weibo?) It’s interesting that he seems to know the road hes taking. And i think hes gonna do well if he knows how to handle the risks. Sometimes i wish they know what they are doing and not follow their managers’s advice or let them controlled. Unfortunately, everyone has learnt that everything has a price.

    Last night, i saw EXO SHOWTIME episode 2 : where 11 of them went to a shopping district in Seoul to buy a gift for Chanyeol. I find it really hard to believe their character is like that. As for our Duizhang…. I don’t even wanna… I really wanted to hit him with something on his head. where is our cool duizhang?? T_T. Aish… By the time i finished seeing the show… i really wanted to bang myself onto the wall.
    ( Check out Sehun and Kai’s gift for Chanyeol… I think they are the trolls of EXO.) On second thought…don’t watch it. Just see what these two maknaes gave Chanyeol.

    Yup..we’ll post our resolutions. Now..i gotta go and write the list…. Au revoir!!

    • You’re welcome, and I can totally connect to the article that you’ve shared on writing! =P Thank you! xD

      I’m using the Chinese version of Weibo. I signed up with the help of an online tutorial. After that, I figured my way around the site by testing out buttons and clicks. It doesn’t take that long to get a hang of the basics.

      Isn’t it strange yet amusing that we don’t speak the same mother tongue as our biases and, neither are we living in the same country as them, yet we go out of our way and break down all barriers to support them? The translators in the fandom have played a huge part in bridging the gap too. Kudos to them. Without them, we would have a hard time understanding our biases’ messages in Korean and Chinese. Sure, we can use Google Translate, but it’s not always accurate.

      Speaking of the language barrier, I feel like I can now truly state how I felt when I was the only non-Chinese at Kris’ b-day gathering here (I was the first one at the venue xD). I felt out-of-place in the beginning ’cause of the language barrier, as majority of fellow fans spoke in Chinese. Later on, there were a few girls that were fluent in English that showed up, and we clicked really well. In the beginning I actually wanted to cry, ’cause it was frustrating to not be able to communicate properly, and just smile and feel out-of-place in the conversations. I even called up my Changsha friend and asked her if it was possible to meet up early with me (we were initially going to meet up in the city anyways). However, after a while, everything turned out fine, alhamdulillah, and I made some really nice and sweet friends. It was an experience. =P I’ve never done anything like attending a b-day gathering for a public figure and holding up banners to wish them a ‘Happy Birthday’, but I thought I would just see how it’s like for once. It will forever be a memory of the time I was a fan. I wouldn’t do it again, though. “It’s not my style.” Kekeke!

      Actually, I’m frightened that if I do things like that, then I’ll probably end up liking my bias more, and would become blind about the fact that the entertainment industry is part of a big agenda. I don’t want to feel hurt either. Only a girl can understand a fan girl’s feelings. Not even our bias can understand, ’cause he himself is trying to figure out everything on the kind of journey that he is on.

      I’m still not fond of the idea of how the world of K-Pop is run. Look at how young some of the trainees are. At such a young age, who would be able to make such a huge decision of joining the entertainment industry without having experienced proper childhood, or teen-hood growth?

      I’ve only seen gifs. for Episode 3 of “EXO Showtime”. I was waiting for the English subs. It’s okay, I know how you feel about Kris. I feel like throwing a dozen rubber duckies at him. =P *sigh* It’s about time that we come to the conclusion that Kris ‘aint cool. xD Just kidding! Spongeeeeebob square pants… *goes and bangs head on the wall* That reminds me of the pic. of Kris as Patrick and Chanyeol as SponegBob, which I had used in the post http://asparkofmoonlight.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/exos-kris-prepares-for-a-trip-to-hawaii-at-smtown-world-tour-iii-in-seoul/.

      Putting K-Pop aside, I’ve been looking up strange and interesting things found on Google Earth…crop circles, messages that can be seen using the satellite view, secret places that are blocked out, and some funny captures. Apparently Colonel Sanders face on the KFC logo has been blurred out…’cause he was a real person and everyone on Google Earth has to have their faces blurred out. Hahaha! xD

      I was also looking up places in New York (I’ve visited NYC when I was 2) and wanted to see pictures of the other side of it, as in the ghettos. I stumbled upon a very interesting thread that left me very emotional. It was about life in the ghettos and those facing poverty from the 1960′s-1995 in NYC. Such a vivid description from the perspective of an outsider looking in, and also someone that shared the experiences of those that spent their life living there in poverty. I was almost in tears. We should be incredibly thankful to God for everything that we have.

      Since I like creative street art, I found out about a place called 5 POINTZ in NYC. It’s a building block that had been transformed into a museum dedicated to graffiti art. It attracts a number of visitors due to its appearance. According to their site, “5Pointz visitors can expect to find prominent artists, musicians, deejays, Emcees (rappers), and B-boys (break dancers) on site, in addition to filmmakers, photographers, and entire tour buses full of admirers soaking in the more than 350 Technicolor murals.” It’s a place where people can legally practice their graffiti art. I was thinking that I should list this as one of the places to see if I ever visit NYC again, iA, but then I just found out that a few months back that it had to be closed down. =(

      I think I should continue putting K-Pop aside, and discover some more fascinating things. xD Maybe I could get some ideas for a novel (which will probably never happen). There could be a tough yet kind character that comes from the ghettos and his/her scene starts off with him/her standing on their balcony overlooking the run-down neighborhood, and him/her looking into the distance at the bright lights emitted from the tall shiny buildings. He/she thinks, “So close yet so far…it’s as if we are forgotten in their eyes. We live in the same world, but nobody treats us as humans.” Somewhere near the tall shiny buildings is a grand event taking place. A celeb. appears, and his scene can start off with him passing by all the flashing lights and waving to the people cheering around him as we walks down the red carpet. His manager waits for him nearby a car. As soon as the celeb. gets into the car with his manager, his manager goes through a quick overview of what’s next in the celeb’s. busy schedule. Tired and wearisome, the celeb. looks outside the window, sighs and thinks, “How long will this routine last for? I have everything…except my freedom.” Then all sorts of different characters meet by destiny and have a mission that they embark on. =P

      I’ve already started thinking about my NY resolution list too! Happy writing! ^^

      • Now that’s an awesome idea for a novel. If you want to write it, go ahead. If you wanna publish it, you can do it under an alias na? I’m more into fiction-romcom-action kind. Im a sucker for happy endings..:P

        Ive always wanted to visit the Big Apple. Hence my love for CSI:New York and the Sex and the city movies… New York is a cool place and the life is fast pace ( Info comes in from my friends) But education wise..not so much. Business wise yup… its good opportunities provided that you stand out from the crowd.

        And your right.. the more i think about EXO or for that matter anything related to K-pop its gonna make me lose my mind. (not literally) . It’s best to pursue other interests.

        My friend told me that there are times when your mind starts sprouting ideas. Thats when you should write the ideas in a book. Later on, when your free, you could work in one of those ideas… I think she got this idea from the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” . By the way, it’s a wonderful movie.

        • Ramya, the book that I want to write is a mix of fiction, reality, action, adventure, and fantasy, I’ve been thinking about it since I was a teen. I remember talking about it with a group of friends in the library back in high school too, but I made sure to not reveal too much. Fun times.

          The thing is if I’m going to write it, it’s going to have an anti-New World Order theme and a part of it will pin-point the pyramid scheme in society. As we know, those at “top of the pyramid” are the bankers, politicians, global celebs., etc.

          When I was planning to continue the story where I had left off from, I had a dream in which I was told, “You’re not ready to write the book.” I thought I should follow the advice.

          It’s all the more strange that the character Dui Zhang plays in the “MAMA” music video is just like one of the characters I had planned for my book. You have no idea how surprised I was. The scene of him on top of a building and then summoning a dragon was all too similar. When I also found out that Dui Zhang had a scorpion tattoo that represents the dog-dragon on his upper left arm, I thought, “This is getting real weird…” It’s like watching your own character come to life ’cause the one I had planned is Asian and is meant to have a dragon tattoo on his right arm, but more-so to symbolize that he belongs to a particular group. O_O Furthermore, the character I had planned is more mysterious, troubled, and not-so-friendly in the beginning. He’s very superficial and vain yet at the same time pessimistic. He is quite cold and mean towards the main character and looks down on her and her group of friends that she’s on a mission with. She tries to convince him to turn to the good side, but he ignores her explanations. He becomes empathetic, trusting, and warm-hearted later on.

          I was thinking that maybe the message in the dream, “You’re not ready to write the book,” relates to the fact that a few years later, I would be seeing someone that is a lil’ similar to the character that I had planned. What can I say? Strange phenomenon.

          I have a few friends in NYC. They’ve told me about the fast-paced life as well. Life here is also fast-paced, but I think Aussies like to enjoy a bit of leisure time outdoors, which includes having BBQ’s and surfing. People here prefer a more simple life, and not an extravagant one.

          For me, it’s the more I think about Kris, the more likely that I’m going to lose my mind. =P To lose my mind over someone that is a foot taller than me…LOL. I think it’s a curse, ’cause I once got scared when I found out that a tall athletic guy was “crazy about me” back in my senior year of university (I start to panic when I find out that someone likes me… I don’t know why xD and in this case, I was wondering, “Why would a guy like him like someone petite like me?” o_O), and I became a lil’ distant around him in my classes when I once used to talk to him as just a fellow student about our assignment and projects. There were a number of girls that were crazy about him. The saying is true…what goes around comes around. Lesson learned. But why does Kris have to be somewhat similar to the character I had planned for my book, why did he have to be a member that can “fly” as I had “predicted”, and why is he like the basketball dude I saw in my dream before I even knew about his passion for basketball? >_< I'm 1001% done with this! =P

          Those reasons are perhaps why I've continued being a fan of Dui Zhang for a while now, as two years of being a fan of someone I don't know personally isn't normal for me.

          All sorts of creative ideas come to mind for me when I'm about to go to sleep. xD Sometimes I feel like writing them down, but I'm unable to express them more clearly in words as I type. I shall check out the movie you've recommended. I've heard of the name before. Thanks! ^^

        • I finished watching the movie that you recommended! It was nice. The places in the movie reminded me of my Europe trip, as I had visited Florence, Tuscany, and Rome. Italy is a beautiful place to travel to and so is Spain. <3 I also noted that the movie had a happy ending that I'm sure you liked! I'm so glad that the lead character found someone within a short time. It's not so easy in real life, but I've seen a miracle like that happen to a friend after she came out from something similar. Also, in real life, I feel as if a happy ending is when we leave this world behind and enter Paradise, iA. Perhaps we should call the next life, "Happy Beginning"?

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