Arirang’s “After School Club” featuring EXO

EXO on Arirang After School Club  (Credit: As watermarked)

EXO on Arirang‘s After School Club
(Credit: As watermarked)

Last night, after coming back from my graduation ceremony, I noticed that Arirang‘s After School Club featuring EXO was aired live at 5 P.M. (KST) and that the video for it was uploaded on YouTube. I decided to watch it. I was already surprised by the fact that a person that I met yesterday described my experience of living in different countries, moving around, and being an Australian with an American accent as “exotic”, and that one of my Chinese friends with the name “Chris” in her name introduced me to one of her friends whose name happened to be…guess what? Kris. He was Chinese too.

Even on my graduation day, I have to be reminded of EXO. It seems as though, no matter how busy I am, or focused on something incredibly important, there will always be something that will remind me of EXO or Kris.

Furthermore, just when I had indicated in the post, Of ‘Buing Buings’, Gummy Smiles, and Angry Birds…Kris Style, that the connection between K-Pop stars and fans is “one-way”, I read After School Club‘s (@arirang_ASC) description on Twitter, which is, “Tired of one-way K-Pop love? Get on Google Hangouts, video chat with stars and request MVs LIVE on the After School Club!”

I see what’s happening. Destiny is trying to tell me that someday it will be a two-way connection, despite the fact that I still believe that the connection is one-way no matter what. =P

Here is Arirang‘s After School Club featuring EXO.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the interview. All the members of EXO were very giggly, even though 11 out of 12 of them probably had no idea what was being said in English =P No worries, the hosts knew how to speak in Korean and there was Kris, who had comfortably communicated in English. It also looked like the cameraman loved Kris, because majority of the time, the camera kept focusing on him.

Other than that, D.O.‘s pronunciation of words in English is really good. I wonder if he has studied a bit of English before. I’m starting to pay a bit more attention to D.O. He looks like the kind of person that keeps to himself, and even though he is talented, he appears to be humble about it. I’ve also noticed that some of the faces that he makes sometimes indicate, “I’m judging you!” =P

Kris' reaction to "Oh sugar" (yes, I re-phrased it! =P) (Credit: to the rightful owner)

Kris‘ reaction to “Oh, sugar” (yes, I re-phrased it! =P)
(Credit: to the rightful owner)

Also, what’s with all the cute expressions that Kris has been making lately? O_O This innocent child look must be some sort of trap. I usually become wide-eyed when I look at babies with admiration, but now the same thing is happening when I look at Kris. Kris is not a baby, but why is my expression like this? Even the way he tried to pronounce, “fermented,” was like a baby learning how to read the names of objects from a baby book. =P His reaction to the swear word…let me rephrase it, “Oh, sugar!” was cute. His whole aura has taken a 360 degree turn after the end of EXO‘s MAMA era. What if Kris is really innocent? Or maybe he’s really good at acting. Who knows? =P We can’t forget the fact that he’s in the entertainment industry.

Having said that, it’s mind-blowing how a group of boys that once looked like “thugs” or “gangstas” roaming around the streets together look angelic, innocent, and child-like now. It amazes me sometimes. I feel that who they really are may not correlate 100% with the image that they’ve been given. I’m still fascinated with how Kris has changed a lot. He looked like an EWIL (yes, “ewil” with a “w”) person in his trainee years, except for that one passport photo in which he looked innocent, but look at him now. Hahahaha! xD Some of his jokes, as seen in the interview here, sound like mine. =P

Anyhow, Kris mentioned that it is EXO‘s dream to have a world tour and that hopefully that dream will come true next year, iA. As he was listing the name of places that are likely to be on their world tour, my eyes became wide…hoping that he would mention Australia…but, no. I felt disappointed. Don’t call yourself a koala bear if you’re not going to visit Australia, Kris! >:( I’m guessing that it must be more disappointing for Canadian fans as Kris AND Super Junior-M‘s Henry are from Canada. A world tour is not a world tour if it doesn’t include Canada and Australia. =P


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  2. Congratulations, Moon, on your graduation! It takes a lot of focus and dedication to obtain a post-graduate degree, so good job! I am sure with your drive, personality and skills you will go far. And, of course, with God you will succeed.

    Now, I know you keep hinting at ceasing blogging on EXO/Kris, but I really hope you don’t stop – your posts are just too adorable! For instance these past few posts since EXo’s comeback are so fun to read. I don’t comment, but be sure that I will read ALL your EXO-related posts, haha. And, I agree. Kris sure is adorable these days. I am really loving D.O. voice. Did you get the XOXO album? It is – to my relief – really excellent.

    • Thank you for the encouraging words, azerdocmom! ^^ Ameen.

      I may get really busy in the upcoming weeks, so I might not be updating as much. There’s a lot going on in EXO’s schedule these days that even video subbers are having a hard time subbing clips of EXO. xD

      I haven’t bought the “XOXO (Kiss&Hug)” album yet. I might plan on buying it later on, iA. I’ve heard all of the songs, though, and most of them sound really good! Did you buy both versions?

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