When I Imagine Meeting My Ultimate Bias…

Two scenarios... =P

Two scenarios =P

I know, this is an exaggerated pic. of the height difference, but I imagine seeing Kris either with his Angry Bird eyebrows and stern expression or with a kind and gentle smiley expression in person. I found a pic. of a tall and petite animation and decided to edit it to describe both scenarios. I was too lazy to edit the hair (note: I have replaced the pic. with an updated version…the original one can be seen here).

I was thinking the other day that even though my ultimate bias is Kris, I have absolutely no photo of him in my room. In fact, forget about photo, there is absolutely NOTHING in my room that has any reference to him. SHOCKING isn’t it since most fan girls have photos, merchandise, and other things related to their biases, right? =P

Tuzki Animation 6I thought…if I were to put up a photo of Kris on my wall, which one should it be? Should it be a lovely fan taken one, or should it be a pre-debut photo, such as one of his yearbook photos or a photo of him as a basketball player in China? It would be an interesting idea to place a pre-debut photo of him…I mean, who keeps high school photos of their favorite ‘star’ on their wall…ONLY? xD

I told myself that placing a pre-debut photo of Kris would be rather hilarious, as any friend or guest that would enter the room would most likely ask, “WHO IS THAT!?” in a confused manner. I would simply say, “Don’t you know? This is my favorite ‘star’ in all of Hollywood, Bollywood, Dollywood, Lollywood, and all the entertainment industries with the word, ‘wood’, at the end.” I would like to see the expression on their face then =P Either they would think I’m really strange, or they would ask, “Out of all the photos there are of him, you had to choose these ones?” xD

What do you all think?

JUST KIDDING! I don’t put up photos of celebrities on my wall (mainly for religious reasons), so I’m just joking about wanting to put a photo of Kris on my wall =P Random thoughts, which I find amusing, just come to my mind at times.

Tuzki Animation 9Anyhow, I saw a picture taken by Kris, or so it was claimed (it seems like he is the group photographer wherever he goes ^^), of Xiumin and Luhan with the members of Baby V.O.X. 3 (does this mean RaNia?). There is not much I can say about that except fan girls should also be going out and having fun with a group of girls and guys too. Yes, please do that rather than staying on your computer staring at your biases! GO OUT AND HAVE FUN ‘CAUSE YOUR BIASES ARE PROBABLY DOING THE SAME!!! You never know…maybe you will also find someone special ^_~

What I’m trying to say is…find a guy that will LISTEN to you, SPEAK to you, and BE THERE for you…your biases can’t do that so leave them be and just LIKE them and just listen to their music =P I’m saying this because fan girls get hurt too easily when they find out about their biases hanging out with a girl, whether they are just friends or not, and there really is no point…YOU MUST LIVE YOUR LIFE! I know the feeling because I’ve been into K-Pop for 3 and a 1/2 years now, but I’ve told myself that one must be mentally prepared for everything and accept it if one is to be a fan.

Tuzki Animation 5On a funny note, K-Pop boy groups are allowed to take photos with other girls but they can’t take photos with fan girls that spot them at cafes or somewhere uncrowded by chance. WHAT IZ THIZ!? THIS IS DISCRIMINATION! We are also human beings =’( Everyone is a human being. Human beings can take photos with human beings, okay?

I will take a photo with Kris…ONE DAY, IA! ONE DAY, IA! If he says, “No, sorry!” I will ask, “What is this discrimination!? You take photos with other girls but you will not take a photo with fans, who you refer to as friends? What happened to your best friend, Tao, saying, “Everyone is equal!’ huh!? Please explain! This is not acceptable! Like BUDDY PLEASE…everyone is equal and therefore, I will take a photo with you!” =P

Tuzki Animation 2If he still refuses, then I will quickly take a photo of both of our shoes and say, “Ahhh, this is just like the photo of your shoes on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…and NOW there is a photo of both of our shoes! Yayyy! Thank you, FAN FAN! SEEE YOUUU LATER! *makes the peace sign and quickly runs away*

Tall, short, skinny, plump, famous, not-famous, rich, poor…it doesn’t matter. EVERYONE IS EQUAL IN GOD’S EYES AND THAT’S HOW IT SHOULD BE FOR ALL OF US TOO! ‘Nuff said!

I’m just wondering, where exactly is Wu Fan? Everyone has been saying that he hasn’t been going to practices for the past couple of days. Is he still sick or does he have something else in his schedule that we don’t know about? Whatever it is, I hope he’s okay.

Waiting for EXO’s comeback is hard, but it’s even harder waiting for the day that you’ll get to see them in person (and only God knows when that is!). Sometimes I wish I was 18 all over again… Even if 5 years had gone by, it wouldn’t have mattered…

Actually, I would like to see my bias out of all of 12 members…even if it’s just a simple, “Hi!” It would be nice to finally see the person that I’ve been writing about for so long, iA…

Tuzki Animation 3My mum’s funny…she asks, “Why don’t you ask Kris to marry you?” HAHAHAHAHA! I always say, “Mum…you’ve got to be joking! It’s not easy…they have a career to work for and who knows, they’re probably dating someone already =P I don’t even know how my bias is like in real…” Besides, wouldn’t it be nicer if the guy asked for a girl’s hand in marriage rather than the other way round? xD

Keep dreaming is all I can say in my mind.

Apart from that, it’s already the month of February. I was born just two days before Valentine’s Day and my friend from Changsha has her birthday ON Valentine’s Day. Our birthdays are so close! I once wanted my birthday to be on Valentine’s Day, but then I realized that I like the number 12, so I’m content with February 12. ^^

Now, I end this post with a cute plot twist…

Plot Twist: Ace gets a plush toy from fans and names it Kris. —(Credit: elfchullie.tumblr.com)

CUTE, right!? xD

Peace out, my dears!


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  2. I just have to comment. This is such an adorable post. The little you with a pink tutu and giant Duizhang, hahaha.

    When I read you don’t have pictures of these KPop stars on your wall because of religious reasons, I nearly gasped. I am your mother’s generation. In all these years since my teens, I have never heard anyone, not one person, have the same reason I had when I didn’t put up celebrity posters on my wall. I was absolutely in love with Barry Manilow (yeah…that tells you how old I am, haha) when I was a teen, but after I put a poster up, I felt very uncomfortable with that so I took it down. I felt very strongly that as a Christian, I should worship no one else other than Jesus; it’s the first commandment.

    Wow, I am just floored. You are amazingly mature for your young age. You make excellent points in this post. I hope young women who read your posts (and there appears to be quite a significant number of them) see you as a good example and role model.

    • Thanks for the comment, azerdocmom! =)

      Ahhh, that pink tutu is supposed to be a pink blouse. I don’t wear pink tutus. I can’t even imagine…Hahahaha! xD I guess I should have spent a bit more time editing the pic. then =P

      I used to have photos of heavy-metal bands and rock artists on my wall, but I took them down a few years back since the walls of my house had to be painted. Over time, I also became uncomfortable with the idea of putting photos of celebrities on my wall, so I never bothered to put those photos back up again. ‘Til this day I haven’t placed a photo of any celebrity on my wall. It’s nice to know and I’m very happy to hear that there are other people that don’t put up photos of celebrities on their wall for the same reason. As for Barry Manilow…there is always a particular charm about singers from previous generations ^^

      Thanks for the compliment ^^ Though, I must admit…some girls have gotten too many Kris “feels” from my blog posts >_< Fan girls forget that these celebrities are no different than most guys that they meet in real life. The only difference is that they've been trained to act in a certain way in front of the public and are groomed to look their best, but the public doesn't know how they are like behind cameras. When fans see the true face of their favorite celebrity and how they're like, they are often disappointed or upset due to unrealistic expectations. Also, when fans get upset, the celebrity may also end up feeling the same way about himself/herself or feel really pressured (unless he/she has an "I-don't-care" attitude =P).

      • Yes, I am sure lots of fan girls really enjoy your posts on Duizhang – even “fan moms” do, haha.

        You ought continue to post enthusiastically about celebrities you enjoy following because your posts are so fun to read. But, you can keep your readers grounded in reality by your comments on their very human and fallible selves. By reminding fan girls that there is more to life than “idols” and definitely not “worship” them.

        Speaking of celebs, I hope Kris is recovering well. If he caught influenza, it could be miserable. I remember Eunhyuk reportedly caught the dreaded “Bird flu” back in 2009. Poor Duizhang :( Influenza typically runs its course in about 10 days, and since he is young and healthy, he should recover just fine. I hope SME has good doctors. If not, I am more than happy to be their doc :)

    • It’s always nice to know that there are fan moms out their too! ^^

      Thanks for the suggestion! I hope Kris has fully recovered too, iA. Reading what you’ve said makes me wish I had been a doctor like I had initially wanted to be xD It would be awesome if you had the chance to be SME’s doc.! I wonder if SME has their very own doctors or not.

  3. moonlight eonni.. i’m back and i miss your blog seems like i miss wuyifan too haha.. yeah.. someday i will take many photos with him as a friend not as a fan.. we are human being and everyone is equal.. (i love this) haha..

    bein fan so hard to make different between reality and fandom but we should live in our life..

    i love you eonni.. keep writing.. wish i will meet you someday.. with kris too.. haha.. greeting for your changsa friend.. she’s so pretty.. remind me of yixing..

    • Hello Chika!

      Welcome back! ^^ Seems like the Fan ‘Family’ is missing Wu Yi Fan a lot these days. As cheesy as it sounds, I miss Wu Yi Fan a lot too >.< Nevertheless, I'm sure that he's doing fine =)

      It would be nice to meet all of you too, iA. I will send my friend your greetings ^^

      Yes, my birthday is this week. Thank you so much for the wishes, dear. Ameen. May Allah bless you too! <3

  4. Hey, I finally got the chance to comment after having *cough* stalking *cough* reading I mean, all of your blog posts regarding Duizhang Kris. I really like your posts, you always take a piece of his life and make it an interesting read with your own thoughts and values. I love reading your posts since it always makes me laugh and gain some insight at the same time.

    I agree with what you said. Fangirls out there should go out, have fun and enjoy life, not stalk their bias 24/7 online, lol. Yeah I know, tis’ pretty hard having to accept that your bias will never fall for you and who knows he might even already have someone else in his mind. But oh well, I do like them accepting that he cannot be mine from the first place itself. Just admire him from afar and wish for his best. Not like I can do anything more, regarding where I live, sheesh!

    I know, I don’t have any pics of duizhang either. I also wonder at times which pic I should get of him but then I think I might be crossing the borderline between sane and fan-girl, so I shake my head. Hehe!

    • Hello mistyveils! ^^

      Thanks for commenting! xD I’m happy that you like my posts. I’m sorry for replying late. I’ve been quite busy lately and when I get the time to go online, I’m just really exhausted from the long day >_<

      I guess 'fan girl problems' are quite prevalent in the K-Pop fandom. I think the attachment to the Internet or addiction to causes this as it is a form of escapism from reality…a temporary happiness that one gains and quickly loses over time. Of course, there's a lot more to this issue. Anyhow, it would be much more healthy for fan girls to be out and about more often socializing with others rather than sitting behind their computer.

      Although I don't have pics. of Dui Zhang on my wall, I do have lots of pics. and gifs. of him in my laptop's EXO folder =P

      • Me too. It has to be a first that a rookie group gained more pictures in a span of 1 month than my favourite gilrgroup did in 2 years in my computer.
        Sigh, how the female mind works, lol…

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