My Thoughts on EXO-M


EXO Members: (from left to right) Lay, Chan Yeol, Kris/Cris, Xiu Min, Se Hun, Kai, Lu Han, Jun-Myun, Tao, D.O., Chen, and Baek-Hyun.

I have just realized that EXO does NOT have an equal number of Chinese and Korean members. I thought they did, but I was mistaken. It would have been nice if that was the case, but it should not be of any concern. However, EXO is the reason it is hard for me to distinguish between Korean and Chinese features now. xD I thought I could tell the difference, but EXO has caused some confusion for me. It’s okay. I like this confusion as it makes me more curious. =P

I can easily tell that Tao is Chinese; however, I would have never of guessed that Lu Han, Lay, and Kris/Cris were Chinese if it were not for their names. This is coming from me, who has been to China TWICE! I had also thought that Chen was Chinese, but he is, in fact, Korean.

This reminds me that, although Pakistani and Indian features are slightly different, some Indians look Pakistani and some Pakistanis look Indian. To tell you the truth, some of my Pakistani cousins look Korean and Chinese, but this has to do with genes and our ancestors that were a mix of different races.

P.S. Pakistan and China are really good friends ;) All the different cultures and appearances in the world…love it! It makes things so much more exciting! ^^ Regardless of where we are from, we are citizens of the universe! Yes, even if you are from Planet EXO. =P Peace and love for all~

Note: This picture does not belong to me. I found it on Facebook.

From what I have seen so far of EXO, Se Hun, Lay, and Kris/Cris happen to be my favorite. Lay has changed the most from his pre-debut days. He seems to have lost A LOT of weight (a bit too much). It must be the dance practices, because I remember losing weight when I practiced dancing for a month in order to perform on stage in front of 1000 or so people at university. Some of the weight loss, however, came from stress >_<  (Personal Story: I had the courage to dance on stage without having any prior experience. I was inspired by K-Pop artists. ^^ I learned that anything can be achieved through hard work and perseverance even if things do not go right the first few times).

A cute gif of Lu Han ^^ Note: This gif does not belong to me

Lay seems like a nice guy with a pleasant attitude. I don’t know why…but that is just the way I see it. Perhaps we will know about the members’ personalities once they appear in variety shows. I knew that I would like Kris/Cris before I saw him in the music video for “What Is Love,” thanks to a fan cam. capture of him during his pre-debut days. ^^ He seems to have a cool aura, but there is hardly any information about him at the moment, so I find him slightly mysterious. I like Se Hun from EXO-K for the reason that he looks like one of my second-cousins, who is a girl. By that, I mean they both have similar facial expressions. Don’t worry Se Hun, you are very handsome. ^^

Anyhow, I just read each member’s profile and checked to see whether I have been to any of the cities that the Chinese members are from. Surprisingly, I have! Lu Han is from Beijing, which I have been to twice, and from what I’ve heard, Kris/Cris, was born in Guangzhou, but grew up in Canada.

It would have been cool if I saw Kris/Cris in Guangzhou. xD (Personal Story: I felt really home-sick when I went to China on a trip without my parents for the first time. Nevertheless, it was a memorable experience and an eye-opener since I love history – I still remember the beautiful scenery of the Li River). I have also read that Tao studied at Hong Kong University. I was planning to do my BA from there since my grandparents and family lived in Hong Kong a long time ago, and the fact that I absolutely love the city. It’s funny how these members make me more curious about their homeland.

Hopefully the members of EXO-M will have a fruitful experience while doing promotions in China. As you can tell, I’m a complete nerd when it comes to wanting to learn about other cultures. It helps me a lot in studies, or work that is related to international business. Not to mention, I found some pretty interesting info. about other places in China as I was doing some research on them. Kind of makes me miss my trip. Maybe EXO-M‘s songs might help me learn some Mandarin. ;)

Really looking forward to a teaser on Kris/Cris and the other members of EXO-K.


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  1. hahahaah what an example.. Pakistani and Indians. LOL Pak and Indi was one country so obviously they are same. Even we ourself can’t distinguish. About EXO yeah! I also used to be very confident that I can distinguish Chinese and Koreans but in this case it is so hard. They are all almost same I always get confuse, specially in Chen he looks Chinese and I got shocked when I heard he is not.

    • Thanks for commenting, Lee. Some Pakistanis are descendents of Alexander the Great’s army…and it is easy to tell because of their colored eyes and complexion. Many of us have ancestors that are a mix of other races outside of India. In fact, there are Pakistanis with Persian, Afghan, and Turkish roots. Hence, there are some prominent differences in appearances. My own family is an example. You would be surprised to know that we also have Pakistanis that look East Asian. One of my best friends, who is Pakistani, has Mongolian ancestors. Trust me, I know my country very well =P

      Getting back to the topic of EXO, I thought Chen was Chinese too. Hmm, maybe that is why he is in EXO-M?

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  4. I completely learned something new about Korean pop today.
    It’s pretty awesome to see how the Korean music industry can be so widespread and venturing off to other areas other than music.
    It’s so weird to see these people start off as just
    Korean pop rookies and seeing them reach this point.
    Completely amazed.

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