Galaxy Macau


Galaxy Macau

This must be Galaxy FanFan‘s place. I found a pic. of Galaxy Macau while looking at pictures of Macau. =P It looks like a palace, and it reminds me of the Atlantis Hotel.

I haven’t been to Macau before, but I’ve seen pictures of it and got a glimpse of it from the K-Drama, Boy Over Flowers. xD It appears to be an interesting place worth visiting.

I’ve noted that China’s cities have been developing at a fast pace due to the country’s booming economy, and most of the cities look like they’re about to be as cosmopolitan-looking as some of the major cities around the world. Exciting, but at the same time I hear that the country will face a slow economic growth in comparison to the economic growth of other nations in a few years time. Business forecast.

P.S. Akdong Musician (AKMU) has a song called Galaxy. Why am I seeing Galaxy everywhere these days?


Sydney Royal Easter Show Fireworks Display



I attended the Sydney Royal Easter Show at Sydney Olympic Park over the weekend with my friends. Spent the entire day out with them. It was fun! Interesting stalls, cotton candy and ice cream everywhere, lots of rides, and also a fireworks display. ^^

The following videos are of the fireworks. The first video is not as great as the one after, but still a nice memory nonetheless. Someone stood up in the middle, so I switched the direction of the camera to my side and you can see our faces. =P My group had to split into two as there were not enough seats in the section that we were in.

This one is a better video of the fireworks. We moved a couple of rows down to get a more complete view. You can hear me say, “Whoo!” around 0:38… Hahaha! Don’t mind my face and peace sign. =P The fireworks were in sync with the songs. A nice display!

The final part of the fireworks. Couldn’t leave this one out. ^^

Some of us went on the flying chairs ride. I wanted to go on it so I asked the others. I had to push one of my Korean friends. She didn’t want to go at first, but then I finally convinced her! xD

The last time I had gone on the ride was in my Senior year of high school back in 2007. Happy times. I wanted to somewhat re-live the moment that I had last been on the ride. I remember being scared the first time, but after I went on the ride, I wanted to go on it again and again. Thinking about the last time I had been on the ride also made me nostalgic. It made me think of everything that has happened in life between now and then.

We all extended our arms out and felt the wind blow on us while we were going round in the air and the music was playing. A friend recorded a video of my other friends and I when we were on the ride. It’s hard to spot me in it. Simple Plan’s Welcome to my Life was played in the last round. Old school days. =P

Overall, I enjoyed the event!


Sweet Correlation



I was on Facebook recently and I saw my cousin post the above pic. My cousin has a family of her own and I found the post really sweet. ^^

After agreeing with the caption, the next thing that I noticed was how much the guy in the pic. looks like Kris in the early days of EXO’s debut…including his style. I remembered the style, so I went back and dug up Kris’ photos for comparison…LOOOL.

The sleeves, the blue buttoned up shirt with a collar, the brown belt, the jeans, the blonde hair…everything, minus the facial hair, is the same. I liked Kris’ style back then. It was very polished. An interesting thing to also note is how Kris is carrying a black bag in the photos that’s said to be… see EXO-M’s Kris – Ballroom Dancing, Interaction with Kids, and Kung-Fu with Broomsticks.

Just thought of sharing the randomness that I encounter. =P I also found out that I was right about Kris’ favorite color…it’s black! After two years of being a fan and guessing his favorite color from his pre-debut days, his favorite color has officially been confirmed.

Since this post is also about family, the news about the ferry in South Korea comes to mind. It’s heart-breaking. Not knowing how a loved one is doing when calamity has struck is a very painful moment. Praying for them. As for the bravery of the young people that risked their own life to save the lives of others…real heroes.


Occupy Chicago 2011


Just passing by…

Occupy Chicago, October 2011 – just a superhero casually walking down the street. xD I was there when it happened. I wish there was a way to stop the people in power that create injustice within society.

Revolutions in the past actually worked to bring change…but that’s not the case anymore. Maybe the spread of love is what’s needed now.


Re-Watching “Sailor Moon”

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Since the new version of Sailor Moon is going to be aired in a few months time, iA, I decided to re-watch some of the Sailor Moon episodes. Even though I watched the anime when I was 4, I haven’t gotten bored of watching it again. I’ve seen the missing episodes that were in the Japanese version too ’cause the dubbed version didn’t include them. >_<

I know the opening theme song of Sailor Moon by heart. xD Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight. Never running from a real fight… I recently noticed that in one of the scenes in the opening theme song in which Serena is running towards Tuxedo Mask, the background is that of Vincent Van Gogh‘s painting, The Starry Night.

Furthermore, after watching the first four episodes of the dubbed version, which is before Amy aka Sailor Mercury is introduced, I realized that Luna has a sense of humor and Tuxedo Mask‘s lines are so cheesy that they make me cringe and laugh. Hahaha! I also love the “Sailor Moon Says” segment. I always found that part inspiring…a lesson for all viewers regardless of what age they are.

Let’s watch Sailor Moon together! =P

Episode 1: A Moon Star Is Born

Underachieving schoolgirl Serena learns from a talking cat named Luna that she is destined to become the heroic Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. She saves Molly‘s mother from the Dark Kingdom‘s forces and meets the snobby Darien and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask.

Melvin: “Look! I didn’t study and I only got a 95.” LMAO!

Serena: “I wish I could be like Sailor V. She’s so beautiful and smart. Something exciting is always happening in her life not like mine.” I hear fans say this quite often when admiring their favorite star! What you see on the outside isn’t always what it’s like on the inside. Sailor V has a sad past. She’s my favorite character from the Sailor Moon series! ^^

Episode 2: Talk Radio

Ms. Haruna and Molly submit love-letters to a late-night radio show. When they fall into a coma-like sleep, Serena must investigate the radio station undercover.

Jadeite speaking on the Love Line for the purpose of collecting energy from the humans reminds me of K-Pop stars/K-Pop companies saying cheesy things so they can have our money. LOOOL. EVIL!

Sailor Moon:Tuxedo Mask, thank you! He’s so handsome…and mysterious.” Bleh…can’t believe I once said something like that about SOMEONE. Now I know how silly I looked saying that in one of my early blogs posts. *smacks head*

Episode 3: Slim City

Serena gains a couple of pounds and starts to obsess about her weight. Jadeite starts a health club to drain energy out of people. Serena and her friends sign up after seeing how much weight Ms. Haruna has lost. Serena discovers tanks in the basement which are sucking the life energy out of her friends.

Sailor Moon‘s daydreams are too cheesy. I can’t. They make me cringe. =P I know someone like Darien in real…very annoying. -_-

Sailor Moon Says: “Please remember, real beauty really does comes from inside.” ^^

Episode 4: So You Want To Be A Superstar

By making a youma possess a human celebrity, Jadeite draws a huge crowd of would-be superstars. Serena tries to juggle her duties as Sailor Moon with her desire to be popular and famous.

Luna: “Besides, being in show business is serious work. It’s all too strange. Too suspicious. And look at what’s happening between you and your friends.” O_O Wow…Luna really knows.

Sailor Moon Says: “It’s fun imagining being a movie star or a rock-and-roll idol. All that attention, money, and fame, but it’s no good trying to be somebody you’re not. What makes a real star isn’t about fame or money, but being the best person you can be and feeling good about yourself. Be a star in your own life, that’s what really counts.” It’s like she spoke the words right out of my mouth. xD